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SOLVED:”358 C HA PT E R 1 0 Angular Momentum 15-8 coin that has a diameter equal to 1.5 cm is spin- ning at 10 rev s about a fixed vertical axis. The coin is spinning on edge with its center directly

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then before doing Ah, the parts off the problems with me, the judgment they would act for a complete rule in motion. We can write the speed that is the speed of the fender off Mars to be equal to the spoke off the balls. Brian ‘s the angular speed Onda. This is only valid when the gesture is wholly ah, roll motion. But in this problem, since the ball is initially slipping arsenic well while it ‘s violet rolls. therefore, this condition or this relation between we not an Omega, not for the initial motion off the ball is not valid. therefore, we wo n’t be applying this relation at all. so whenever we have to use the initial speed, we will be using be not on. Whenever we have to use the initial angle speed, we will be using homemade. not without using this custom. No, you must see that from the complimentary torso diagram. Ah, therefore basically this ah diagram the Bodi Graham off the ball is after it has moved away from the initial charge where all is the initial point. nowadays there are three forces acting on the ball. As you can see, the fictional force in which I have drawn Toby diametric to the direction off Motion Off the ball. Direction of gesticulate off the center of bulk. Off the vault are to be specific on there is a normal force from the background at the point off contact off the ball and the ground. And there is a workweek Ah, at being from the lookout. The rake No, if in an MD, as you can see are in face-to-face directions And each has the same liver-colored arm about an axis pass through the point. Oh, opened the collected the plane off this newspaper. nowadays, because of that, there will be no black, no next iniquity. This is because now, if you can call it the talk about point or so let me barely to that PSINet benighted about orient or will be peer toe I fr Or you can write that that means the other condition. So you know that following talk can build an exchange in Angola. Memento. Well, like I am, let ‘s find that talks about this point, which is the initial point of the book. so since this ‘ll frictional impel passes through that degree, so we have no talk. Do tow this frictional violence not if you think clockwise stocks to be positive. then we have effin giving a count of attend we ‘re stopping for the negative sign on the distance is our on. We have n g giving a clock way. Start on the distances are less with the top of the distance are is the vertical distance off either force from and that is it going to do the liter over D D, which is the correctly side that we look ? This means that if in negative unsavory, let me destroyed the ability. so this gives our times nitrogen G minus degree fahrenheit north to be equal to the L over DT. now, if you light Newton ‘s second law for chemical equilibrium, you have. So there is no acceleration off the ball in the vertical management. therefore, we can say that the ball is an chemical equilibrium in the vertical commission. It ‘s moving, but it ‘s moving to the right. So it ‘s moving holy, easy horizontally. But typically there is no acceleration, so we can write the web coerce in White Election tau equals zero. therefore this gives S north to equal toe milligram which are the true pope toe vertical forces. If you applied this condition or will heal it. We ‘ll get that this stone blows away most to zero. This means we can write the hell of a day to be adequate to see you, and therefore and is a constant. now they ‘re done with the first separate. thus for the irregular. But we follow the hint this thing on. Dhe hopes the fall of the hint. A given in the trouble on expressed the total angular momentum as it ‘s some off two domes. So it is angular momentum with obedience to the slump that off Marsellus angle a moment down the rotational angle. A moment of a gravy boat ? No. so for angry, the angular momentum for the center off mass will be, and I times the speed off the center of Mass. So they have Maas tanks, the radius and the speed of center of mass. On the slant of momentum off. This will do to the rotational movement off Omega. So that was the peer. Do I dines Dominga ? now the angle of momentum is a constant, so we equipped the angular momentum at the initial stead. But the concentrate off must equal toe. We not on omega is only go not on the gallows and call it Toby when they got seats on dhe final slant. A memento is Siegel, speed of Center of Marcis, Edo and lone guys you know a well. indeed if we do that so let ‘s night since angle a here and now of Ms Constand. So initial angular momentum is concluding, angular momentum. now we used this relation over here. So we have m r the deoxycytidine monophosphate m bless Iomega, initially equal to M AJ. You see him less Iomega with the final examination well, angry the momentum. now it ‘s like the values for the initial motion. Sylvia, I am, are they not ? Plus, I Omega or not on this is equal to So last we have this storm speed of Santa Macedo and besides my guys. You know, this means that the correctly hand side will be zero. so from here we can express omega not odd Omega Psi to the peer do and on Be not was I on guy for goto, right, That this is no here and now murder initiated the center of mass. So basically, if you ‘re getting confused about how to ally at this relation back, remember the speed related speed invention. So let me Just try that over here. so speed according to the letter speed addition, Velocity off. Hey, with respect 00 can build it in us. Velocity off. Gave it deference, Toby. Less speed off Being the estimable now, considering this is yours distributor point Oh ah nde This is be Let ‘s say this is a so we can drive that speed off So we will apply this speed extent this speed relation to early angle a moment so we can write angular momentum off Oh, I guess I marked the imitation potent So lease ‘s call it here. Let ‘s call this point B on DDE this male child Andy. So let me destroyed the coalescence for this over here and barely forget about this. This is true, in fact, but ah, the einsteinium m o hera do n’t got respond to the piano here, So let me destroy their relation. so began, right, The speed off. Be with Sorry. You have to write for Angela Momentum so we can write angle a moment. Um, away be with respect to a we can write that to be equal dough angular momentum must be with respect. Oh, last angular momentum off full with respect to e on angular momentum off. All with obedience to a is the fish of momentum Off the center. Off aggregate on angular momentum off. Be with esteem. Duel is I times Omega. There is the center off Mass off the ball. Yeah, indeed nowadays we have Yeah, that ‘s how we arrive. This relation back ? No. We have the initial angular speed on guys ascended off Moss. Ah, moment of initial the center of mass. now we know that the ball is spirit ical. so sending off mask in a shop, a moment up in ourselves, in bed of masses through by five capital Small M That ‘s good. now, like this saying toe over here, you ‘ll find Omega Psi, Toby peer Do Fife the knot over to wash. And this is the formulation off Omega Psi that we will be using in the other parts of the trouble. then this is the answer, not with Bart, See ? And the momentum is against guns frequently so. But in this font, speed off center of multitude history not, but the initial speed is cereal 0.9 times on my gusty on DDE In the concluding state, the ball is strictly rolling. consequently, we have the center off must equal. The Omega Times are and therefore only God is the absent snatch of muscle or not. then here did n’t destroyed, though condition for ceaseless, angular momentum. now the values dIsa question again over here. sol unusually we have and ah, speed of focus on, off mass less I thanks or make or not with this zero orient nine Omega Psi. then for the final motion, we have an leftover speed of Santana massless I thanks Omega, I thanks to find the language of the loss of villages, it ‘s gon sodium be expressed as fiddling steps and then off muscleman. What off ? now we can simplify the privacy in order to get the knot. So first gear began substitute the value of Omega Psi that we ca n’t related here over here and besides express I in terms of Mars and Radius. So basically used this relation on this relative Over here on dhe soul for the speed off center off mus. so doing that, you ‘ll get the speed of center of bulk to be peer to one over 14. We not now, this answer is pretty reasonable, but there is not enough backspin. Since nowadays Omega not is less than Omega Psi. Therefore, the Bulls final State is ruling forward nowadays for the death contribution again bang government of its guns off. So profligacy on for the initial motion, we have speed of sending off Master Beagle Duveen out. And only the nod is now grated by a factor of 1.1 on traffic duty to the case in partially C will only got detect less than our bequest. So that ‘s for the initial movement. And for the final gesture we have again. The ball is rolling. So we have Omega Tau, the equal to the saturation of center of brawn. Where are the same relation that we used here ? now let ‘s rake the secretion over here. Sorry. Practice a question. Gooding, this over here on DDE you will arrive at I am curiously not. Yes, I dying. therefore on 0.1 on my gusty you called toe em all. We see him plus high times Omega. It ‘s going to get another coinage and over us again began blood. I will be equal to do by five. AM I scared on Omega Psi, which we found in separate B. This expression we can plug these two expressions over hera when find speed of focus on off Mars, which took about Toby Equal, do negative one over floating. Thanks. We knock. And this expression or this answer is besides reasonable because there is more than enough backspin. now that only guy lone God, not this greater than Omega Psi there is more than enough. Backspin. therefore, this answer is fair, and indeed the testis ‘s final state is rolling backwards.

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