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New Super Mario Bros. Wii/World 2-3

World 2-3
Appeared In New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Prerequisite World 2-1 or World 2-2
Secret Exit None
Star Coin 1 At beginning, bottom of a pyramid
Star Coin 2 Past midway flag, under walkway
Star Coin 3 Above Warp Pipe to the end
Time Limit 600

World 2-3 is the third gear horizontal surface in World 2 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii .

Normal Strategy [edit ]

derail over the Spiny, then hit the ? Block for a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower. Proceed down the Warp Pipe. In this metro sphere, the entirely places that are illuminated are a small sphere around you and any fireballs you throw, and the glow of lanterns. Go to the correct, jumping over the first gear Warp Pipe and dodging the fire attacks of the Piranha Plants. In the second gear ? Block is a Fire Flower, then get it if you do n’t already have one. Continue on, using the Fire Flower to illuminate a path. In the section of lanterns, enter the beginning Warp Pipe to go to the first gear bonus room. Jump across both gaps, then run down the mound. Hit the ? Block for a star power up. then jumpstart to the top of the column, and backwards to the Warp Pipe to the second bonus room. Continue on, jumping over the Podoboos, until you reach the end of the long part of scandalmongering blocks. Hit a ? Block for another star exponent up, and slipstream up to the crown of the platform. While the riddle is silent lit up, grab the first Star Coin. Climb back up to the main way, and continue to the right. Activate the midway iris and leap across the moving platforms. Run across the bridge, then watch out for the Fire Bro ‘s attacks. Hit the ? Block at the edge for a Fire Flower, then go backwards, under the bridge, to the second Star Coin. Head back to the way, watching out for Fire Bros, and jump past the piranha Plants. Rather than going straight, take the upper path, accessible from the second motivate platform. Grab the final Star Coin and passing through a yellow Warp Pipe. now outside, climb up the stairs and chute from the top one to reach the acme of the range pole and finish the level .

Bonus Rooms [edit ]

The Warp Pipe to the first bonus room

The first bonus room The first base Bonus Room is accessed from a yellow Warp Pipe towards the beginning of the level. In it, there are coins, a Roulette Block, and two Spiked Buzzy Beetles. Hit the Roulette Block, trying for the Star office up, and exit through the other pipe. Upon exiting, you are returned slenderly farther along the main path .

The Warp Pipe to the second bonus room The second bonus room

The second bonus room is accessible from a high jaundiced Warp Pipe before the center iris. In it, there are many Spiked Buzzy Beetles, Brick Blocks, and a P-Switch. Go wherever there ‘s a opening in the Buzzy Beetles, and lento make your way up to the P-Switch. Hit it to defeat all of them, giving you several 1-Ups and coins. Exit the means you entered .

Star Coin Strategy [edit ]

The foremost Star Coin

  • Star Coin #1: This Star Coin can be found at the bottom third yellow pyramid.

The irregular Star Coin

  • Star Coin #2: Shortly after the midway flag, you will go across a walkway. Go under this walkway and get the Star Coin.

The third Star Coin

  • Star Coin #3: At the end of the stage, instead of going into the pipe, go onto the platform above it and you will go to a secret room. From here, grab the Star Coin and exit through the Warp Pipe on the right.

Items [edit ]

  • Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Roulette Block

Enemies [edit ]

  • Spiny
  • Venus Fire Trap
  • Fire Snake
  • Fire Bros.
  • Piranha Plant
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