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Good ways to earn money in Toussaint

So what are some effective ways to earn more money in Toussaint ?

well, in Toussaint there are no specific new ways to make money .
There are the traditional ways :

  • Doing and cashing in Witcher Contracts
  • Exploring the “Unexplored Places” (question marks) on the map
  • Side-Quests
  • Looting and selling

But in Toussaint there is some very concern and good loot to sell and get thoroughly money from.

spread throughout Toussaint there are open Houses ( normal houses where people live in ). These houses are filled with jewellery like necklaces, rings, etc (Some even have diamonds lying about).
sol I found myself getting about 3000 good from plunder of 3/4 houses. I consider that to be pretty well. so if you wish to explorer a act spirit spare to get the loot off these houses and put it to thoroughly consumption .
P.S: There is besides a “ blue ” manner to make money found after patch 1.2 ( Blood & Wine )

You can perform the bee-hive bug with Willis in White Orchard to get yourself a huge amount of money in a very low amount of time .
I did n’t do it myself because I wanted more of a resist for myself experience but you can do whatever you want so I ‘ll put it here for the sake of spreading cognition. In the future this bug may be patched out

Willis – beehive Bug
Since the video can be brought down I will explain what it consists of :

  1. First go talk to Willis in White Orchard (You must have done his quest to unlock his shop)
  2. Buy whatever you can from him (the more money Willis has, the better)
  3. After giving him all your money go next to the hut by the river close to Willis and there should be a beehive in the trees. If there isn’t one meditate for 1/2 hours.
  4. Knock the beehive down with Aard and continue taking it through to Willis. When you’re close to the village make sure you bring the beehive through the back (from Willis back) so that you Aard isn’t blocked.
  5. Once close make sure you put the beehive close to Willis so that the bees kill the NPC.
  6. When he dies he falls to the ground and drops everything he owns (his money too).
  7. Meditate for 1 hour and he will respawn and die again (the other body doesn’t disappear neither does the loot)
  8. Do this a few times and you can loot all the money from all the multiple Willis NPC’s on the floor.

Summing it all up, if Willis has 15000 and you do the operation 20 times you can make 300 000 in under 5 minutes .

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