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Here’s what you need to know about buying a car from Indy’s new car vending machine

Here’s what you need to know about buying a car from Indy’s new car vending machine

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Carvana opened Thursday near I-69 and 82nd Street on Indianapolis ‘ north side. We went inside to learn how to use it. Joe Tamborello and Amy Bartner, Indianapolis Star A car vending machine opened on the north side of Indy this week, and left some wondering how the thing works ( and if it ‘s legit ). here ‘s what we know about the Carvana vending car at 8130 Summit Hill Dr. to help you decide whether getting a car like a gumball is correct for you :

Is it actually a vending machine?

well, yes … and no. It ‘s a seven-story glass tugboat that holds 26 already-claimed use cars awaiting pickup from people who bought them on-line. The buyers come to Carvana on an appointment basis, and pick up the cable car .

OK, so how do I buy one?

heading to and search more than 10,000 cars from all over the area. The web site will walk you through everything : Finding and selecting the cable car right for you, setting up financing, and selling or trade in your existing car. once you ‘ve gone through the action, which Carvana says could take american samoa little as 10 minutes, you can choose to have the cable car delivered straight to your house or foot it up at the peddle machine. Depending on where your car is in the state, it could take deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as a day to get it to Indianapolis for pick-up or delivery. You can even type in your existing car ‘s VIN number to find out how much the trade-in is. There ‘s no haggle or working with finance folks. More on Carvana: A car vending machine opens today on Indianapolis ‘ north side Indy arts: The Circle City Industrial Complex is finally going to finish the other one-half

Wait, so can I equitable walk in off the street and buy a car ? Nope. It ‘s strictly for pick-up, not a showroom or a franchise .

So what happens when I get to Carvana to pick up my car?

An employee ( there are about 10 who work at Indy ‘s location ) will greet you and hand you a large ceremony mint. You ‘ll then put the mint into a slot, which will trigger some pretty intense slot machine cha-chings. That ‘ll tell the car to send a platform up to select your car, and it ‘ll slide it out from the display, and lower it to you .

What’s the point of the coin, if I can just get it delivered?

“ It ‘s just a playfulness know, ” Carvana spokeswoman Amy O’Hara said. “ We like to say we ‘re making car-buying playfulness again. ” The reality is there ‘s no cost advantage to using either option. so if you want the vending machine know, go for it. If you do n’t want to leave your house, have it delivered .

Can I test drive it before I buy it?

Nope. But Carvana has a weeklong restitution policy, so you can get a good feel for whether you like the car or not. An employee will call you on the sixth day to see how you ‘re doing, and if you do n’t like the car for any reason, you can return it or swap it out for another, with no add render tip .

How do I know it’s not a lemon or in bad shape?

All of Carvana ‘s cars go through an inspection process, O’Hara said, and are detailed at the vending machine before pick-up or manner of speaking .

Are they all used cars?

Yep, but all are broadly fewer than 10 years old with no more than 70,000 miles, according to O’Hara .

What if my car needs service?

Each Carvana car comes with a 100-day guarantee, with the option to buy an extra guarantee, and can be used at most overhaul centers around the state. “ We try to put the car procedure back into the customer ‘s hands, ” O’Hara said.

Why should I go there instead of a dealer?

To avoid the time it takes to haggle with salesperson and financing specialists, O’Hara says. Carvana employees are strictly for customer service, and receive no commission .

But I like haggling. How can I do that?

Go to a traditional principal. Call IndyStar reporter Amy Bartner at ( 317 ) 444-6752. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .

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