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The beginning ever Fernet-Branca coin was created in 2013 to consolidate what had farseeing since been a park habit in the bartender community of San Francisco .
Bartenders were accustomed to having a stroke of Fernet-Branca when they changed shifts and it became known as the ‘ bartender handshake ’ whose determination was to mark the moment in which bartending duty was passed over to a colleague .
Being naturally near to the bartender community and people in the know, Fernet-Branca took the opportunity of taking this ritual far with the universe of a coin to celebrate this precise moment .
Since than, the ritual has been extended to all bars, thus when a bartender visits another bar and shows an Fernet-Branca coin to a colleague behind the counter, he is offered a barren shot of Fernet, unless he is presented with another mint in response and the ‘ bartender handshake ’ takes put in celebration of their joint membership in the club.

Fernet-Branca coins quickly came to symbolize bartender community membership. They travelled across oceans and continents to the most remote control corners of the populace. They not entirely represented a fleeting accomplishment but an authentic collectible, enviously guarded as a status symbol and a privilege .

reciprocal cross recognition, a sense of reciprocal belonging and a hope to be big protagonists of the Fernet-Branca kin. In the name of these values, for years the most ardent bartender community has been collecting, exchanging and requesting Fernet-Branca coins .
When you place a Fernet-Branca coin on the bar, you make a statement. It ’ s like knocking on the door of a members-only establishment .
Whoever goes into a barricade and orders Fernet-Branca is person in the know, part of a small club, and the mint is good an extension of that .
Being region of the brotherhood of trade cocktail bartenders is not about wearing sweatshirts or having a consistent, it means having things like a Fernet coin .
Since 2013, Fernet-Branca never stopped crafting limited edition coins linked to particular milestones in the bartending community and, in reception to residential district members ’ insights and stimulation, a proper list of rules was drawn up .

Do you want to know the main rules of the Fernet-Branca mint challenge ?
here they are :

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1. You don ’ triiodothyronine just request a Fernet-Branca mint. You have to earn it .
2. The Fernet-Branca coin is in return recognised and confers a sense of common belong to .
3. It is an honor to receive a Fernet-Branca Coin. It may only be given up in substitute for a different edition .
4. Have your Fernet-Branca Coin with you at all times .
5.When you give person a Fernet-Branca Coin you invite them to be separate of a union ; it is an honor to possess a coin, and not alone : a coin that is gifted or awarded as a pry has a more personal value than a buy coin .
6. If a Fernet-Branca Coin is altered in any way, it automatically loses separate of its value. For exercise, if you perforate the mint to make it into a charm or a identify ring .
7. The Fernet-Branca coin is a recognizable symbol in the Bartenders ’ Community and must be displayed at the right consequence and whenever you wish. For example, when you enter a Bar you can place it on the Counter to manifest your bond with the Fernet Family and the Bartender Community .
8. When you show your Fernet-Branca Coin, identify the decoration directly onto the counter or mesa, but never put it in the hands of another person, in order to preserve its possession.

9. The best meter to show the Fernet-Branca mint is when you orderliness a round of Fernet-Branca shots .
10. In case you lose your Coin Fernet-Branca … all we can say is : never lose your Fernet-Branca mint !

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