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Guide part 8 – Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Wiki Guide – IGN

Scourge Campaign ad

Sentinel Alliance Scourge Bonus

Chapter One – King Arthas Main Quest:

  • Destroy the nine refugee towns
  • No more than 20 refugees must escape

You ‘ll have three corners of the map. Each corner you control are the refugees only casual of escape. Build up 2 groups in all three corners. One will stop the refugees from escapeing. The other group will be for attacking the towns. Each group should destroy three towns. Starting with Artha ‘s group, gather some Abominations and point east. Frag the militia, the captain, and the champion. Destroy all the farms to destroy the town. Head north following way. Frag the enemies that get in your way. Keep heading north and then west for your second town to charge. Frag the Militia commanding officer and then the throwers. Destroy the Tower and frag the champion and his knights. once everyone has been slain, head north and wipe out the farms. Head north yet again. If you follow the path, you ‘ll come right across into a homo base. Destroy the carom towers and then the Archmages. once again, frag the champion and his knights and then destroy the farms. With Sylvanas, make an army of Banchees. Bring your female force west and possess the two Knights lingering south of here. Possess the Motars and then the Paladin ‘s knights. Frag the Paladin with your new forces immediately. Destroy the farms and then head union. If you would like, possess the Priests that try to oppose you. Have your Knights engage the enemy and the Towers. Destroy the farms to obliterate this township. Your next township lies east. Destroy the two Guard Towers and possess the Knights that try to stop you. Possess the Paladin ‘s Knights and frag the Paladin, next the Towers. Finish off this township by setting the farms ablaze. ad now that you only have three towns left, Arthas will lose a level. This is part of the storyline. You ‘ll have to find out why he ‘s losing it. Kel’Thuzad should be backed up by Ghouls and Necromancers. Your Skeletons will be your chief forces. Head northwest and engage the Militia commanding officer. Level this town and anyone that resides in it and then head southwest across the water into another town. Raise the dead for more reinforcements and sack this town. Head back northwestern. Frag anyone that gets in your way to your last town. If you want, have Arthas and Slyvanas assist Kel’Thuzad. nowadays have all three of your parties attack the Human base. Destroy the three altars to complete the mission. Chapter Two – The Flight from Lordaeron Main Quest:

  • Bring Arthas to the city exit
  • Arthas must survive

Start the flush by fragging the Ghouls around you. Break open the Elven Gate to the north. You ‘ll meet up with some Necromancers that have the Raise Dead ability. Go up north again to break a second Elven Gate. Frag the enemies here and break the stone pedestals. They give you some items. Head east immediately until you receive an Abomination in your group. Head north to continue ahead, or confederacy for more fights and gold. north from the Abomination lie some Dreadlord and Fel Beasts. Frag. Break down the gate to the east for some reinforcements. Travel north and then west to frag some more enemies and get reinforced by a Necromancer and a Shade. South of the Shade is a fountain of Mana and gold. Go bet on north and break down the gate. step on the glowing platform and seek the Boots of Quel’Thalas from the ground that just raised. ad Head back to where the Fountain of Mana was. Continue west and break the crates. Frag the enemies here and head north. You ‘ll want to do this optional request — it ‘ll give you access to two Meat Wagons. All you have to do is just kill the Armory Guards and then rescue the Meat Wagons. Go back east and destroy the gate after plowing through some enemies. Use your Meat Wagons to destroy the Spirit Towers. footfall on the radiance platform and venture north. Frag the fiends and then keep going north until you reach the Orb of Venom. Obtain it if you wish. If you want to refill your Meat Wagons with more corpses, drumhead east. otherwise, lead west. Along your way, you ‘ll encounter Abomination and Skeletons. Keep trekking west and north. Destroy the Nerubian Towers and go east. Use your corpses about nowadays if you need to. Break open the gate to the north. A group of Undead will already be fighting each other. Some of the troops will be on your side, so help them out. Continue on north and frag the enemies in your direction. Once a split rests in your decision, make way to your choosing — they both lead to the same destination. Frag anything that opposes you and bring down the gate. You ‘ll encounter a challenge struggle with a Dreadlord and some Abominations. Have more of your troops attack the Abominations and then Animate Dead on them. Bloodfeast is mighty, but inactive he can not deal any damage to the invincible abominations. once you ‘ve cleared, head towards your goal. Chapter Three – The Dark Lady Main Quest:

  • Destroy the red Undead base

Hell bent on revenge, that is your only objective for Slyvanas. Immediately start off by building some troops and placing them to the northern east partially of your basal. You ‘ll not have much time from the enemy Undead before they attack you. A purple Undead base resides to the east across the bridge, so starting signal working on another defense note to the east side of your free-base. You ‘re going to take over lots of enemies in decree to build your defenses, sol make lots of Banshees. ad Head north across the bridge. You ‘ll fight some Ogres and you ‘ll be offered to perform an optional quest : Possess the warlord Ogre Mug’thol. To reach him, head northwest and then south. Have many, many Banshees. barely be attacked by the Ogres. Have your Banshees destroy the rocks separating you from Mug’thol. once you possess him, you ‘ll have five Ogre Magis, four Ogre Brutes and Ogre Wound Masters, and Mug’thol himself. If you want to complete another optional request by possessing Blackthorn, the Bandit Lord, do so. He resides in the center of the map. The like scheme is used for possessing Blackthorn that you used for Mug’thol. once in control, you ‘ll gain three Renegade Wizards, four Brigands, eight Enforcers and assasins, and Blackthorn himself. now having so many troops, charge into the red Undead basis to ease Sylvanas ‘s rage problem. Back up your troops with Banshees and have them posse enemies for reinforcements. Chapter Four – The Return to Northrend Main Quest:

  • Destroy the Blood Elves’ Island stronghold

Arthas is now level 7. You need to start a base in arrange to wipe out the Blood Elves. Gather your troops and send them north. Level the island of your enemies and establish base here. While waiting for your buildings to develop, explore around to break open crates and barrels to get more gold and log. once you ‘ve built up an army, hopefully oodles and oodles of Fiends, complete the optional quest of slaying Sapphiron. He ‘s union of you, so head in that steering, while following the way. The bodies and bodies Drakes and Whelps covering the floor will lead you to Sapphiron. Your Fiends should hold off these Drakes and Whelps until you reach Sapphiron. Sapphiron is no push over. He has two level 10 Blue Dragons accompanying him. Animate Dead to gather up your troops and attack them. Keep assaulting until you finally take over Sapphiron as an undead. Steal the goodies Sapphiron ‘s been hiding to aid you. Main Quest: ad

  • Slay the Guardians

Your adjacent motion should be heading west from your foundation. An earthquake will crumble the ice bridge once blocking your path. Bring Sapphiron and some Battleships to the west and flush the Naga base. Snake your way down and to the exit, then back up north, east, and then ultimately northwest. You ‘ll encounter many enemies, such as Arachnids and Naga forces, but with Sapphiron in your party, you should have things much easier. Before you engage the Guardians, be prepared to fight some more blasphemous Dragons — they ‘re Guardians ampere well. This is the last push before your mission ends, so give it all you got. Animate Dead will help you, and hopefully you ‘ve upgraded your Crypt Fiends and Necromancers. Chapter Five – Dreadlords’ Fall Main Quest:

  • Destroy the sleeping enemy forces
  • Destroy Garithos’ base
  • Destroy Detheroc’s base

Remember Garithos ? The bastard is gon na get what ‘s coming to him in a bit … Having only eight minutes before the enemies wake up proves unmanageable in attacking two bases at once, unless you ‘re cheating of path. Head to Detheroc ‘s base first and possess their troops, like the Frost Wyrm and Abominations. They ‘re more knock-down than the Human troops and therefore the better choice in possession. Keep sending troops from your base to back up your chief attack group. Focus your attacks on Detheroc once you reach him and then work your way backwards to the west to crush Garithos ‘ al-qaeda. Chapter Six – A New Power in Lordaeron ad Main Quest:

  • Destroy Balnazzar’s purple base

Slyvanas ‘ base should produce chiefly Fiends, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms. Garithos ‘ base should produce Knights. Place some reinforcements near the southernwest character of Garithos ‘ infrastructure — a small ambush will occur very soon. With Garithos ‘ troops already presented to you, head north for the optional pursuit of locating the missing Dwarves. Head up north with Garithos and his men. Frag all the creatures in your way and when you see two cages, break’em open to release two Riflemen. Continue up north and frag another group of enemies. Break the gate and praise, you ‘ll have some class A backup. While you ‘re rescuing the Dwarves, Sylvanas ‘ basal should be gearing up and preparing for struggle. once you ‘ve acquired adequate units, launch your assault. Have Garithos come in from the east side of the purple base and have Sylvanas come in from the northerly side. finally, make your way south and level the whole basal. Be certain to leave a few forces at your bases for defense, though you should be concentrating more on Balnazzar ‘s base. Once you see Balnazzar, frag’em. Keep sending your Fiends to keep your assualt up, since it is relatively finale to your base. Chapter Seven, Part One – Into the Shadow Web Caverns

Main Quest: ad

  • Locate the entrance to the Old Kingdom
  • Frag Baelgun
  • Bring the Blood Key to the Old Kingdom lock
  • Arthas and Anub’arak must survive

In this chapter, Arthas is level five. head correct and watch the bridge lower. There is a switch to the bottom left. Hit it, cross the bridge, and frag the Dwarves. Go east and watch the cutscene. not bequeath to fair attempt to jump it, your troops must find another way. Keep going right and destroy the Siege engine and the Riflemen. Go north near the bridge and crack open the barrel for the beginning amber hoard, your optional quest. The southease contribution of this room has BOOOOOOOOOOM ! material. Blow it up and proceed through your newfound path. Go right, frag the Nerubians. Continue to the bottom right field for the second gear gold hoard. The upper correct has a lever. Hit it and go union. Destroy the crates for a tome, and then destroy the rocks up north. The northeastern character of this board has a lever that disables a spike trap. Please do so. It will reduce pain subsequently. Break the barrel above it for more gold. Step onto the glowing chopine to get the Spiked Collar. Break the lever in the northwestern corner now to go up the ramp after killing the Nerubians from spawning. The Dwarves will blast their manner into your board. Frag’em back and passing through where they once entered, alive and well. Head south and to the west, fragging the Siege Engine and the Riflemen. Hit the lever and travel east. Spark the explosives for massive BOOM damage. Hit the lever and fountainhead across the platform to frag the Riflemen and Nerubians, already at each other ‘s throat. Break open the barrel in the lower left corner for the fourth hoard of gold. Hit the lever where the Dwarves and Nerubians were once fighting to open the gate. The concluding gold hoard is in the waterfall. Retrieve it and then make your room south of the gold mint to the gate. Destroy it and be ready to fight Baelgun. Frag his troops arsenic well as himself. once the bloodbath has been spilled, retrieve the Blood Key and step onto the lock. Chapter Seven, Part Two – The Forgotten Ones ad Main Quest:

  • Locate the exit of the Old Kingdom
  • Arthas and Anub’arak must survive

now at floor four, Arthas is getting weaker and weaker. Can things get worse ? Yeah, but they ‘ll get way good later. Anyways … start off the level by listening to what Anub’arak says. Yes, the hallway is a death trap. To the leftover of the free-base of the hallway is a pile of rocks. Destroy it to uncover a lever. Hit it and direcly opposite of it and to the north is the irregular lever. Pick up the gold adenine well. once those two levers have been hit, proceed freely down the hall and break down the gate. once past the gate, frag all the Nerubians here. Continue on upward until you reach a Crypt Fiend. A small bit confederacy of the Crypt Fiend is a crate containing the second amber hoard. You besides hit the other optional quest : Rescue the Crypt Fiends. Continue another board north. The platforms will sink and you will be attacked by the Shorecrawlers. Frag’em. Head east into the board with the Belt of Giant Strength. Of course, if you get it, you ‘ll be ambushed, but go for it anyhow. For the optional quest, attack the rolling wall in the southerly character of this board and save your Friends. Heal them using the Fountain of Health, which you will come across in the following room. After you ‘ve been healed a gold coin is hidden in an egg of this room. Head into the room to the east. Disregard what your heroes are talking about. Just flyfly to the right and hit the levers. You ‘ll seal in the eggs that spawn out oodles and oodles of spiders. Frag the Nerubian Queen and the hatchlings. A amber mint is in the north eastern separate of this room. Break the Iron Gate and capitulum south. You ‘ll run into some more Nerubians … large Nerubians to be demand. Frag’em and on the eastern rampart of this room is a crate, which conceals the survive of the gold. ad Break down the gate to the east and in the following board you ‘ll meet up with the Faceless, the things that scared the Dwarves. Destroy the tentacles cursorily and do so with the Tricksters. They should n’t do much damage. Keep heading south to rescue your Fiends to complete your optional quest. Plow through the gate and make east. You ‘ll have to face a Faceless One. Make sure he stays faceless by smashing his face in with your troops. He has an incredible sum of health, but like everything else, it can be killed. Cast all your skills on it and he ‘ll finally fall. Use the Runes in the room to help you arsenic well. Chapter Seven, Part Three – Ascent to the Upper Kingdom Main Quest:

  • Escape before the timer expires
  • Arthas must survive

now devour to level three, Arthas has less health than earlier, and it could n’t have come at a more crucial partially. Head down and cautiously time your way past the flame traps. once you ‘ve reached the bottom, head west for your foremost hoard of gold and then head right. Time yourself identical carefully through the traps, while stepping on each of the glow platforms. Take your time, or else Arthas will lose 200 health per hit. Once past the floor ambush, there is a Fountain of Health. Before you go, hit the switch to open the stone door to grab your second gear hoard of amber. adjacent, head up north and frag all the Faceless Ones. A faceless Mage is showering you with his spells, so best to kill the Nerubian troops and quickly reach him. Destroy the Power Generators in order to keep venture. ultimately, hit the Power Generator ; it spwans a bridge to the other english. Make way and frag all the enemies you see here and then make right. ad Find yourself onto a platform and just make your way across to the early side. You ‘ll be reinforced by Anub’arak and his minions. Head south, west, frag, east, frag, confederacy, and then frag a Deathbringer. Head south a spot far and break the crates for your last hoard of gold and some runes. Head right to frag some more faceless Ones. Plow right through them and reach the exit. Chapter Eight – A Symphony of Frost and Flame Main Quest:

  • Capture the Four Obelisks
  • Stop Illidan from capturing four obelisks

Every consequence counts in this last stage. Set up your basal by killing the Naga at your starting indicate. Build another base near the west dagger. This is no easy tax. You ‘ll have two enemy bases that will attack you shortly — the Naga from the east and the Blood Elf from the union. After you ‘ve built enough forces for department of defense and umbrage, take out the Blood Elf first. Use the Locust ability for Anub’arak. After it ‘s been done, take out the Naga base that resides to the east. When attack, be sure to use Meat Wagons and upgrade your units angstrom soon as potential. Always keep an center out for the west obelisk. even if Illidan takes over it, you can reclaim it. however, once Arthas is trying to take it over, all of Illidan ‘s troops will focus their attacks on him. Use it to your advantage. Once it is yours, make surely you defend it well with towers and many of your troops. Your future goal should be the southern dagger. Again, the same strategy should be used. You should have respective bases by now. You ‘ll need to gather up many resources quickly as you spend it on troops much quick. ad The third base obelisk is the east obelisk. Again, build another base here and make manipulation of all aureate mines. The fourth and final dagger is the north one. Bring all your troops to defend Arthas. Once Arthas is successful, you win. congratulations. You ‘ve equitable beat Warcraft III : Frozen Throne … except for one more campaign — the bonus campaign. There ‘s only one chapter to begin with, but in fourth dimension, there should be more that will be accessible.

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