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Gem Earning Tips

This is a User Guide to gaining unblock Gems without having to buy them with actual cash .

# 1 – The Invited Players Feature

If you have invited friends who are starting out with the game, you ‘ll get Gem Rewards based on their Level build up from the Invited Players feature of speech on the Social Menu. You can only add Invited Players who have just started the game and have not yet reached Level 10. But because the Friends Directory does n’t cover Level Progressions, it makes things harder to get Gems without knowing what level that which friend is presently at. To understand how to get Invited Players and to learn how to get more Gems through this feature, please read the Gem Earning Advice part, seen in the “ Invited Players ” article itself .

# 2 – Derpy Hooves

There is a prospect that when you click on Derpy hiding under her box that she will spawn a among the Bits she normally pops. The casual is approximately 30 %. There is no specify to how many times you can click on Derpy in a day, so long as you can find her. She can be easier to find in Canterlot than Ponyville due to the fact that the area is smaller and you would have less buildings there. While there is no set form to her hide, after 3 or more taps you may find she spend fourth dimension wandering about talking to early ponies alternatively of hiding again. You can try close and restarting the app to trigger her concealment again. This trick no longer works starting from update 3.3 as Derpy now spawns only once per day.

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# 3 – pass Parasprites/Changelings/Bats/Vines/Cragadiles

sometimes when you defeat the life obstacles called parasprites, vampire fruit bats, changelings, or forest vines, you will be rewarded either some, a, or occasionally nothing. You will need five shards per hardened of parasprites or per idiot, and three shards per set of bats. For the vines, shard amounts vary depending on the size. As you tap on these obstacles, will sometimes be rewarded. The final tap may cause a to be rewarded. If you are tapping one of the larger Snapping Vines, you may receive an extra gem prior to the survive wiretap that defeats it. The Everfree Forest besides has one Cragadile in each of the ( two ) swamps when they are first uncover, which are defeated in the same manner and besides reward coins and the periodic gem. They do not respawn. When you expand your Ponyville/Canterlot/Sweet Apple Acres/Everfree Forest map areas, Parasprites, Changelings, Bats, or Vines will normally appear. The type of obstacle depends on what degree you have reached. Please note that no more than five of the obstacles will appear at one time in the three towns, indeed practice not expand an area of iniquity until you have defeated at least one obstacle, to increase your luck at receiving a jewel. If you are clearing dark areas around the edges or corners of a town, more than one area will potentially be cleared simultaneously ( bonus ! ), so be indisputable you have removed enough obstacles before clear. For example, the upper left corners of Canterlot can spawn three changelings by clearing one sphere of dark. ( This is particularly useful during a Solo Event ! )
once you have bought all the ponies that require Hearts, there is not much else to do with other than play balloon pop with them. There is a opportunity that you can get either 1 ( uncommon ) or 2 ( rare ) from a balloon. For those people barely starting out with only a few friends, struggling to get flush the first base pony, they may not think they will ever reach this stage. But it will happen. Check out the Friends page, and put your list there for others to add, a well as checking links for early “ Add Me ” locations. Be certain to add your name to the Directory and add friends from the list as well. If you truly want to earn a bunch of Gems from the Heart Balloon Game, save your hearts until your certain hope sum is reached. presently, it is strange how many hearts you can collect until you ‘ve reached the limit .
There are extra Balloon Pop games that can occasionally award gems. The Equestria Balloon Pop is a barren game that is playable once every 4 hours ( once once every 24 hours ), with no skip option. Gems may be awarded in amounts from one to three. More than one muffin prize can be won in the same polish, although it is rare .
The clear-sky translation costs 3000 bits to play and resets every three hours. Rare prizes may include one, two or three gems. however this balloon popular is no longer available as of v4.0 .
The Royal Balloon Pop is playable for detached once every 24 hours ( once costing 20 gems and with no expect meter ). Gems may be awarded in amounts from one to three. GameLoft once had a particular promotion, however, where they offered a identical difficult gamble to win 500 gems in the Royal Balloon Pop .
The Friendship Balloon Pop has a opportunity of awarding 1-2 gems each toss off .
The Klugetown Balloon Pop has a opportunity of awarding 1-20 gems each pop .

# 5 – feed Shrines

Harmony shards finally cap at 999. To avoid pine away shards, go to Ponyville and wiretap activated shrines. As you feed shards to the shrines you will get a whole lot of bits popping out. There is besides a chance that a single will besides come out for every 100 shards fed in. The rare the shard, like Magic, the better the luck. The average gamble rate is discussed on the harmony stones page. laughter shards have the lowest rate, about one gem per 900 shards. The crippled remembers how many shards you have entered, classify of like a bank poise. So a muffin may be returned after a session of spending equitable 100 laugh shards, if two prior sessions to earn bits used up 400 shards each. It seems every 1000th shard guarantees a gem, provided the location is n’t reloaded ( no travel to other towns, no entering any mini game, shot glass editor, zecora ‘s hut and so forth ). You can obtain 1000th shard from shops.

To speed up the process, soar in all the manner on the harmony stone to spend shards more cursorily. This makes it easier to avoid tapping on earned bits which will be collected automatically. Locate the stone in the bottom left corner of your riddle if you tap with a left hand finger, or in the lower veracious corner of the screen if you tape with a properly hand finger .
Playing the Crystal Mine Game will grant. are granted as rewards after collecting adequate minecart points. After a certain sum of points in total grade no fresh gems will be available as reward – only coins and element shards. If you ‘re truly good at the mini-game you can finally pick them up during the game itself – on the certain patterns of the railway the gems tend to appear at the place of element shards ; you can collect no more than 4 Gems per trip ( 2 gems in Update 3.8 or earlier ). A lean for getting minecart wheels is to go about and tap each of the trees in Ponyville or anywhere and they have a small opportunity to drop a bicycle. It can take a few taps but they alone drop one detail each unless you restart the app. In Canterlot, gem pillars and jungle interior decoration yield more wheels per tap. In the Windows adaptation, two spawn at the start of the game. Gems besides spawn after each revival. Pairing this with roll up Minecart Wheels from Changelings can make up to 50 per wave of Changelings. After revival, it is sometimes possible to get three gems alternatively of two. This appears to happen when a already spawned anterior to revival, but the actor died before getting the, so it remains after revival .

# 7 – daily Login

In older versions, a player was awarded 1 for logging in every 4 days and 2 for logging in every 5 days. In the current adaptation, gems are earned on specific days played. Refer to the crippled login chart to look up these days. Note: On Amazon Underground Actually Free Version, you will get ( ranges from 3 to 10 ) every day rather of / XP /the occasional on IOS/Google Play Version but you will silent get the interior decoration, the shops, & the ponies .

# 8 – Leveling Up

Princess Celestia will reward you with a set number of along with a bunch of for reaching each new level in the game. Refer to the chart on that foliate for the demand number of gems .

# 9 Pony Star Level Up

A reward will be given to you every meter you raise a pony ‘s star level, these rewards are normally Wheels or Materials, but they might sometimes be .
Gift Codes arrived with Update 2.9 ( ? ). Follow this page for extra time limited codes : Gift Code

# 11 – watch Ads

In some game platforms, ads are available to watch when you can click on the clitoris at the crown to reach the jewel purchasing screen. To the side there will be a green push button saying “ Get Free Gems “. Tap this and you will be taken to view a 10-30 second ad for some other app/game. After the ad is done, return and you will have earned 1 Gem. You can only watch two ads a day, which means 2 a day through this, indeed make certain you do n’t forget to watch each sidereal day. Those 2 a sidereal day can truly add up.

# 12 – Group Quests

Getting a right answer in Group Quests has a luck of awarding gems. Completing a group quest will reward either a muffin ( at the lowest level ) or a gem chest of drawers, which has a gamble of containing gems .

# 13 Gem Shops

Some shops produce gems alternatively of bits. They are listed under class : Gem-producing_Shop

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