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New to Game/Chat – Golden Frontier Information

New to Game/Chat

New to Game ?

The Game Screen

Hovering your cursor over many areas of the game will bring up data about that element. Hovering over Quest Icons will bring up a very basic disturbance number ; hovering over decorations in the storehouse will tell you what bonus they give ; hovering over buildings in product will give you the time remaining on that build. Explore what data you can gain fair by pausing your cursor over different areas of your live game screen .
(Clicking on pictures will open a larger version in another browser tab.)

1 Game Stats

These bars indicate your levels of ( L- > R ) coins, plot bucks, huntsmen ( workers ), energy, and have points ( XP ).
Coins, game bucks and energy are normally earned but can be bought. Huntsmen come from huts or solid houses but can besides be “ rented ” for game bucks. Energy refills on its own ( 1 decimal point every 3 minutes ) but can besides be supplemented by blue containers ( prizes/buy/trading post ), “ clickables ” and coffee. XP can merely be earned and each level requires more points to level up than the last. Levelling up comes with prizes, sometimes game bucks, a well as access to more buildings, decorations, crops and/or animals. Players can buy 24-hr boosts that increase the amount of coins or XP earned or reduce the replenish prison term ( 1 point every 2 minutes ) of the energy prevention. One of the quests early on on gives one of each promote as a pry.

2 Dailies

Three levels of optional tasks that add energy and stocks. They may be very dim-witted or require several hours to complete ( at higher levels ). You must complete all three tasks of one level to have access to the adjacent. prudent players try to complete all 9 tasks to maximize stocks awarded ; this besides helps to accumulate or stockpile resources. This is not the only way to acquire stocks indeed if the dailies are more trouble oneself than they are worth, skip them ! Tasks change at readjust time ( midnight PST ), regardless of your progress. experience players recommend refreshing at least once after reset as the “ new ” tasks may change again after you refresh .

3 Log Book

This is your best friend ! The Log Book lists all the Missions and individual quests, tracks your advance and provides an comfortable way to get to the veracious pursuit pop fly. Click on the bible, choice Active and go to the last page. Follow the progress in the book ! ! The quests are designed to build on the previous ones, so the first ones show you how and where, get your basic buildings going and provide the items you need for future tasks. many people have discovered how much easier and faster the bet on goes when they follow the bible .
LogBookActive.png LogBookDetail.png

4 Map

This allows you to travel between locations ; drag your screen to find the locations to the right. Your home location is Cloudy Lands ; the green check score indicates the location you are presently in. Travel requires food for the outbound stumble lone. While you are at an alternate location, refreshing the page brings you back to Cloudy and you must spend food resources again to return to the location. Taking notes or using a web log to identify build up or quest requirements will minimize travel expenses .

5 Giftbox

This section is significant ; read and following the guidelines may save you some grief ! The giving box is where you will receive all gifts and send free daily gifts – meaning they come out of nowhere and are not taken from the donor ‘s warehouse, consequently there is no cost to anyone. It has a capability of 100 items. Along the circus tent quarrel are buttons to “ Send ” ( free gifts ), “ Accept ” ( free and warehouse ), and “ Accept all ” ( one-click evacuate of inbox ) .

Sending Gifts

There are two methods for sending free gifts : through the gift box and through the acquaintance banish. The gift box is more effective, specially for large numbers of friends, but some players who have fewer friends and/or more clock prefer to visit each acquaintance and send their free endowment at the same time. The trouble with the latter method is that it is much harder to know who did not receive their release give due to a broad box – with the giving box method, they simply reappear until the giving goes through once they ‘ve emptied their box .
The Gift Box Method
When you open the send blind you will find several pages of free gifts. Some of them are resources that finally run out on your lands, some are forte items for specific updates ( such as seasonal worker ), some are items that can only be gotten as absolve gifts or quest rewards ( not counting trade with other players ). You can send gifts out in any order ( i.e. start at one end and go to the early in regulate, or start in the middle and jump around ). Once you choose where to start, click on “ introduce ”. Before you do anything else, suction stop on “ Show those who look for ” ! This will apply a filter and picture you which friends have that give on their wishlist. Simply suction stop on the little box at the bottomland of each friend ‘s picture to activate the green checkmark. You can do respective pages at a time or click send after each page. Either way, you can send a maximum of 25 of any one endow at a fourth dimension. That means you fill 3 pages ( 24 friends ), send and then click an arrow on either side of the endow painting to switch to a different gift for a moment, then switch bet on and recur. The suction stop over to another gift resets the counter. You can send out grass to all your 846 friends ; you precisely have to “ click over ” every 24 friends. ( 24 is barely more effective than clicking 1 person on the fourth page. ) Continue this for each of the available gifts and you ‘re done. Most folks will do this several times a day to ensure as many of their friends as possible got their gifts .
The Friend Bar Method
When you hover over a friend ‘s video on the ally browning automatic rifle ( 7 ), their wish list pops up. Clicking on one of the items will bring up either the giving box for a exempt detail or the warehouse for a craft detail. Select the friend ‘s video and click Send, then close out of the endow box. While this method acting takes less space to describe, it will take well more time when you have those 846 friends !


  • Be sure to place at least one free gift from the gift box on your wish list (click the yellow plus sign). You can place crafted and harvested gifts on as well, but you are less likely to receive them as they have cost the giver resources to produce so they are more likely to trade them.
  • When sending gifts out, you need to decide what you are going to do about players who have no free gifts on their wishlist (they either have nothing at all or they have crafted gifts only). Some choose to send a random free gift, others choose to send nothing at all.
  • Some players are very specific about receiving only gifts that are on their wishlist and may get vocally annoyed when other items are sent. All sendable items can be used to the player’s benefit, whether as game resources, selling for coins or trading to someone who needs it. Please receive gifts graciously and politely teach newer players how to gift effectively.
  • The notable exception to the point above is on days when new missions are out and there is a new free gift. You cannot add them to your wishlist until the update is released, which is usually during the early morning. It is normal for folks to send out the new item (whether it is on your list or not) for at least the first day, until players have had an opportunity to place the item on their lists.

Receiving Gifts

When you have received a endowment, the box opens to “ Accept ”. You will receive a distinguish introduction for each token sent, and each entrance gives you several options. You can “ accept ” the person item, you can “ give back ” the item if it is loose and on the donor ‘s wishlist, or you can “ refuse the cargo ” by clicking the ten in the upper right corner ( if sent from warehouse, goes back to transmitter ‘s stock ). You can click through to see what you ‘ve received, deal individually with particular items and then click “ Accept All ” for everything else ; this is utilitarian for counting what ‘s been received from a particular person .
note : receive gifts frequently requires a piece of solitaire. There is a morsel of slowdown time between the air by the other player, the notification pop-up book if selected and the gifts showing up in your box. Refreshing may help speed this procedure up ; large sends may require respective refreshes to wholly receive. The other alternate is to wait a few minutes until they come in on their own. If you are watching for it, you may see the endowment box icon gleam or pulse briefly, the sign that items have been received. The crimson numbers are rarely accurate except correct after a refresh .

6 Collections

7 Friend Bar

Your supporter bar shows FB friends who play the bet on, displayed in descending levels. “ Mary ” will always be at the far left, despite her permanent stay at degree 50. On either conclusion are scrolling arrows ; the single arrow moves the number by one supporter or neighbor, the double arrow moves by about a pageful. If you move in full to the right, your “ sleepers ” will show – people who have not logged in to the game in more than 3 days will get a Zzzz graphic over their picture. When you have few neighbours, it is judicious to keep these folks as “ food ” for your huntsmen. If you have many game friends, you may decide to remove them. You can earn guest clicks and coins by inviting sleepers to return to the game .
Hovering over individual acquaintance icons on the acquaintance bar will cause their wishlist to pop up. Clicking on a wishlist item brings up a endow popup. If you have not sent their day by day freebie, it will allow you to do that ; if you already have or if the item is not a freebie, it will bring up the warehouse and allow you to send from there. Clicking on the friend ‘s icon will take you to their homestead to do your chew the fat .
Visiting Friends
It is an arithmetic mean that neighbours will do free gifts and visiting day by day, or about day by day. Players realize that liveliness interferes with gambling, but unplayful players try very difficult to do both on a daily basis. Some players have besides many friends to visit them all daily so will start at the top one sidereal day, at the bottom the adjacent, and if necessary, will do the middle the third day. Others vary how they do their visit, hitting specific people first, getting everyone in new world chat first, clicking on specific clickables first gear, etc. You will establish what works for you. Each player is given 200 regular clicks per day ( 5 hat/spade icons on the left ) which work on clickables and even buildings. After you have exhausted your 200, guest visits ( hat/pickaxe icons ) can increase your chatter count to the 400 that gives you 2 game bucks every time you reach it ( maximal once daily ).

The point of visiting friends is to gather game resources for yourself ( energy, XP, coins, aureate sandpaper, etc. ) and assist early players to fill their clickables ( tents, totems, tables, etc ). In this game, you can not click on crops, trees, rocks, etc to assist other players to harvest, fertilize, etc. Clicking on clickables ( denoted by pulsing scandalmongering edge ) helps to fill them and give the owner the respect +/- arrant the associate request but gives the clicker coins, XP, energy and sometimes extra items. Clicking on regular buildings ( star above ) gives XP and coins at a lower rate than clickables and gives no energy at all .

8 Searching

The research bar is available to make looking for friends easier. When you only have a couple twelve neighbours, scrolling the acquaintance number looking for a name at the right level is reasonably easy. When you have respective hundred, that is long-winded and thwart. Click on the overstate glass, then click on the search barroom that pops up to activate the cursor there. type in the name you ‘re looking for. Be aware that the search algorithm finds your search terminus in any partially of the person ‘s name, so “ footfall ” will get you Stephanie, Stephie, Stephen, Stephenson, Steppenwolf, Instep, etc. All you need is the name and, if the name is more common, a painting ( levels are fine but if there are several at the lapp level, you will need a movie to distinguish anyhow ). This is particularly useful during missions requiring people to get clicks on a new clickable ; scrolling back and away becomes very old, very cursorily .

9 Stop

This button stops the current and line up actions of your character. This is peculiarly useful for stopping accidental clicks when harvesting “ clickables ”. It is, however, annoying when you ‘ve set your quality to plant or chop 150 times and you unintentionally hit this push button .

10 control

There are 4 actions available in the Control Panel pop-out : store ( arrow into box ), turn ( round arrows ), move ( 4-way arrow ) and erase ( red ten ). Try to store quite than delete buildings as they may be needed late on. If items are storable, they will develop a yellow margin when the store cursor is placed over them. Deleted buildings that are needed again MAY be retrievable by customer service, but you may have to buy/build a fresh one. many items can be stored and moved to other lands. Turning an detail is normally a decorate choice but can besides be useful for packing items into odd corners and spaces as not all footprints are square. Moving will be very utilitarian throughout the crippled. All items can be moved ; huntsmen tents can only be moved when all men are baseless and hungry .

11 workshop

The denounce offers game elements for sale for coins or crippled bucks here. Categories such as Plants, Production ( buildings ), Animals, Decorations and Important avail you to find what you are looking for. There is besides a search routine in the workshop ; chink on the search banish at the bottom of the shop class pop-up book. You must enter the correct name of the detail ( e.g. brilliant self-feeder or solid huntsmen house, alternatively of good feeder or huntsmen ) .

12 warehouse

The warehouse is your storehouse area for all the items you receive, craft and purchase in the game. The default view of “ All ” is in no discernible form of organization until the belated pages, which are roughly in update-based groupings. Clicking on “ Harvest ” shows your produce and cut flowers ; “ Materials ” shows tools, animal fodders, processed harvest items ( e.g. basket with apples, flower bouquets ), manufactured items, etc ; “ Buildings ” filters to any structures you have in memory ; “ other ” includes pressing orders, purchases, energy items, etc. Searching is besides possible here, with the same guidelines : you must put in the right name for the item. Most items will have 3 little icons under their visualize : a aristocratic “ Add ” clitoris to add token to wish number, a yellow stage to send items to others and a coin and arrow which means sell or cash in the item .
N.B. Be very cautious before selling items from the warehouse ! ! several items ( basket with apples, clash of beans, crush, ferment of artwork, the gold Arch Island items, some Halloween recipes, etc ) can be traded in for much greater returns at the trading Post. For example, the gold knife sells for 100 coins from the warehouse but can be traded in at the Post for 1000 coins ! Others can be traded in for food, amber nuggets, resources, etc. Review the trade station from time to time to become familiar with what is tradable and what is new ( sometimes the developers add things like the Arch Island gold items or the laugh medals following the rollout of an update .
Gifting from the warehouse is simple. Find the detail you wish to gift, click on the present, find the person you wish to gift to, click on the grey button below their picture to activate the green checkmark, then click “ Send ”. done ! At the meter of this write, players are entirely able to send one gift at a time, then send multiples means clicking the grey box and “ Send ” as many times as you need to. unfortunately, there is no room to back out of the give filmdom so you must either search manually via the leftover and right arrows beside the token picture on that popup or exit out of the popup and start the process afresh .

13 dislodge Bucks

You can earn free game bucks by inviting modern players from your acquaintance list ; as they progress, you are awarded more prizes .

14 Offers

special combination packages are offered here – normally for real cash, frequently includes energy, normally related to the stream deputation. special edition characters are offered here for very cash, about constantly at the peak. Shop sales are besides accessible here when they are offered – in first or second gear place ( from the top ), frequently only for 24 hours, about entirely for game bucks entirely, offers many items for the workshop at up to a 50 % discount. popular purchases are a 30-buck rebate on bankers and coffee houses for 1 game sawhorse .

15 Full Screen pop-out

The full-screen toggle clitoris is visible in the convention plot screen. Clicking on this will expand the game to cover all of your screen space, including the chew the fat screen and browser controls. Clicking on it again ( have to move cursor to it ‘s raw placement ) or pressing the “ ESC ” key on your keyboard will return you to convention screen view. Click on the small red arrow to pull out the rest of the menu, which contains soar in and out buttons ( refreshing returns to default soar ), sounds on/off ( birds, sound effects ), music on/off, and liveliness on/off. Animation toggle controls merely some animations and entirely in your scene .

16 calendar

Each day that you click, you receive a little casual gift. At the goal of the month, the developers give a collectible for barren to those who have clicked on the calendar daily. If you miss a day, you can catch up with 1 bet on vaulting horse per day you miss – still a considerable spare over buying the collectible from the storehouse, evening on sale. ( The former 3-4 months are besides available on the calendar. ) Most of the collectables have been available in the shop, some are released to the calendar months before they are available in the store. At reset, the calendar will glow until it is clicked to remind you to claim your casual endow .

17 Coin – Mr Fortune

A carnival game from the St Patrick ‘s Day 2016 deputation ; no longer available. early like features may be placed hera in the future .


On the left of the screen you will see a collection of icons linking to the quests or missions you need to complete to progress in the game. The first and easiest ones are at the buttocks, corresponding to the last pages of the logbook, and the newest ones are piled on the top. Again, it is HIGHLY recommended to start at the bottom and work your way up. The missions at the top will be the newest and will often require buildings ( e.g. foundry or sawmill ), stockpiles ( e.g. water, iron ingots ) or production capabilities ( i.e. crafting enough items in time ) beyond the charge of the newer player. Although it is tempting to join the craze of a new deputation when it first comes out, the agitation cursorily turns to frustration and sometimes panic as the timer counts down. This is not playfulness. For anyone. It is besides recommended to work on alone one mission or update at a time. Trying to complete two time missions at once is besides not playfulness and it is not strange for a actor to incidentally set off a second timekeeper.

This game is not a subspecies ! There is no ‘being behind ‘ or ‘catching up ‘. The quicker you get to the coveted “ mission-free ” condition, the fast you get to wait around for the adjacent update to be released. Work at your own pace, join in the chat, work on a avocation while you wait for those dratted hammers to cook. Games are, by definition, intend to be fun ; if you ‘re excessively stressed by the game to be enjoying it, what ‘s the point ?

The Quest pop-up book

New to Chat

Getting new friends

Posting Your link

The easiest and fastest way to post your connect, particularly if you have connection and loading problems, is as follows :

  1. 1) Scroll up to the blue bar at the top of the FB page and find your name and profile picture.
  2. 2) RIGHT click over your name (use right button or far right bottom corner of laptop trackpads); a popup will appear with a selection somewhere in the list similar to “Copy Link/Address” – click on this option
  3. 3) Hover your cursor over the box where you type your comments for the chat, RIGHT click to bring up the next pop-up and click on “Paste”
  4. 4) Click on “Send” or press your “Enter” key when you see a web address appear in that box – you will then see it turn into a clickable blue link in the chat screen (similar to

once you have posted your yoke, others will click on it and send a ally request ( f/r ). You may have to refresh your screen in order for them to appear in the blue bar ; once they appear, click on the pair of heads and accept or decline the requests as you wish. once you have accepted the requests, you need to refresh again for the person to show up in your acquaintance list. Until you do, they will show up as ‘Unknown ‘ if they send to your endowment corner .

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