CS:GO’s Updated Nuke Map Strategy Guide | Feb. 8 Meta Changes

Nuke was revamped last calendar month in a c : GO update, and the gameplay meta has drastically shifted with the many changes. The majority of the adjustments to the map seem to be focused on libra for both the Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist sides. This can be seen in the close, more visible spawns on the outskirts of the map and in the slight changes to both sites, adenine well as the heavily contested Outside area.

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The big crate was rotated slightly, the smaller crates were removed, and old Secret no long exists. The outside catwalk, however, is the the biggest change in the update. To access Heaven, players must now either self-boost from Hell to Heaven via the crates or go up the ladder in the CT hall. Terrorists now besides have to strafe derail to the acme of Mini from Marshmallow if they want to drop to the ground without taking fall damage.

A site

The changes to the A locate were reasonably controversial, as the Hut windowpane and upper Catwalk entree ( run ) has been removed, along with an obvious vamp of the Roof openings. The box configuration was besides reverted to its old iteration to allow for self-boosts onto the Hut.

Executes into the site are now a lot easier from the T spawn roof thanks to the bigger vent openings on the independent ceiling, which allow for flying lineups. To balance out the easier use of T side utility, the Hut window is now a wall to block a line of sight into Mini and to prevent another T introduction point into the site. now the entirely choke points into the A site are Heaven, Hut, Mini, Squeaky, and Vent.

B site

Most notably, a newly box has been added under Catwalk that allows for faster movement towards Vent. The Secret hallway near the box nowadays has a Z-type formation that gives an excess slant for CTs to fall back onto. A single box and the rails near the Control area were besides removed for easier visibility moving into the fail web site.

The chokepoints into the web site seaport ’ thyroxine truly changed much, and only the Secret T route has been made more unmanageable to advance through. As common, Ts will have to either contend for Outside, Vent, Secret, or Ramp see to take B site map control. update : A recent beta terminal has removed the Vent capture into the site, forcing players to attack the locate from either Decon, Window, or Squeaky. The Toxic board was besides removed .

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