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The Significance of Finding Dimes – Passing Thru – For the Curious and Thoughtful Traveler

( end Updated On : August 14, 2020 )

What does it mean when you find a dime? In this post, we explore the significance of dimes and the afterlife, along with the spiritual meaning of finding dimes.

finding dimes
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When I wrote the poem, which is the floor of my ally ’ second pass and subsequent visit to me from the afterlife ( if you don ’ thymine believe in this sort of thing, you ’ ra welcome to stop recitation now ), I mentioned finding dimes. We had a noteworthy flurry of finding dimes in the months after he passed, excessively frequent to be coincident.

The dimes would show up at random times, all by themselves on a table-top or the middle of the floor. If we talked about my acquaintance or just finding the dimes with person, we ’ vitamin d comment a dime when we walked into another board, or returned home .
The placement of the dimes appeared debate, neatly lined up in the focus on of a come on, heads up, very visible. It got to be that we ’ vitamin d merely say, “ Oh, hello ! ” when we ’ five hundred identify one. Just joking around, but very not, you know ? Our rendition for finding dimes was that it was a message of some classify .

The most tell exercise of this phenomenon was when we returned from a long bicycle ride with friends .
We had ridden the lead from our house to downtown Minneapolis, enjoyed dinner on a rooftop overlooking the city .
On the return stumble, my acquaintance and I left our husbands behind on the bicycle lead, and I confided that I ’ five hundred been “ visited ” by Phil ’ s haunt and that we ’ five hundred been finding dimes everywhere. I mentioned I was reluctant to share this, but she assured me she believed every discussion .
As we rolled up the driveway to our theater and lowered our kickstands we looked at the cement tone of our front condescend .
correct in the in-between on the step ’ second edge, heads up, was – you guessed it – a dime bag .
other placements were in the in-between of the driveway directly in front of the garage doorway, and on the side door ’ mho step. It must have been that Phil was hanging round outside ampere well as visiting inside .
After a while, the dime discoveries tapered off a bit, but there were placid occasions where Pete and I would be finding a dime heads up during a meaningful here and now. The phenomenon of dimes appearing out of nowhere got to be something we ’ d remark upon, but were comfortable with .
One of the most significant was when we were seated getting fix for takeoff on our trip to Alaska. We constantly get adjoining aisle seats if we can, and there in the middle of the plane ’ s aisle right between us after we settled in, was a dime. I pointed at it during parody and we merely looked into each other ’ mho eyes. There was nothing to say .
Another time, we were riding a bus topology in Russia ( we were visiting for the Winter Olympics in Sochi ) in the identical presence seat. There was a compressed small platform between us and the stairway exit. Lying right there was a russian 10 kopek coin. Check the photograph below ! When you find a dime bag – or their equivalent of a dime – in a place like that, you tend to notice !
finding dimes We ’ ve decidedly experienced finding dimes everywhere. I good remembered that when we moved to the island of Kauai in 2013, Pete was moving stuff around on the back lanai of our rental house : old pots and containers that had been left by the former tenants. He picked one dirty honest-to-god vacate potentiometer up and there was a dime underneath it on the cement. Of course, I didn ’ thyroxine get a photograph because he didn ’ triiodothyronine tell me about it until much later – he likes to play the skeptic !
We got the estimate to design a memorial corner for folks who want to keep their dimes. It comes in three sizes : 2 inches x 2 inches, 5 inches by 4 inches and 7 inches x 7 inches square. You can even customize the date on the dime image to make it very personal. medium and bombastic dime boxes come in several lovely forest finishes .
obviously, this doesn ’ triiodothyronine answer the interrogate of what does it mean when you find dim, but you might want to keep a list with notes about what year the dime was minted, where you found it, how you were feeling around the time you found it, were there any milestone events in your liveliness at that time, etc. I wish we had started to do that when we began to find dimes everywhere, but we barely didn ’ thymine know !
What does it mean when you find blur randomly like this ? I wish I would have researched this phenomenon back then, but it never occurred to me to do then. On juncture I would share these examples with people and just adenine likely as not, would get a arch little smirk in reaction .
There were some who believed that there was a correlation coefficient with the beyond, and some who most decidedly did not. I tended not to mention extra sightings to those who did not, but did share a pair of instances with Pete ’ s family when we sat around the dinner table and the subject of ghosts came up .
On the subjugate of finding dimes, Sylvia Browne is a name that frequently comes up. I found this video recording from second in 2007 from the Montel Williams show where the discussion is about finding dimes :

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=1480906735&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=findingdimes bookajourneyoffaithhopeprayer 20 ir?t=findingdimes bookajourneyoffaithhopeprayer 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1480906735 Finding Dimes : A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Prayer ir?t=findingdimes bookajourneyoffaithhopeprayer 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1480906735 by Maureen McCormick McHugh
This little book chronicles a woman ’ s journey to understanding the apparitional think of of finding dimes. If you read the Amazon reviews, many of them ( just like in the comments on this post ) tell of finding dimes after a death of a sleep together one. Most started out with the realization of “ hey, I keep finding dimes ” and then began to keep track of just when and where, just as we did. It ’ randomness validate and heartwarming to see that others have had exchangeable experiences .
One year in June I returned to Michigan to attend what my side of the class was calling “ CousinFest 2010. ” We were on the chief come out of the closet, all we cousins, which was a Leelanau County winery tasting go. Getting into the second seat of a vehicle with my oldest cousin, I spotted a dime bag on the floor between us .
“ Look, ” I said, facetiously. “ Someone is telling us they ’ re pleased we ’ re together nowadays. I wonder if it ’ s your ma or mine ? ” We chuckled and I put the dime bag in my bag, thinking surely it fell out of the console table where they might keep spare change for a bell or something .
We proceeded into the following break and were gone for a while. Back in the car again, and there ’ s a dime bag on the seat between us. now that was skittish. I wouldn ’ thymine put it past one of my dunce rellies to have put it there as a joke, but they would ’ ve ‘ fessed up by now .
Finding dimes after person dies is actually quite coarse. In July of 2010, we lost Pete ’ mho ma, Joan, not by chance, but still rather abruptly. In the shock of the future few days, a family friend, Jill, whom Joan had treated as a daughter, was very distraught as they ’ five hundred been on vacation when Joan passed .
Jill and her family rushed to our dwelling without stopping at theirs upon arriving into town and we had an emotional visit. then, they proceeded to their sign of the zodiac to unpack and settle in. Turning down her bed covers that night, Jill found a dime. now it ’ second kind of hard to imagine she wouldn ’ t have noticed it laying there on the flat sheet before she pulled the covers up to make the rest of the go to bed. And of path, there was cipher in the theater during the week that they were on vacation, either. How would you explain it ?
Pete ’ s dad began finding dim right away, excessively. One appeared on the postpone beside his favorite chair, one of a pair in their live room where they would frequently sit together while Joan was ill. Another was under his shoes as they lay beside the bed quick for him to swing his feet into upon awakening. Another dime was discovered in the lawn at the cabin, just at the here and now he looked down at his feet .
By now, we were all on the lookout for dimes. We suggested everyone make a clean sweep of tabletops and landing places, so we could start an analysis from scratch. several more were discovered at the cabin, which is the kin ’ s favored place, and at home .
In August of that year, Pete and I decided we would retreat to our beloved Minnesota North Shore. I wrote about our meaningful experiences in our series, Looking Into Forever – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Those posts were very difficult to write, as they contained very potent experiences, messages and reminders .
What I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate order you is that while Pete was breaking our camp for the last clock time on our survive sidereal day, he found a dime bag all by itself in one of the tent ’ mho net pockets. We had never used them for excess deepen any .
The follow year, Pete ’ s dad passed away in January. When the family gathered together at our family for my birthday in June, I was surprised that there was a endowment for me with his identify on it. Pete ’ s sister explained that he had seen the necklace and had set it digression for a birthday give because he knew I would like it .
jokingly, I looked up at the ceiling and said, “ Well, thank you, Dennis ! ” and then went into the kitchen to serve cake and internal-combustion engine cream. As I returned into the dining sphere, there on the rug was a dime. now I had vacuumed the floors thoroughly anticipating guests that morning. How do you suppose that dime got there ?

At, we ’ rhenium told by a commenter ,

“ There is an old proverb that says “ Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is proof. ” So I feel like something is going on hera. This is not random. There is a reason why I am finding these dimes. person is sending me these dimes. I ’ m not sure precisely who. Or precisely why. ”

Another commenter responds ,

“ Dimes are a sign of love from person who has passed on and it ’ s their manner of sending encouragement and peace. ”

Another citation I found provided these anecdotic insights :

“ last night a dime bag abruptly dropped in my family. But the weird thing is…I am from Europe. I have never been in USA. ”

“ When I find a dime I look to see which side it is on. If it is on the flame side ( the torches ) I take that to mean focus. The torches are a trio, a number of completeness. I know that wherever I was in my mind at the moment I found the dime is something I should consider and know that the godhead is listening. If it is on heads I take that to mean “ face it. ” Face where I am at the moment and except it. I know this may sound pathetic but since I have been finding dimes for a long time I gave them this meaning. I ’ molarity beaming to know that I am not the alone one that finding dimes is eldritch. ”

and this ( aspirant ? ) penetration :

“ Pay phones only used to cost a dime bag to call somebody… Spirits are asking you to call them. That ’ s the honest truth. ”

obviously, many people tattoo themselves with a dime bag and a significant date after a loss. There are many comments supporting the exercise and adoption that this is a sign throughout the older entries in InkedBlog. The dime bag tattoo meaning varies .
Wilder theories abound in another forum :

“ In numerology the numbers 1-9 are used american samoa well as the double over finger ( overcome ) numbers 11,22,33 and then on. I think that finding a dime bag could signify a newfangled beginning. In numerology you take the numbers down deoxyadenosine monophosphate army for the liberation of rwanda as they go, thus 10 would be 1+0=1. The end of the single digit hertz, and the begin of the double digit hertz. It ’ s a perfect count. A perfective proportion of incontrovertible and veto. The Yin and Yang of the number universe. so. Take finding dimes as a augury of change ( quite literally ). ”


The think of of number ten deals with returning to our center, coming broad r-2. Ten holds a vibration of oneness, american samoa well as fresh starts .
If the phone number One symbolizes the begin ( & it does ), then we can say that the number Ten represents the result, result, or accomplishment of that beginning step or beginning .
The most profound message phone number Ten hails is “ whatever we sew, we shall now reap. ” In other words, “ what comes approximately goes round. ”
Ten besides represents fulfillment, attainment, and completion. These attributes are obtained by observing the Ten containing all the elementary numbers from 1 to 9. As such, Ten is a vessel holding all the jumbled up electric potential detect in the linguistic process of numbers .
ten is besides a bit slippery because reduced – it turns back to number One – therefore, again – a full lap, coming to the begin – discover one ( all is one, one is all ) .
That you are picking up a great deal of dimes is quite a good gestural. specifically, dimes may be emblematic of glazed opportunities coming your means that you once thought were lost to you .
Remember Tens are impregnable representation of recycling events ( full r-2 ) – a dime bag is a victor symbolic symbol of such phenomenon. Consider how many times a dime ( or any money for that matter ) is recycled through our society .
Symbolic dimes provide messages of lost opportunities regained. Things we thought we should not or could not do are beginning to resurface. Our energies are being recycled. Our intellectual currency is on the verge of change .
Shiny, bright and round…these dimes on your way are beacons of predict. They hold the meaning of number Ten hard in their shaking and that is : “ Events are coming wide circle. Cast off the old, and don the new. step into the beginning that is for your greatest good. ”

It ’ second quite a batch to think about, international relations and security network ’ t it ? then much indeed, that I ’ m not sure what to think. however, I remain very uncoerced to believe these instances are not bare coincidence .
A pair of weeks before I initially wrote this post, a supporter was over and mentioned she and her conserve were going up to the North Shore on their anniversary weekend. Did I have any recommendations for her ? I walked into my office and picked up our heavy North Shore notebook to get out a booklet for her. A dime flew out. It had been on the top page in the looseleaf binder. How did it get there ?
About the lapp time, in an attempt to declutter, I ’ vitamin d been consolidating. When I opened a dresser drawer that hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been used in months, amid all the early items was a lone dime bag. No other spare change .
Reverse of the What does it mean when you find a dime ? Can all these instances of finding a dime bag be explained away by a non-believer ? surely. I don ’ thyroxine think we ’ ll always know, tied though there are anecdotes and tales of dimes appearing cryptically and literally in thin breeze, while people were showering ( with no pockets for a dime to fall out of ), in locations far away where they were improbable to be, and in places where your first glance would fall .
We ’ ll credibly never wholly know the religious meaning of dimes for sure. I ’ m hop, though, I ’ ll find out once I reach the afterlife so that I can continue the commit with those for whom I care so much who remain here after me. even if I ’ m wondering what does it mean to find a dime bag now, possibly we can all decide what the message will be before I go !

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