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MapleStory Awake Event Guide – Reboot – The Digital Crowns

A big fresh update has taken set and there is much to do and discuss ! New 5th Job Skills, New Coin Shop, New Events, and Tera Burning are available to figure out .
The Awake event guide is straight forward, make sure to Coin Cap everyday, fight in Sage Rock Training Grounds, Donate to Awakening Scrolls, and Buy everything you can from the coin/meso shops. 

New Awake 5th Job Skill

The release of the Awake Event has unlocked a new fifth problem skill. Go to your light bulb and find [Required](Lv.200) Memory Keeper’s Gift to unlock it for exempt. If you want to know if the skill is good for mobbing or emboss, all is explained here Opens in a new tab. .

2 Tera Burning Characters

american samoa soon as the consequence starts on November 18th, 2020 you will be able to create 1 Tera Burning character. A character must be created with Tera Burning and existing characters can not get the Tera Burning consequence.

Another Tera Burning character will be made available around December. MapleStory has never given the ability to Tera tan 2 characters so cursorily after another. Please take advantage ! If you don ’ thymine know who to burn, check out the Best Characters to Tera Burn Guide .

Awake Event Awakening Coins

The utmost come of Awakening Coins you can get on a weekday is 450 coins .
300 comes from collecting Awakening Aura ( Killing Mobs and Awake Events ) (Rock-Paper-Scissors)(Bingo) and 150 comes from the Sage Rock Training Grounds .
On a Sunday the maximum you can get is 750 coins because your mobbing soap sum doubles .
Make sure to accept the Baek Gong’s Flute quest in the Star telling. It will give you a skill that helps you collect more Awakening Aura. This skill can be leveled up once you reach the Awakening Scroll Chapter 2 Training and will give you more aura once increased .

Another direction to get Awakening Coins without doing anything is to buy the train Chairs from Lilishu at the Decoration Shop. Chairs can only gain Awakening Coins when used in the Free-form Training Grounds .

Free-form Training Grounds can be accessed when you try to leave the batch of Awakening Event area and select the Free-form Training Grounds .

Best Ways To Coin Cap – Awake Event

The best manner to cursorily coin hood is to kill mobs at your level. Forget doing the Rock-Paper-Scissors and Bingo since it ’ mho actually kind of slow. Sundays are most crucial since the cap doubles and you must make sure to cap that day .
I suggest coin cap on at least 2 or more character s. Since you want 1 character to donate and your main to buy all the shop items. If you have other characters that you care about, make certain to cap on those since the coin workshop is amazing for 200+ characters.

If you want to AFK and coin cap, if you buy the 200 mil professorship it will take you close to 13 hours and 53 mins. The cheaper chair will take doubly ampere hanker .

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to fight in the Training Ground on the veracious side of the consequence map. It ’ s like a bos fight where you gain more coins based on how well you do. The utmost you can get is 150 coins but, you ’ ll motivation to be around Lvl. 240+ to even hit the final bos .

Awakening Scrolls

Awakening Scroll contribution is super significant since the items available are so good ! Get a mule that coin caps debauched and use them to donate since you want to save the coins on your main for other stuff. After you finish the first coil you ’ ll have to wait for a certain date to start donating to the future part. Donating will also give you Bamboo Shoots to use at the Bamboo Shoot Shop .
Baek Gong’s Scroll:

  • Available November 18
    • Required Training: 1 time
  • : Available November 25
    • Required Training: 5 times

  • : Available December 2
    • Required Training: 5 times

  • : Available December 9
    • Required Training: 5 times

Chun Gong’s Scroll:

Available December 16

  • Required Training: 5 times
  • : Available December 23
    • Required Training: 5 times
  • : Available December 30
    • Required Training: 5 times
  • : Available January 6
    • Required Training: 5 times

Man Gong’s Scroll:

  • Available January 13
    • Required Training: 5 times
  • Available January 20
    • Required Training: 5 times

If you completely miss a scroll, like you don ’ metric ton dally at all november, you ’ ll be able to catch up and donate to unlock previous stuff. It will cost 300 coins instead of the normal 200 when you ’ re trying to catch up.

The ring is great since its +40 All Stat, HP/MP +4000, Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +25, and can be potentialed. 

Awake Event Coin and Meso Shop Guide

When it comes to the Event Coin Shops the best things to get are the EXP Nodes, Arcane Symbols, Eternal Flames, and Black/Red Cubes. When it comes to the Meso Shop it ’ s all up to you but most of the gorge is pretty cool and useful. Make indisputable to farm those mesos ! Meso Guide if you need here .
Complete Shop Breakdown and Priority List

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