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What is TRON & the TRX Token? – Moralis Academy

TRON boasts of being the world’s fastest-growing blockchain with over 18 million accounts and 1.4 billion transactions passing through its ecosystem. Now, with a growing number of decentralized applications (dApps) being built on TRON, it is quickly becoming a cost-effective competitor to Ethereum. Furthermore, The TRON ecosystem has seen huge growth over recent months, with a host of cryptocurrency platforms and DeFi protocols built on the TRON blockchain. But, what is TRON and the TRX token?   
In this article, we ’ ra going to dive cryptic into the TRON ecosystem and explore the many different applications and services built on TRON. besides, we ’ ll explore the TRX keepsake and the character it plays within the TRON ecosystem.

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TRON Ecosystem Background

Established in September 2017 by founder and CEO Justin Sun, The TRON Foundation operates from double headquarters based in America and the Asia Pacific region. The TRON Foundation ’ s elementary ethos is to decentralize the internet and use engineering to change the worldly concern .

What Is TRON?

In short, TRON is a blockchain-powered ecosystem of innovative protocols and applications. Fueled by the finish of becoming a ball-shaped, decentralized, free entertainment network, the TRON ecosystem has systematically been developing and expanding its net to achieve this, and more. Blockchain, by default, provides the technology to safely and verifiably remove the ‘ jobber ’ from transactions. In TRON ’ second font, the design was to remove the third-party intermediaries between message creators and subject consumers within the digital entertainment industry .

Using peer-to-peer net technology, TRON has created decentralized data memory solutions allowing anyone to create content applications directly on top of the TRON blockchain. Furthermore, consumers of subject can pay the creators directly using smart contracts. consequently, this eliminates a bombastic cut that is frequently taken from centralized entertainment distributors, such as Netflix or Amazon. In turn, the TRON ecosystem creates a more profitable content distribution application for creators. furthermore, following the ethos of the TRON Foundation, this forms a horizontal surface act field for all creators to showcase their exploit. This is a opposed to the control of viewing and distribution of contented through centralized media networks .
In addition to the decentralized digital entertainment network, the TRON ecosystem has developed well. Further, in this article, we have explored the wide variety show of applications available. however, to gain a solid reason of how the TRON ecosystem operates, we have explained TRON ’ s native TRX token ’ south roles and functions .

TRX Token

The TRONIX token ( TRX ) was issued by the TRON Foundation and is used as the foundational currency on the TRON blockchain. other tokens created on the TRON blockchain derive their value from the TRX token. therefore, TRX is the basic unit of account throughout the TRON ecosystem and powers the dApps within the TRON ecosystem .

TRX Token Use Cases

The TRX nominal has respective practice cases, referred to as “ Application Scenarios ”. These include :

  • Credit card payments
  • Purchasing items from WeChat stores
  • Obtaining energy and bandwidth
  • Receiving Airdrops
  • Receiving rewards for participating in the TRONics Support Plan


democratic stablecoin USDT is now issued on the TRON blockchain thanks to TRC20-USDT. This standard of stablecoin enables zero-fee transfers and ultra-fast pitch across the TRON ecosystem. besides, the TRC20 standard allows interoperability between dApps on the TRON blockchain .

Exploring the TRON Ecosystem

The TRON ecosystem expands army for the liberation of rwanda and wide, from community projects and decentralized exchanges to a wallet with a farther ecosystem within itself ! To facilitate such applications on a mass adoption scale, TRON has created DAppchain. DAppchain has been created to remove some of the computational ability and energy from the main TRON blockchain. As a solution, this reduces fees, increases the rush and efficiency of transactions and applications .
DAppchain consists of multiple sidechains connected to the TRON blockchain, using the same DPoS consensus algorithm. Developers using the TRON blockchain can easily migrate projects or create a newly application on any DAppchain sidechain. DAppchain is bright contract compatible and can facilitate closely every feature of the TRON main blockchain .

Below, we have explored several early aspects of the TRON ecosystem and their position in helping to decentralize the web .

TronWallet (

TronWallet was introduced towards the latter end of 2018. compatible with io and Android, the app seamlessly integrates every feature a trader or investor would need. furthermore, TronWallet allows users to create and manage multiple wallets within the app .
Users can access, commit, and pay with TRX tokens using a QR code or wallet address. besides, users can view and keep track of every transaction that occurred on the app. TronWallet makes it easy to store friends and family ’ mho addresses within the app ’ second address book. Furthermore, TronWallet offers a vote platform where users can stake their TRX to vote for the ace representatives ( explained below ) .

As the app leaped from success to success, TronWallet has become one of the most-used blockchain applications in the crypto space. furthermore, in 2020, TronWallet became a multi-chain wallet platform expanding outside the TRON ecosystem, integrating interoperable features with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. This opened up a overplus of newly tokens for users to access through the app .
With over 25,000 happy day by day active users, and after three years of development, TronWallet transitioned to its fourth-generation wallet platform in July 2020. This help interoperability with every blockchain. The doctrine behind Klever is “ fiscal freedom through the authorization of the person ”. Klever allows users to be in complete ownership of their funds and private keys. consists of four key constituents ; Klever Labs, Klever Exchange, Klever Wallet, and Klever OS .
With these elements combined, the app is a one-stop-shop app that caters to newcomers to experienced traders alike. aims to increase its users ’ knowledge about trading, investing, and the cryptocurrency space. They hope to achieve this through AI-powered personalized educational material promoted throughout the app.

TRON Super Representatives

As mentioned concisely exploring TronWallet, users can impale their TRX tokens to vote for a superintendent congressman. Super representatives ( SR ) are creditworthy for creating blocks and confirming transactions, receiving rewards for doing so. The top 27 voted-for SR candidates will be successful in achieving SR status. Candidates that came in between 28th-127th target will become alleged “ super partners ”. Super partners receive vote rewards, with all SR candidates, SRs, plus superintendent partners gaine the right to raise proposals to the network .

This is achieved through freeze and unblock tokens. Freezing tokens generates TRON Power which in act is used to vote for a extremely representative. The consolidation between TronWallet and makes it ace simple and straight-forward to navigate the app and vote for your choose SR .


The decentralized exchange arm of the TRON ecosystem is known as PoloniDEX. here, users can trade their TRX tokens, or USDT or UDSJ tokens, with hundreds of nominal pairs. PoloniDEX is a popular application within the ecosystem for TRON users, with a elementary, familiar interface on the exchange .

When using the PoloniDEX application, be mindful of the manipulation of your bandwidth and energy resources. Each transaction initiated will use both bandwidth and department of energy. Users are given 5000 BP bandwidth resources every 24 hours for rid ( bandwidth resources do not accumulate over time ). Users can generate extra energy or bandwidth by freezing TRX tokens on the substitute ( only one resource at a clock time ) .
If users run out of bandwidth resources, the platform will take the respect for resources immediately from TRX holdings .


Another identify feature of the TRON ecosystem is the TRONScan blockchain explorer. similar to Etherscan, this allows all transactions on the TRON blockchain to be traced. besides, TRONScan acts as a portal site to access key on-chain metrics and analytics .
TRONScan is essential for ensuring foil throughout the TRON ecosystem. furthermore, the TRONScan internet explorer incorporates a real-time news feed for important updates such as schedule sustenance and API adjustments .

besides, TRONScan is home to JustStable, a collateralize debt military position ( CDP ) portal enabling instantaneous access to DeFi for users of the TRON Network. The JustStable CDP portal vein can be easily integrated with TRON LINK and Ledger wallets .
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The JustLend platform facilitates lending and borrowing in a similar room to other DeFi protocols such as Aave and Compound. Users can earn return by providing liquidity to the protocol .

besides, JustLend uses a decentralized government exemplary, meaning holders of the JST token will vote on any future changes to the JustLend protocol. additionally, JustLend displays a risk-meter, indicating the hazard rate of any debt positions and liquidation gamble .


JustSwap is TRON ’ s equivalent of popular decentralize substitution, Uniswap. Users of JustSwap can swap any TRON tokens with ease, using a familiar and straightforward interface .

exchangeable to many Ethereum-based decentralized applications, JustSwap uses liquidity pools to facilitate token swaps to be used across the TRON ecosystem. Simply connect your TRONLink wallet and you ’ ra adept to go !


JustLink is a decentralized oracle offering running on the TRON network. The JustLink oracle ensures tamperproof information can be brought on and off-chain in a trustless, permissionless way. besides, the JustLink oracle validates information before it is appended to the blockchain. This is to ensure that fresh contracts alone receive authentic data .

The JustLink oracle overhaul is upheld by a network of decentralized nodes, operating in a exchangeable means to other popular oracles such as Chainlink and Band Protocol. By providing dependable price feeds for decentralize applications, the JustLink oracle is helping to accelerate the growth of the TRON ecosystem .

TRON Ecosystem & TRX Token Summary

In ending, the TRON ecosystem has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years. many speculate that it could become the go-to platform for blockchain developers if the issues with gamey accelerator fees on Ethereum are not resolved soon .
The TRON ecosystem boasts an impressive roll of tools and services that rival many major blockchains in the DeFi space. With an impressive marketing scheme and a growing consecrated follow, we can expect to see more good things emerging from the TRON ecosystem in the approach months.

ultimately, you can keep up to date with everything occurring in the TRON ecosystem through their Medium web log. Each week, TRON releases a hebdomadally report written in 15 different languages. This informs users of updates, releases, and any issues that may have arisen and resolved .
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