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How to get free Laundry With A Coin Operated Machine

[ Music ] hello and welcome to my latest video recording today we ‘ll be trying out probably one of the most popular questions in terms

of Arcade hacking can you use a coin on a string to hack an arcade machine and get free credits therefore I have prepared two coins the first one has got a bite of string on and the second one uses fish channel so will it work invest your bets now first gear we ‘re going to try the one piece of string I must admit I think this may be excessively thick for the coin mech because that ‘s added quite a lot on that is why I ‘ve repaired the fishing line one however it ‘s worth a test so let ‘s try it immediately so as a blame this one does appear to be excessively slurred I ‘ll have another go no it ‘s just a moment excessively midst this one it ‘s not getting past this they even so it ‘s improbable it would work but we have got the fishing wrinkle indeed lashkar-e-taiba ‘s give that a sound now therefore will the coin on the fish line exercise permit ‘s give it a go so I ‘m not gon na lie I ‘m pretty confident with this lease ‘s give it a blend oh it went in can I get it back up ohio hang on or something here so if thrown up an error code which suggests we might

be pulling it up [ Music ] delay no way is that he came back out there no manner so there ‘s a fish line and I ‘m pulling it what the heck has happened there I ‘ve just read the manual of arms and this error is actually a mint mech error when a coin passes through the opposite way so we actually did pull it back up and past but unfortunately you ‘re thrown up an mistake what I am now going to do is to show you precisely why we ‘ve managed to get the coin back out here while it ‘s a shame the erroneousness came up which means it wo n’t realistically work in an arcade this is amazing so I will now explain to you why we actually managed to pull the coin back up out within so when we pulled the coin back up like this once it got to this detail of the error you have to precisely pull it mean and then drop it this spot here leads to the front which is where we got our mint back with this string I should point out do not try this in an arcade this is my own machine and you will besides get an error

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