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How to Make Artist Scratch Off Coins – Jennie Moraitis

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Learn how to make artist scratch off coins to add spark to your creative life !
I recently checked out Oh Joy ! : 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy from the library and had playfulness flipping through the pages of projects to try. One in particular stood out for me—making homemade scrape off cards. I never realized that it ’ sulfur actually fairly dim-witted to make these and once I saw the recipe, I had an aha consequence. Rather than make the project she shared, wouldn ’ thymine it be fun to make artist scratch off coins ? basically the precede is this : we ’ re on a mission to make creativity a regular depart of our lives and sometimes that means we need to up the FUN level a bite. And possibly even create some gamble .
In order to show you how to make these coins, I made a fiddling video for you which you can see below. But first, what you ’ ll need is a while of paper to brainstorm some ideas.

Answer these questions with one to three word answers:
What could I do to put more adventure into my creative practice ?
What gives me energy to create ?
What puts me in the mood to want to make things ?
The key is to make sure that these items are cheap ( if not spare ) and well accessible to you. It would be disappointing to scratch off a coin that said, “ Go to London ! ” if you can ’ thymine pack up and go immediately. ( But if you live right outside of London, and you find you get a lot of inspiration when you take the time to go for a dawn trip to the city, by all means, put, “ Go to London ! ” on your list. : ) )
Some ideas for you to try:
Go on a walk
Take pictures
Dance to Mandisa
Take out the paints
You can choose things you don ’ t typically do but would like to try, arsenic well as things that might stretch you a spot. You can besides choose things that fill up your soul as an artist.

once you have your list, you ’ re ready to make your artist scratch off coins. Make a bunch together of these, and keep them in a jar. Choose one a week, and do whatever the mint says. Simple and sweet. .. and playfulness !

Artist Scratch Off Coins

note : If you don ’ t have a large circular punch, you can cut out circles or whatever condition you ’ d like .
You will need :
Circle punch ( 1 inch circle )
White circuit board stock paper
Gold acrylic paint ( You can use whatever color you ’ d like ; I used gold. )
Dish-washing fluent
Tray to mix rouge and dish-washing liquid
Paint brush
Watch the video to see how the magic happens!

sometimes it ’ s the little things that can add a spring to your step as a creative ( and yes, I ’ megabyte talking to YOU, because we ’ re all creative. ) This would besides be a bang-up activity for your family—let them help you figure out the words you ’ ll spell on each mint. What adventures and fun will you take, I wonder ? : )

Have you ever made your own scratch off coins?

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