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Stand Up Coin Magic

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Nathan Kranzo is a believe friend and a true magic learner. At Vanishing Inc, we love his ferment and are gallant to present it to you for the first time.

Kranzo ’ s background is as a stroll sorcerer, and this gentleman has surely put in his prison term. He has worked COUNTLESS tables. This is critical to understanding his magic ; he GETS that charming should be ocular, have clarity of plat, and be at chest stature where people can see it.

His touch with coins is beautiful, and here you ’ ll witness ( FINALLY ! ) a PRACTICAL solicitation of mint material that you can use for larger groups.

More information:
A new DVD have coin effects designed to be performed for larger groups and better visibility.

In this new DVD Kranzo gets away from the bore old mint effect performed at waist horizontal surface. Hold your coins high and come along for a great ride.

All the routines are performed standing. All the routines are WILDLY ocular.

Wish Paper
A brassy ( no pun intended ) way to produce your coins. The end mint will surprise them EVERY fourth dimension. Nathan besides teaches his versatile Index Finger Shuttle Pass.

Cashing In
Cash in your Casino Chips for real number money instantaneously ! Features a unsheathed hand production that will fool them all.

Will The Kort Please Rise
A point of view up version of Milt Kort ‘s classic coins through table routine. Kranzo adds an excess component that looks like real charming.

When a table is not around push the coins through human body and bone ! We predict this coin through hand everyday will be the most talk about coin consequence of the DVD !

Guess Which Hand
The presentation of “ Guess which hand ” is something EVERYONE can relate to. What a clever and charming means to draw person into your performance.

You ‘ll have to see this to believe it. Coins turn into snacks ! You will never perform on an empty stomach again !

The Tail
Heads or tails ? A doubt that appeals to everyone. This hilarious effect always gets a thunder of laugh.

Four of these routines use nothing more than a regular expanded shell. Three routines use no gimmicks at all !

” I have two words for this DVD…GET IT ! ! ! ”
– microphone Gallo

” So you have a stand up gig, and you ‘d like to do some coin magic trick. What are you going to do ? There ‘s a dearth of good, practical stand up coin magic that ‘s within the reach of the average close up magician. Most of the very thoroughly coin magic either requires lots of practice ( Vernon ‘s Coins and Glass routine comes to mind ) or costs a big ball of change ( Ultimate 3 Fly, 3CM, Triple Threat ). The good news program is that this new DVD from Nathan Kranzo is dedicated to coin magic that wo n’t bust your knuckles, or your bag. The most expensive detail you ‘ll need is a shell coin, and the most alien is a piece of flash paper. And best of all there is n’t a single 3 Fly or Coins Across routine on the DVD. If you have n’t guessed, I like this DVD a distribute. It ‘s full of easy to do workers that you can perform for a twelve-top, or the crowd at a cocktail party. The plots are simple, and direct with plenty of room for personalization in the presentation, and the production/transformation sequence from Crackers and Cashing In is something you ‘ll to use to create variations to fit your audiences. Recommended for lovers of coin Magic and workers who want some fresh coin material. ”
– Bill Duncan, MUM Magazine

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