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Easy step-by-step sewing tutorial: How to make a snap purse.

It ’ randomness been ages since I posted a sewing project on my blog. In my last tutorial, I showed you how to make a keepsake cushion using men ’ sulfur neckties ( HERE ). This time, I ’ ve opted for a flying and easy snap purse sewing tutorial, which is the perfect project for kids, besides. The bang-up thing about making snap purses is angstrom well as being simple to make, they ’ rhenium cheap excessively. You entirely need a brassy metal tape bill, some electrician ’ second tape ( or masking tape ) and a fiddling snatch of material, ( you can evening use old clothes or go to bed linen ). elasticity purses make cover girl gifts for love ones, or you could make them for children ’ mho birthday presents. furthermore, the snap purse plan can be adapted to make glasses or sunglasses cases .

Items required to make a snap purse.

Materials you need for the Snap purse sewing tutorial

  • 2 x 10cm lengths cut from a standard width metal tape measure (approx. 1.9 cm or 3/4 inch wide).
  • 22cm (L) x  12cm (W) material for the purse.
  • 22cm (L) x  12cm (W) interfacing material e.g. Vilene S13 Sew-in interfacing (if you are using a thicker cotton canvas, you may not need interfacing).
  • 33cm (L) x 12cm (W) material for lining and cuff at the top of the purse which contains the metal tape measure pieces.
  • Electrician’s tape, masking tape or similar.
  • Tape measure/ruler for measuring material.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Needles, pins and cotton thread.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing Machine.
  • Crochet needle/ chopstick or similar blunt-ended stick (to push out the corners of the cushion once you’ve turned it right side out).

Step-by-step snap purse sewing tutorial.

1. Snip the sharply points off all corners of the 10cm pieces of metallic record and cover the sharp edges with electrician ’ south magnetic tape or similar, to prevent them puncturing the purse fabric during use. 10cm lengths of tape measure with electrician's tape over the sharp edges 2. Lay your 33cm duration of lining material on a apartment surface and make a minor mark with a pencil/dressmaker ’ sulfur chalk center along its duration ( 16.5cm ). Make a mark halfway along the length of the lining fabric ( 22cm ten 12cm ) and lay it on top of the interfacing material ( if you are using it ) so the marks pipeline up. Lay your outer purse material ( 22cm ten 12cm ) on top of the interfacing material proper side up. Snap Purse Sewing tutorial put lining and patterned fabric on lining fabric 3. Fold the outer edges of the trace substantial over to meet the extinct fabric and press them flat with an iron. Fold them over again so the fold is at the point where the lining material meets the outer fabric. Press the folds flat with an iron. note : These folded cuffs/pockets should be across-the-board enough to contain the lengths of metal magnetic tape, allowing for a 2mm seam valuation reserve. Press the folded Snap purse ends using an iron 4. Stitch along the at heart edge of each cuff, 0.2cm in from the close up. Snap purse sewing tutorial : Fold the lining over twice towards the patterned fabric and press with an iron 5. Fold it in half, so the two cuffs rest on top of each other and the purse is efficaciously inwardly out. Sew along one side of the purse, approximately 0.6cm ( 1/4 column inch ) in from the raw boundary. Fully insert a piece of metal record into each cuff/pocket so that the print slope faces towards the liner side, ( as the tape is curved, inserting it this way around ensures the complete purse ‘ snaps ’ open and closed properly ). Snap Purse Sewing Tutorial : insert the two pieces of tape into snap purse after sewing one side seam and before sewing second side 6. Sew up the early side of the purse, approximately 0.6cm ( 1/4 inch ) from the raw edge. Snap Purse Sewing Tutorial : Purse inside out after sewing side seams 7. Cut away the excess material on either side of the purse ( 2-3mm from the wrinkle ) and zigzag sew along these raw edges to neaten them and prevent fray. Tidy any loose threads. Snap purse sewing tutorial: Use a zigzag stitch to neaten the edges and prevent them fraying 8. last, turn the purse right slope out and use the deaden end of a crochet hook, pencil or similar to push out the corners.

9. Ta district attorney ! You have a lovely little snap purse ! Floral Snap / Coin Purse Opening a Floral snap / Coin purse

More snappy ideas.

Choose the proper material and you can make snapshot purses or wallets that will appeal to boys, girls, grandma and granddads alike. I bought some Star Wars material on eBay for a few pounds and made the perfect snap purse for our Star Wars brainsick daughter. You could make your purses even more personal by making them out of an old school consistent, a favorite old token of dress or duvet covering. arsenic well as making cover girl gifts for people, I think they ’ five hundred make a lovely option to dainty bags for kyd ’ s birthday parties, specially if you fill them with a few sweets. If you don ’ thymine fancy a bag, why not make a snap case for your glasses or sunglasses alternatively ? Snap Purse Sewing Tutorial : Star Wars Snap / Coin Purse and Flower purse

What are you waiting for?

These adorable little purses are so easy to make and don ’ t price much in terms of fourth dimension or money, either. Why not have a run at making some and let me know how you get on !

Pin for later:Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorial. How to make your own snap purse using a tape measure. You can customise the pattern to make glasses or sunglasses cases too. Perfect for gifts.


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