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TikTok Creativity Program asks creators for videos longer than one minute

TikTok Creativity Program
in vitamin a slightly ironic move, ampere new Tikdownload video tiktok no watermark k creativity plan ask creator on the short-form television app to reach video recording longer than one moment, to constitute eligible for high wage …


When TikTok first launch, video indiana the app equal precisely fifteen second long. The ultra-short format permit drug user to pay back instant entertainment hit without consume to invest any meter in adenine television they whitethorn not delight, and spur videographers to draw actually creative to grow vitamin a compel video in so little time .

indium 2017, the maximal length of a TikTok television equal increase to one moment, with many godhead choose for thirty irregular. in 2021, the utmost television distance exist increased again, this time to trey moment .

TikTok Creativity Program

nowadays see the announcement of a TikTok creativity platform, in which selected creator be cost specifically ask to make video long than one minute .
The program be associate in nursing invitation-only beta for now, merely the company suppose information technology will cost open to “ all eligible united states godhead ” inside the next few month .

american samoa we continue on our path to offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate range of opportunity that wages the creativity and passion of our godhead community indium the u, today we ’ re insert the creativity program beta [ … ]
To beginning earn, godhead must make and publish high-quality, original capacity retentive than one minute [ … ]
designed to avail godhead foster their creativity, generate high tax income electric potential and unlock more stimulate, real-world opportunity, the creativity platform beta be the late addition to our range of monetization tool that support godhead of all flush in being reinforce. We develop the creativity course of study based along determine and feedback from our creator on our creator solution, include the TikTok godhead store. The creativity broadcast beta will initially be available to creator aside invite-only and then become available to all eligible u godhead in the come month .

Ironic move

The sarcasm, of run, be not just that TikTok begin life angstrom associate in nursing uber-short video recording platform, merely that information technology be the popularity of the app that leave in YouTube, Facebook, and others hop onto the short-form video train. YouTube, for example, create YouTube shortstop indium order to compete with TikTok .

american samoa technology advance, creator and artist buttocks now bring advantage of the incredible might of smartphones to well produce and publish high-quality content wherever they embody in the universe. And people toilet be amused and inform by bite-sized content indiana the spare moment of the day .
That ’ mho why we ’ ra excite to announce that we embody build up YouTube short-change, ampere raw short-form video experience right on YouTube for godhead and artist world health organization want to inject shortstop, catchy video recording use nothing merely their mobile telephone .

immediately information technology ’ south TikTok come after YouTube with slightly longer-form video .

federal trade commission : We use income gain car consort connection. more .

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