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Side Hustle #70: Making Rings and Jewelry Out of Coins!

Okay guys, I think I finally found the PERFECT side bustle for us money nerds ; ) Make money from money itself ! Haha… The full lap of fiscal life ! And here to amaze us with all his artsy genius, is Michael Bonard – founder of who shows us how to make rings out of coins. If you enjoy this, consider supporting his Kickstarter foliate sol he can continue growing his commercial enterprise !
* * * * * *
If you are like me and like to create things with your hands, then the path I kind of fell into might just be a possible side hustle for you.  
I never thought in a million years I would have a jewelry line even though I went to the Columbus College of Art and Design as a fine art ( painting ) major and besides focused in blow glass and ceramics which I systematically did for 12 years. But I had never worked with small metals before.

After years at a abruptly end job where my artistic abilities were cave, I finally became torment enough to actively go searching for more creative ways to make money. I thought approximately being a production glassblower focusing on ornaments, to starting to make my own chocolate where I had a great estimate for custom molds they would be poured into, to even blown glass clocks ! I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate giving up .
Then one day I attempted to make a ring out of a penny just to see if it would work.
It didn ’ thymine count pretty, but it decidedly worked ! And once I found out it wasn ’ metric ton illegal *, I started planning my die scheme and finally quit my 9-5 within a year to focus entirely on making rings and jewelry out of money. Which I ’ m proud to say I ’ thousand immediately doing full-time .

How to Make Rings Out of Coins

hand made coin rings
Here are the abbreviated step to give you an idea.
What you need : distance, tools, fourth dimension and lots of patience. Oh – and the best depart – spare variety ! good from your very own pockets : ) Look for the coins that are in the best condition to set digression for this .
Okay, here we go ..

First, make a hole in the center of the coin

making hole in coin
A phonograph record cutter and a mallet make it a set easier than using a drill, but a good disk cutter can be expensive so use what you already have when foremost starting out .

Next, you need to heat or “anneal” the coin until it has a slight glow

heating up coin for ring
propane or mapp gasoline torches are fairly cheap, and the easiest means to heat them cursorily ( be careful of burning yourself though ! ) .
This process enables you to manipulate the metal while keeping its integrity. It’s at this point you’re able to change the shape of the metal.
Have you ever used aluminum hydrofoil ? Well, it ’ second actually made from one solid ingot that ’ s run through a heated urge over and over and over again until it ’ mho stretched into one humongous roll. Pretty wild .
coin mallet process
To stretch the coin into a resound, the least expensive way to do it ( and how I started out myself ) was with a surround spindle and a rawhide or plastic mallet ( harder mallets will mark the mint ) .

Strike the coin repeatedly and as evenly as possible

Once it stretches a pair size, reheat the coin and repeat until you get the desire size. then, make indisputable to flip the coin around and hammer the walls in so the immediately circus tent ridges are equal with the bottom .
coin ring process
At this period the cut depart of the metallic will still be harsh, so you ’ ll then need to sand and bevel the edges so they ’ re smooth. Next, use a steel wool or Brillo pad to sand all the relief parts of the mint to bring out the reflect and show off the lettering/designs of the coin .

You now have a ring you can wear, give away or sell!

And it ’ sulfur at this point you determine how much more energy and money you want to pour into the trade, or if you ’ rhenium all right good doing it as a playfulness hobby for family and friends. It takes a bit of work to produce a individual mint, but there are ways of speeding up the process the more you practice and research, and of course the more you drop on fancier tools besides ; )
You besides get better results in the end :

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state quarter rings
( The coins on the entrust are from the action we fair went over, and the matchless on the right is with my current process after years ( and literally 1,000+ hours ) of working on my craft )

How Much Can You Earn Making Jewelry Out of Coins?

Okay – Let ’ s break down the numbers. The popular submit quarter ring sells anywhere from $ 20- $ 50+, depending on the quality of it and which person/retailer is selling it. The amount of profit you take away will depend on how fat and imaginative you can be with the work, but you ’ ra looking at anywhere from $20-$100+ an hour, less the price of resources and tools .
I built my business for wholesale when I started, but knew that I needed 4 tax income streams and one of those streams was retail through fairs and festivals. It is something that is decidedly a hustle and a short ton of work setting up and tearing down, but a typical 2 day festival was/is equivalent to a calendar month at my previous job. And sometimes it barely takes one day !
Though the retail costs normally go up with the appellation of the coin, specially if it is made of silver medal, I still let the marketplace ( you ) ultimately dictate the final examination monetary value. I ’ ve created over 100 designs made from coins, many of which never made it to market because they ended up not working out visually or financially. It can get baffling turning a hobby into a clientele, but you in truth have to hustle hard if you want it to work .
Speaking of downsides…

The Cons to This Gig

This goes for any business owner, but the biggies were having to sacrifice my hobbies, my artwork and my nights and weekends to make this exploit full-time. Gary Vaynerchuk explains it well with his “ hold on bust watching house of cards ” explanation
You can besides seriously hurt yourself ! I ’ ve had may honest plowshare of cuts and burns over the years, but on one extra affair I about chopped off my finger while making earring displays with my mesa see. Luckily my “ Studio Assistant ” was sleeping in my studio the hale clock time while I drove to the hospital to get stitched up. I was unable to use my hitchhike for 2 weeks, and had to adapt fast to continue product for a festival the following workweek .
Another con : with sites like Pinterest, there is a batch of copyright violations going on. People start to think they can copy designs and sell it under their own name. once you start shaping the metallic element into unlike and unique designs though, the creator of that invention is the owner of it. I ’ ve had problems on my Instagram page where people would start to ( try to ) copy my earring designs and then use the same titles and copy descriptions of the products ! decidedly a concern, and decidedly a con to the business .

Other potential down sides:

  • If you end up developing methods similar to mine and do a lot of polishing, you can say goodbye to your hand modeling days…. Your nails are shot.
  • This doesn’t go for everybody, but I consistently created fine art for 12 years and making jewelry from coins is heavily frowned upon within the community. So be prepared to be shunned which can really suck big time.
  • And lastly, if you’re a coin collector (sorry J. Money!), it may be tough for you to punch a hole through such beautiful coins.

How You Can Get Started

honestly, the best thing you can do is barely that – get started ! Try it out at home, and then follow it up with some good erstwhile fashion research .
In fact, one night I remember working late in my studio apartment and deciding to take a coffee demote. When I jumped onto Youtube there was a swerve video titled ( if you can believe it ) “ How to Make a Ring out of a draw ! ” My stomach dropped ! partially because the process was very counter-productive, but besides because I knew everyone would nowadays want to start making quarter rings themselves to sell everywhere. I remember pulling two all-nighters that week to bump up my product designs to stay on top of my game .
So what I ’ meter say is that you don ’ t have to spend the countless hours of trial and error and coming up with new processes necessarily, because there ’ s a community out there you can already start learning from. I recommend trying out a count of processes as there are so many ways to get from point A to B in this diligence. And possibly you will come up with an evening better way !

Final Thoughts About How to Make Rings Out of Coins

Though I never became the full-time artist I wanted to be, I have found a way to create things for a living and I ’ thousand having a bang expanding my jewelry line. I ’ ve put aside my early bodies of solve to focus on Money-Rings entirely, and I ’ molarity truly grateful for my current situation .
Give it a shot! You never know what can turn into a full-time hustle!
For those excessively impatient and want an even faster way of producing mint rings, you can use that count piece of credit card there in your pockets and visit : )
michael bonardi coin rings
* * * * *
* If I had a nickel for every time person asked me about the legality of doing this ! I get that doubt thus many times at big festivals that I have auto-response answers, some of which are pretty funny… so if you always see me at a festival, ask that question and go steady which one you get : ) But yes, the real answer is that it is illegal to deface currency if your captive is to fraud the politics. An example would be turning a $ 5 poster into a $ 50 bill or a nickel into a quarter and passing it off. Another model is shaving metallic element off of a coin to profit from the shavings, and then spending the shave coin. ever wonder why ridges exist on coins ?
Michael Bonardi has been crafting coins into singular jewelry for over four years. You can find his influence at, angstrom well as on Facebook and Instagram. Check out his Kickstarter page before it ends to support him and get some of his fantastic creations in refund !

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