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Pocket Love Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Pocket Love is the latest slack game from Hyperbeard, creators of Adorable Home, Kuma Sushi Bar and Tsuki ’ randomness Odyssey. The bet on ’ s all about decorating a pocket-size home with beautiful furniture and interiors. The hand-drawn graphics are cute and will appeal to fans of minimalist games .
Pocket Love provides enough of customization options that allow players to turn an vacate sign of the zodiac into a dream home. They can besides expand their humble house by adding multiple rooms .
Pocket Love once a player moves to his/her new home along with their spouse and darling, they can start purchasing furniture from the in-game “ Amazing ” memory. Players can besides shop for newfangled clothes and accessories, sell old furniture to Kevin and obtain rid items from the animated package lying on the street. Pocket Love besides lets you enter hidden passwords to obtain cool rewards !
When you are away, the game captures a random movie using the television camera, which can be seen once you are back playing the game. You can access these pics from the menu on the upper-left corner of the screen door. Tap on the television camera icon after tapping the ground beef menu to open the “ Memories ” album.

The game doesn ’ thymine stop at decorating your dream home. It besides lets you interact with characters and read their fishy conversations. Our Pocket Love usher will be very useful to those who have precisely started bring .

Getting Started

Pocket Love is for all ages. But you will have to enter your age before you begin playing. Move the skidder to select your historic period and crusade the OK button .
adjacent, choose the hairdo, skin and hair color for you and your spouse. You can change your looks and expressive style anytime while playing. When you are in the game, tap on “ edit character ” ( person and pencil icon ) on the lower-left corner of the blind to change. This is where you can besides get entree to the invest memory, where you can purchase fresh clothes and hats using dogllars, an in-game currentness .
To enter your name, tap on “ You ” on the bottom of the screen. type in your name and press the OK push button .
once you choose your looks, the adjacent step is to select your collaborator ’ south looks and dash. Follow the same steps to select your collaborator ’ randomness hairdo on the left department and skin/hair color on the right field .
Tap on “ Partner ” on the bottom of the sieve and enter your virtual spouse ’ sulfur name .
now that you have customized both characters, let ’ s play ! Oh wait ! There ’ south a downy surprise waiting for you. Pocket Love besides lets you adopt a darling .
In the next blind, you will have to choose a pool or a pup. After selecting one, tap “ Pet ” on the bottom of the shield to give her a name and you are all determined !
In your cozy small dwelling, you will be unpack modern furniture items with your collaborator. Tap on the crates to place a succulent plant, a ottoman and a hardening of drawers .
When you unpack these items, you will receive hearts, which will fill the heart meter. More on hearts late .
To move these items, tap the edit furniture release on the lower-right corner of the screen. In the edit mode, press, hold and drag an detail to move and place it anywhere in the room. however, in the tutorial, you will have to place those three items on specific areas in the room. Of course, you can change their positions once the tutorial ends .
now that you have moved into your new home, you can buy furniture and decorate your newly room .
To purchase newly furniture, tap on the “ Amazing ” shopping button on the lower-right corner of the screen .
Amazing ( inspired by Amazon ? ) is an in-game denounce web site that lets you shop for furniture, clothes, accessories and room décor. You will need coins to purchase items .
Items on display at Amazing ’ s shopping window change every few hours. Certain premium items can be purchased using “ Dogllars ” .
Both coins and dogllars are in-game currency, though the latter is not easy to get for release in this game .
now that you know how to play Pocket Love, check out these tips and tricks to build your new home and brag about your interior décor skills .

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How to Obtain Dogllars

There are two currencies in this game – coins and dogllar. The latter is used to purchase clothe, some bounty furniture items, furniture sets, themed décor and most importantly, a new board .
While it ’ south easy to earn coins, it ’ s tough to obtain dogllars in Pocket Love. Follow these tips to get them for release :

The Package

call a random endowment from the animize software lying outside your theater. There will be a cunning smiley callout above the box, suggesting that it ’ second ready to be opened .
Tap the package kept outside. The package has a cooldown time, which can range from a few minutes to a few hours. The more act of times you open it, the higher will be the cooldown time. During the cooldown clock, you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to open it .
Get the random furniture item from the animated software by tapping on the “ Place ” release. You will receive 1 dogllar as extra rewards .

Get’em from Kai

Kai appears at your doorsill at unconstipated intervals. Tap him, watch a 30-second allude and get your rewards. You will obtain dogllars from him occasionally .
Kai the salesman

Complete Tasks

Tap the disturbance list on the lower-left corner of the filmdom .
Finish tasks to get a special reward Complete all three tasks shown in the disturbance list to get a special reinforce display at the bottom of the To-Do list. Claim it to obtain up to 5 or more dogllars .

Daily Reward

Get dogllars on certain days as function of the “ Daily Reward ” campaign. Play the game casual for seven straight days and you will receive 5 dogllars on day 1 and 7 on day 6. Pay attention to special packages on day 3 and day 7 as they may contain dogllars .
The currency page.

Don’t Miss Free Offers

In the lapp currency riddle ( screenshot above ), there ’ s a cunning vomit holding a banner “ Get Free Dogllars ! ” Tap on her and arrant an propose. Offers range from installing a particular third-party app, downloading a crippled and reaching a certain level in that game and many more offers. These are normally third-party offers. adenine soon as you complete these offers through the app, dogllars will be credited to the full come .
The currency page besides lets you watch an ad to obtain 5 dogllars. The ad option can be found on the bottom-right corner of the page .

Add More Space to Your Home ASAP

With just one room to begin with, having therefore many furniture items crammed into that small cubbyhole won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate look besides attract, specially if you are affectionate of a minimalist support board design .
well, it ’ second time to add more space to your home plate. The best way to do this is to purchase a newly room. Tap on the crimson base signboard located outside your house and crush the “ Buy ” button to increase space. You will need 10 dogllars to buy your first gear new room expansion .
Buy new room
You can earn a quick 10 bucks for our new board if you follow these steps :

  1. After the tutorial ends, you will get 5 dogllars as part of “Daily Reward”. The Daily Reward section will appear on the screen. Just tap claim to receive 5 dogllars.

2a. Tap the “ + ” push button next to the sum dogllar measure ( in green ) on the upper-right corner of the screen .
2b. Tap the “ Ad ” button below the 5 dogllar sum on the bottom-right corner as shown in the screenshot below. Watch a 30-second allude to receive 5 more dogllars .
nowadays that you have 10 bucks, tap the home signboard ( following to you theater ) again and press the “ Buy ” clitoris to purchase a newfangled room .

How to Move Furniture from One Room to Another

once you buy a new room, it ’ second time to move some furniture to the empty room .
In Pocket Love, moving furniture from one room to the next room international relations and security network ’ metric ton american samoa easy as it seems. Follow this bit-by-bit guide :
Tap on the room where the furniture item is placed .
Tap the edit button on the lower-right corner of the screen. The edit button has a couch/coffee postpone icon and is located just above the “ Amazing ” shopping button .
You will enter a room edit mood with the furniture part displayed on the leave side of the blind .
Move furniture to new room
following, tap on an detail placed on the room. There will be a down point scandalmongering arrow above that item, suggesting that the detail can be moved or stored. now tap on the storage box picture good above the fleeceable “ OK ” push button on the lower-right corner of the screen to store that item .
Each detail is stored based on its class. so if you have stored a carpet, it will be found in the rug section on the furniture section on the bequeath side of the screen .
Press the “ OK ” button .
next, tap on the modern board where you want to move furniture .
Tap the room edit button again. You will see the item stored on the impart side of the shield under “ Furniture ” .
Drag and drop the detail to the empty room. You can place that token anywhere, but pay attention to the square below that item. If it ’ s aristocratic, it means you can place it. crimson means there ’ s some obstacle or that area is besides crammed to be placed upon. Press the OK button to close the edit manner .

Go for Instant Refreshes to Avoid Long Wait Times

Refreshing to get a fresh new bent of tasks and products takes time, unless you go for Instant resets. here ’ s how to do this :

Instant Refresh Products

In Pocket Love, resetting/refreshing allows you to update the stream ( furniture and invest section ) lists with new products.

Tap the shop icon on the lower-right recess of the screen door to access Amazing ’ randomness furniture and invest incision .
The reset push button is displayed on the upper-left corner of the product page, fair beside the total time. You can wait until the timer reaches 0 to refresh the current merchandise tilt or go for instant resets .
Tap on the reset button ( blue timer picture ) and press the “ reset now ” button. You will have to watch a 30-second ad to reset immediately. This manner you will get a fresh new list of products ( furniture or clothing ) in the Amazing page .
Refresh product page

Instant Refresh Tasks

once you finish a plant of three tasks, you don ’ t have to wait long as moment resets are besides available in the undertaking page .

  • Tap the To-do list on the lower-left corner of the screen to access a list of tasks.
  • In the “New Tasks” button, under “To Do”, tap the clock/timer icon and press the “Reset Now” button to watch a 30-second video advert. A new list of tasks will appear soon after you finish watching the video.

Refresh task page

Things to Buy from Amazing

furniture is not the only thing to purchase from Amazing, the in-game shopping/ecommerce web site. You can besides purchase clothes, accessories and room interiors, such as carpet, flooring etc .
Tap the Amazing denounce button on the lower-right corner of the screen .
afford Amazing to check out these products :
Products are categorized into tab on the exceed of the perplex page :
Clothing (pink shopping bag tab): Tap on the pink shop bag tab key to access clothe and accessories. You can purchase them using dogllars. You can besides obtain a random vanity item by watching a 30-second attend. Tap on the purple ad button below the swirling pink shopping cup of tea detail to obtain a random costume or accessory .
Furniture (shopping cart tab): You can purchase exceed classify furniture and room décor. Most of the items can be purchased using coins, but you can buy some of them using dogllars .
Don ’ thymine forget to claim your spare “ special furniture detail ”. Tap on the “ Ad ” release below the special detail to watch a 30-second video and get it for free .
Wallpaper (checkered mat): You can purchase cool wallpapers to adorn your home. A single wallpaper costs a batch of coins, so make sure you have accumulated adequate coins to purchase one .
additionally, you can besides purchase “ Pocket Surprise ” ( pink box icon ) – themed furniture and décor sets that can be purchased merely using dogllars .

How to Earn Heart Tokens

In Pocket Love, you can earn heart tokens every time you place new furniture in your home. Whether they are purchased or obtained for spare, you will get hearts when you place them .
Tap the jumpstart software outside your home to claim a randomly generated reward. You will besides receive hearts once you claim it, along with dogllars .
purchase furniture from Amazing and place them to obtain center tokens. Don ’ thymine forget to claim your absolve especial furniture detail reinforce. You will have to watch an ad to obtain a random item. You will receive hearts once you claim it .
Some daily rewards provide giving boxes, which may contain a random furniture detail or invest. If you obtain a furniture token from a day by day reinforce give box, you will besides obtain center tokens .
Heart tokens obtained from purchased or rid furniture fill the kernel estimate on the upper-left corner of the screen. When the heart gauge is full, you will reach a fresh level .
Heart level Tap the affection estimate to know a list of soon-to-be unbarred items when you reach a finical level .

Clean the Streets to Obtain Bonus Coins

You will find insects, flies, rats and bedding material scattered across the street. Tap to get rid of them and earn coins as rewards. Drag your feel over the screen to find litter and insects .

Don’t Ignore Extra Rewards

When you tap the jump package lying outside the street, you will obtain a unblock item. Hold on ! Before tapping the “ Place ” clitoris, pay attention to the purple “ Extra Reward ” button. press that button, watch an ad and obtain an extra furniture item .
Tap extra reward button Obtaining an extra token besides lets you earn supernumerary center tokens .

Hit the “Ad Van”

Tap on the ad van whenever it drives by your house to obtain dislodge coins. You will have to watch a 30-second mention to claim your rewards .
Tap the van to earn bonus coins

Get Free Clothes and Accessories from Zac and Mindy

Mindy and Zac will appear at least once a day to offer clothes and accessories. Just water faucet on Zac/Mindy to purchase a random invest item .
Zac sells clothes In the dress screen, there will be two purchase options and a free choice. Make certain you obtain the free clothing/accessory by watching an ad .
Get a free random clothing

Sell Unwanted and Old Furniture Items

Noticed a small truck parked adjacent to the lamppost ? Tap the truck and a person named Kevin will ask if there ’ s anything you would want to sell it to him .
Small truck next to the lamppost If you have lots of undesirable furniture, you can sell it to him at attractive prices .
Before selling an detail, make sure you have stored it in the storage corner :
1. Tap on the room where you have placed that undesirable detail .
2. following, tap on the edit room release fair above the Amazing shopping release on the lower-right corner of the sieve .
3. Tap on the detail that you want to sell and then tap on the storage box icon to store that detail. Press the OK button .
4. Locate the small truck future to the lamppost and tap on it .
5. Kevin will ask if there ’ s any undesirable item in your house. Just tap the screen to proceed. Press the “ Check my Stuff Out ” push button and tap the screen again .
6. Under the furniture section on the impart english of the riddle, tap the detail you recently stored in the box. Press the “ Sell ” button ! That ’ s it, you have sold the detail to earn some extra coins .
Putting old unwanted items to the truck Tip: You can put multiple items in the truck before pressing the sell push button .

Know Your Daily Rewards

Tap the current in-game upwind display on the upper-left corner of the sieve, below the digital clock to open the 7-day upwind calculate foliate .
Daily reward
This page shows all rewards you will be receiving when you login each day for the future seven days .
These rewards are – dogllars, random clothing/furniture item and coins .


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