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Bitcoin vs. Altcoin: How Do You Evaluate A Cryptocurrency’s Value in 5 Easy Steps | Binance Blog

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin has always been the world ’ s circus tent cryptocurrency, but thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, have been created, all compete or claim to be the adjacent big thing .
  • Evaluating a crypto asset ’ s operation should go beyond its holocene price motion .
  • Assessing each altcoin ’ s short- and long-run value can be daunting, as there is a bunch of research to be done, but there are a few key factors to make your evaluation more sound.
  • In this article, we ’ ll provide you with a five-step action that may help you evaluate value as you look into newfangled altcoins to get into .

Since Bitcoin was created in 2010 and exploded in popularity in late years, it has been the established market drawing card in the cryptocurrency industry, with grocery store dominance reaching equally high as 80 % at respective points in the past decade. Although BTC has been synonymous with the crypto diligence, this is slowly changing with several blockchain-related innovations emerging from crypto projects outside of the bellwether crypto asset. In just one year after Bitcoin ’ sulfur creation, numerous alternative cryptocurrencies, besides known as altcoins, have been created. Inspired by Bitcoin ’ s blockchain engineering, these altcoins typically introduced blockchain use cases that were different from the original Bitcoin iteration. Some of these altcoins can even be considered as direct descendants of Bitcoin, at least in terms of them being created as a spinoff crypto asset after a major update in the Bitcoin blockchain. In the early 2010s there were merely a handful of altcoins, however, since Ethereum ‘s debut in 2015 and subsequent growth in popularity in 2017, the number of available altcoins on the market has importantly increased. Ethereum ’ s chic contract technology made it easier than ever for projects to create their own cryptocurrencies, leading to the formation of several startups that are still major players to this day. While Bitcoin continues to maintain a goodly, yet lento dwindling, leash, the overall crypto market has matured to a point where you can now assess the prize of each altcoin beyond comparing it to Bitcoin .

Bitcoin vs Altcoin

At first glance, it ’ south slowly to assume that Bitcoin ’ sulfur market dominance makes it the exclusive worthwhile crypto to invest in. With its decade-long path record, the ongoing fiscal rotation it ushered in, and the increasing determine it has exerted towards even the most traditional of fiscal institutions, Bitcoin is on path to remain the market leader for years to come, barring any extraordinary events. Read more : What crypto should I buy besides Bitcoin ? however, the boom of the overall crypto market has made quad for noteworthy altcoins to make their character as major players. While Bitcoin has the attention of even the most basic of crypto traders and owners, altcoins have the luxury to grow their reach and influence. This has led to many instances where several altcoins exhibited emergence that surpassed Bitcoin ’ s. therefore far this year, out of the exceed 100 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, entirely 10 cryptocurrencies performed worse than Bitcoin, including 15 of the acme 20 crypto assets. ( We ’ ve excluded the seven stablecoins in the top 100 from consideration. ) however, each altcoin comes with its own located of strengths and weaknesses, raising questions about its long-run viability. many altcoins, particularly those created in the crypto market ’ randomness thunder periods, started out strong but have since crashed due to one component or another. A few of these have been labelled as instantaneously passing scams, deceiving those who don ’ thyroxine practice proper due diligence on their investments. In this article, we ’ ve prepared a detail guidebook to help you separate the worthwhile tokens from the rest .

Five Factors to Look At When Assessing an Altcoin

While no single method stands out in terms of adequately evaluating crypto assets, there are a handful of all-important factors that can reveal a batch about an asset ’ south value and trajectory. Under each factor, we besides provide a few key questions that you can use to assess an altcoin ’ sulfur merits .

1. Function

Altcoins are typically created with a specific jell of use cases that aim to solve a trouble in any given diligence through a blockchain solution. An altcoin that has no clear-cut function will probable have no future as a store of value. The trouble with some altcoins that were initially hyped but ultimately flamed out is that they end up being solutions to a problem that doesn ’ t exist. other altcoins say they want to become bigger than Bitcoin, which credibly should already be a red flag for potential investors. here are a copulate of questions to guide your research : : – Does this altcoin do anything substantial other than replicate an existing mint ? – Is thealtcoin ’ second purpose both utilitarian and attainable in the near future ?

2. Developers and Support

In the lapp manner that you assess a company ’ s measure on the force of what its team has done to generate business, you should besides keep a close eye on the team that operates the crypto project behind the altcoin you ’ re research. You can start by checking the team ’ sulfur developers and their traverse records. Beyond the resumes, you should besides be able to see how much work they ; ve put into the project, if their efforts have led to plus results and if they ‘re working heavily to inform the public about the progress they ’ ve made. Ask yourself the trace questions : – Are the developers adequate to and reputable ? – Does the team actively oeuvre on noteworthy updates for the crypto stick out ? – dress they strive to improve their product and regularly preserve in allude with investors ? Keep in beware, this gene may matter more for raw altcoins that have so far to make an impact in the industry. But if an altcoin has been around for quite a while, the adjacent component will probably be more significant .

3. History and Reputation

sometimes, a crypto project and its associated altcoin may have team members with reputable CVs. however, that ’ s not a guarantee that this particular altcoin will be successful. sometimes, there are events in an altcoin ’ sulfur history that end up affecting the positive assessments you already have about that crypto asset. Beware of the loss flags that may come up as you answer the following questions : – Have there been any scandals in the mint ’ second history ?

– Have any security breaches been exposed ? – How long has the altcoin been on the market, and how much has its respect increased since then ?

4. Volume

Unless you ’ re the character of investor who is brave enough to venture into extremely new projects and can tolerate high hazard investments, you should besides look into the altcoin ’ s receptive market operation .. In addition to researching the monetary value history, you can check the altcoin ’ sulfur market health through its trade volume. Simply put, when more people trade higher amounts of an altcoin in the commercialize, that altcoin is in beneficial shape. It ’ south even better if people find actual use in that altcoin. There are two significant questions under this gene : – How many people are presently using the altcoin ? – Is the altcoin available on any of the major exchanges ?

5. Accessibility

If, by this point, you like what you see in the altcoin you ’ ra research, you should credibly check how easy it is to acquire the asset. After all, a bright altcoin that ’ s unmanageable to access is probable more of an inconvenience than a proper asset. Altcoins that are easy to acquire are more accessible to the populace and more probable to scale to bigger markets. Check the trace : – How would you purchase the altcoin ? – volition you be able to buy that altcoin via credit tease, bank transportation, or P2P ? If the answers to the above questions are unsatisfactory, then you may be better off sticking to your current plan in the interim until you see an altcoin worth your investment .


When evaluating an altcoin ’ s long-run value, you can add a few more factors to check, depending on what ’ s valuable to you. You can besides take cues from factors that are considered by some of the most established companies in the crypto space. In many cases, altcoins are subject to a higher level of scrutiny. For example, Binance has its own system to determine which altcoins are worthy of being offered on the trade platform. When we conduct these reviews, we consider a variety show of factors for list or delisting a crypto asset, such as : – committedness of the team to the crypto project – flat and timbre of development bodily process – trade volume and liquidity – stability and guard of network from attacks – network / bright contract stability – level of public communication – responsiveness to periodic due application requests – attest of unethical/fraudulent conduct or negligence – contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem With that being said, we hope this article gives you a more precise process towards picking altcoins desirable for your portfolio and hazard appetite.

note : This article does not endorse any cryptocurrency or crypto project and should not be considered as instantaneously investment advice, but as a jump-off detail on your way to forming your own research and conclusions. Binance is not responsible for any solution that emerges from your freelancer trade activities. Read the come helpful articles for more information :

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