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Mining Honey Cryptocurrency – Honey Coin mining guide

Got your Honey pot Ready ? Great ! Use your computer ’ randomness power and startle mine some Honey coins today. This guide will help you in Mining Honey Cryptocurrency .

What is Honey?

Honey is a sugared, syrupy food kernel produced by bees, but that ’ s not what we are going to discuss about. This article is about Honey Currency. Honey ( HONEY ) is an afford source and decentralize Cryptocurrency that offers both private and diaphanous transaction types. Its payments are published on public blockchain however the senders details, transaction sum and the recipient role address remains private .
Currently Honey has very low market capitalization, however mining beloved and trade will be profitable. furthermore the main advantage of mining Honey is that there is no halving in block rewards. It is fixed and the proof of work block rewards is constantly 1 Honey. We suggest everyone get some Honey pots while its cheap. Okay, let ’ s see how to mine beloved coin .

Mining Honey Cryptocurrency – Quick Guide

It doesn ’ t actually matter whether you have a gambling personal computer or mining swindle. Considering the fact that there is no halving in block reward you can fair mine using your gaming personal computer and its very much profitable. Honey uses Blake2s algorithm which is ASIC immune so what are you waiting for ?

Things you’ll need to mine Honey

  1. GPU ( NVIDIA) (Gaming PC or Mining Rig). Unfortunately there is no Blake2s Miner for AMD GPUs.
  2. Honey Wallet.
  3. Blake2s Mining Program (CCMiner it is ).
  4. Pool to get started (Coffee Pool).

hera is the guide to setup Honey Wallet. We hope that you have your Honey pot ready. Let ’ s start woof in some Honey now. First you ’ ll be needing a miner broadcast. We ’ ll use CCMiner which is a consecrated miner for NVIDIA GPUs .
Go to CCminer GitHub page and download the latest CCMiner to your calculator. If your Windows is 64 Bit then download ccminer-x64-2.2.4-cuda9.7z. If your Windows is 32 Bit then download the ccminer-x86-2.2.4-9.7z. once done unzip the folder and put it in your background for comfortable access .
Your wallet address and Miner program is ready. now to get started with mining Honey coins you ’ ll need to create a bat file in your CCminer folder .
This is an example of CCMiner command line code for Honey Mining:
ccminer-x64.exe -a blake2s -o stratum+tcp:// -u yourwalletaddress -p c=HONEY
All you need to do now is create a text text file in CCMiner booklet and glue the above code. then enter your wallet address in where it says yourwalletaddress. once done snap save as and choose save deoxyadenosine monophosphate type as all files and then save it as start-honey.bat. If you do not see save arsenic type as all files then go to folder options in your windows command panel > > snap on view yellow journalism and uncheck “ shroud extensions for known file types ” .
Note: The file which you saved should be as BAT charge and not as TXT file ( start-honey.bat and not start-honey.bat.txt ).

mining honey
That ’ s it ! Everything is ready. now outdoors start-honey.bat file in CCMiner and your GPU starts mining Honey coins. here in this tutorial we have used Coffee Pool so to track your mining status go to Coffee Pool and enter your wallet address. It will display your submitted hashish rate. Coffee Pool automatically pays your symmetry every 3 hours for balances above 0.001 Honey or 0.0001 honey on Sunday .
NVIDIA Hashrates (Blake2s)
GTX 970 – 2.49 GH, GTX 1060 6GB – 2.02 GH, GTX 1080TI – 3.81 GH, GTX1070 – 3.5 GH. Hashrate taken from pools benchmark results .

Honey in Exchanges

alternatively you can besides buy some honey coins through substitution for BTC, ETH and LTC. Honey is current listed in .
Coin Exchange – Honey/BTC
CoinExchange – Honey/ETH

CoinExchange – Honey/LTC
CoinExchange – Honey/DOGE
promise this agile guide helped you with mining Honey coins. If you know a pool better than Coffee pool or if you would like to share some tips about mining Honey then please do comment. We ’ five hundred truly appreciate that .

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