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Button Battery Repair | How to Repair Parts & Components

many small gadgets are powered by miniature batteries, frequently called button batteries. Lucky for us, they are easy to check and replace. This Fix-It Guide on release battery animate tells how a button battery works, what frequently goes wrong, how to identify a button battery problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. It then gives simple bit-by-bit instructions for how to test a button battery .

How Does a Button Battery Work?

A battery stores and delivers electric current. All batteries contain two electrodes and an electrolyte, which produces the chemical reaction with the electrodes resulting in a current. In “ dry ” batteries, the electrolyte is a glue of powdered chemicals. A battery ’ randomness voltage depends on the metals that are used in its electrodes and the number of cells .
 Button Battery Repair Button Battery Repair Button batteries typically produce 1.5 or 3.0 volts depending on the design ( see Fix-It Tip below ). One side of the barrage is marked with a [ + ], the positive side, and the other is the negative side. Button batteries are round, but come in assorted heights and widths .

What Can Go Wrong with a Button Battery?

Like other consumer batteries, they either work or they don ’ thymine. They aren ’ thymine rechargeable, so fixing one means replacing it. In addition, button batteries can corrode, losing their electrical connection. In extreme cases they can leak, damaging adjacent components.

circumspection !
When replacing a release barrage in a device, constantly replace it with the lapp size and type, indicated by the battery model phone number, typically etched on the clear side.

How Can I Identify a Button Battery Problem?

If the device stops doing what it is supposed to do or is no longer accurate, inspect the barrage for corrosion or escape. A discolor, corroded, or leaking battery should be discarded. You besides can test the battery to see if it has lost its office ( see below ) and replace it if it is defective. To test a button battery, make surely you use the lowest DCV ( conduct current volts ) scale on the multimeter because voltage is very low.

What Do I Need for Button Battery Repair?

 Button Battery Repair Button Battery Repair The lone contribution you ’ ll motivation to fix a button battery is another clitoris battery. Tools, however, depend on what the battery is installed in, because you have to gain access to it to visually and electrically check it. typical dismantling and test tools for smaller electrical devices are these :

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches
  • Emery cloth for cleaning
  • Multimeter

What Are the Steps to Button Battery Repair?

 Button Battery Repair Button Battery Repair

Test a button battery:

  1. Look on the battery to determine the battery voltage.
  2. Set the multimeter to the DCV scale.
  3. Touch the red multimeter probe to the battery’s [+] side and the black probe to the [-] side. If the reading is more than 10 percent below the rated output (2.7 volts for a 3V battery), the battery is bad and should be replaced.

Fix-It Tip
Check your early button battery-powered devices to determine if they use the lapp model, and purchase batteries in multiple packs to save money. Common button battery sizes include AG13/LR44/SR44/303/357 ( 1.5V ), CR2032 ( 3V ), and CR2450 ( 3V ) .

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