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Sell Gold and Silver for Cash | Sell to Us | Bullion Exchanges

What is the minimum amount Bullion Exchanges can buy?
When selling to us, our minimal purchase total is $ 1,000 per transaction. In keeping with this pledge, we encourage the submission of offers with a infrastructure sum of $ 7,500 ( USD ). Offers which do not meet the minimum will be discipline to a $ 25 processing fee. Bullion Exchanges is committed to providing you with a hassle-free selling experience with price guarantees and no hide fees. *Our displayed Buy Back prices are guaranteed for all transactions $ 7,500 and over. When selling goods under $ 7,500, you will receive a $ 25 processing fee .
How to lock in a price when I sell gold and silver?
Prices are locked in with your price quote and will require a 10 % credit card deposit. The 10 % authority will be released upon reception of your metals. If the products are not received within 5 business days you will be subject to forfeit the 10 % deposition as enforced in the Market Loss Policy. You will receive e-mail confirmation upon completion of your purchase ordering.

How much are my goods worth?
When you want to sell gold and flatware ( and more ), Bullion Exchanges will appraise your cute valuables and make you a clear and concise offer that reflects the current market value.

I want to sell Rhodium. Do you buy Rhodium?
bullion Exchanges would be happy to assist you with buying or selling rhodium. Some of our top items sold to us are rhodium products. Don ’ thymine be shy, address with us by telephone, e-mail, or in-person about selling rhodium nowadays.

How should I ship my products to Bullion Exchanges?
We highly recommend using USPS Priority Mail or Registered Mail, and to insure the box for its full measure, as stated in your lock-in data electronic mail, with touch upon manner of speaking, since Bullion Exchanges is not responsible for any incoming shipments .
Shipping Instructions :

  1. Print your purchase order confirmation, and attach a copy of your state-issued identification. This information must be included with your shipment along with a completed sales record form. Failure in providing this information will delay the payment for your goods until we receive the required documentation in full.
  2. When you are preparing your package for shipping, please verify both the shipping and return addresses.
  3. Wrap each product thoroughly and separately to prevent the contents from being damaged while in transit. We suggest using packaging materials such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, kraft paper, air pillows, foam, etc.
  4. The package should be taped well to ensure the contents remain undamaged while in transit. Reinforce the edges of the box, as couriers can be careless with the handling of packages. Please reinforce the shipping label with clear masking tape as well.
  5. Provide Bullion Exchanges with the tracking information for your package.
  6. Your package must be postmarked within two days of the sale confirmation.
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