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Empires and Puzzles Ultimate farming guide – Updated March 2020

Farming guide updated March 2020
Farming in Empires and Puzzles is always different for each individual. That is because everyone has different needs – you might prioritize recruits because you have many raw heroes that you are leveling, or you might prioritize certain craft materials because you have been using those items frequently for your titan attacks .
This guide aims to provide you with all the essential information for you to spend your worldly concern energy to get you whatever resources you require efficiently .
The key star for this guide is farming for gems and farming for rare & Epic ascension items

estimable luck and happy Farming – use the postpone of contents to cursorily navigate to whichever section you want to check out !

Best levels to Farm for Crafting items

  • Adenturer’s Kit S2: 1 (ALL)
  • Rugged Cloth S2: 4 (ALL)
  • Large Bone S1: 9-1
  • Leather Strips s1: 10(ALL)
  • Grimoire Dust S2: 10(ALL)
  • Midnight Roots S2: 12(ALL)
  • Hardwood Lumber S2: 19 (ALL)
  • Orichalcum Nugget S1: 5 (ALL)
  • Dragon Bone S2: 24 (ALL)

Farming for other Crafting items

refer to these charts

Season 1 Item farming

Farming for Crafting items - Season 1
stage : token

  1. Common herbs
  2. Large bone
  3. Leather strips
  4. Oil
  5. Clean Cloth
  6. Crude Iron
  7. String
  8. Common Herbs

stage : item

  1. Large Bone
  2. Leather Strips
  3. Crypt Mushroom
  4. Oil
  5. Clean cloth, Crystal Shard
  6. Crude Iron, Firestone
  7. Iron Ore, String
  8. Potent Leaves

stage : detail

  1. Nil
  2. Sunspire Feather
  3. Fine Steel
  4. Grimoire Dust
  5. Hardwood Lumber
  6. Midnight Roots
  7. Firestone, Grimoire Dust

Season 2 / Atlantis Item Farming

Farming for Crafting items - Season 2
degree : detail

  1. Clean Cloth
  2. Crystal Shard
  3. Iron Ore, Leather Strip
  4. Fine Steel
  5. Oil
  6. Large Bone, String
  7. Fine Steel
  8. Sunspire Feather

stagecoach : detail

  1. Common Herbs, Dragon Bone
  2. Grimoire Dust, String
  3. Iron Ore, Meteor Fragment
  4. Crude Iron, Midnight Root
  5. Fine Steel, Hardwood Lumber
  6. Orichalcum Nugget, Crypt Mushroom
  7. Potent Leaves, Firestone
  8. Orichalcum Nugget, Meteor Fragment

stage : item

  1. Oil, Grimoire Dust
  2. Crystal Shard, Orichalcum Nugget
  3. Potent Leaves, Hardwood Lumber
  4. Sunspire Feather, Dragon Bone
  5. Hardwood Lumber, Grimoire Dust
  6. Firestone, Meteor Fragment
  7. Crypt Mushroom, Midnight roots
  8. Midnight Roots, Dragon Bone

Best levels to farm: Recruits, exp, food & iron

  • Monster Chest S1: 7-4
  • Recruits S1: 6-8 S1: 8-7
  • Experience S1: 23-11
  • Food S2: 27 Hard (ALL)
  • Iron S1: 17-1
  • Feeder Heroes S1: Stages 1 to 8 & 9-1
  • Feeder Troops S1: Stages 3 to 8 & 9-1

Farming to complete Special Elemental Chest

Fire Chest Farming – Fire monsters

  • S2: 3-4 & 3-8 (39WE, ATLANTIS RISES ONLY)
  • S1: 4-1 (60WE)

Ice Chest Farming – Ice monsters

  • S1: 8-7 (42WE)

Nature Chest Farming – Nature monsters

  • S1: 6-3 (42WE)

Dark Chest Farming – Dark monsters

  • S1: 7-4 (36WE)
  • S1: 8-4 (42WE)

Holy Chest Farming – Holy monsters

  • S1: 10-6 (56WE)

Farming for Rare & EPIC ascension items

The thing about farming for these Rare and Epic Ascension materials that you are always short on is that it can not be obtained from any of the wor
Oftentimes the limitation on being able to improve your team is the scarcity of high level ascension materials ( besides known as the ‘ Mat Wall ’ ). The rare & Epic ascension materials required for ascension are alone gettable via :
broadly talk, there are merely three ways about this – Farm more, Spend more, or Choose to ascend heroes wisely. ( You can read these guides on the best heroes in empires and puzzles, or look at all the heroes in empires and puzzles and how it ranks in certain aspects of the game )

Tips on Farming titans

first, we need to start off with understanding how colossus loots are calculated .
TLDR ; Below is the number of chances you get for “ Ascension items ” at each tier level .
Loot Tier 14-16 : 4 ( as of v21 )
Loot Tier 9 to 13 : 3
Loot Tier 2 to 8 : 2
Loot Tier 1 : 1
consequently, the crucial Loot Tiers are Tier 9 & Tier 14.
To get Tier 9, you need a B score on an 8 asterisk colossus. OR A score on 7 ace titan .
To get tier 14, you need an A score on a 12 star topology titan, or B sexual conquest on a 13 star titan .
now for the colossus score that you are targeting :

  • A+: position based, rank 1 on the damage scorecard
  • A: position based, ranks 2-5 on the damage scorecard
  • B: ranks 6+, player must do at least 3.3% of the Titan’s HP in damage

And now – read our comprehensive steer to how to maximize your titan wrong .

Farming Mission Chest

Your goal is to complete 4 chest everyday. 2 Monster Chest and 2 Hero Chest .

Farming monster chest

is identical easy, and will take you merely 15 minutes each chest of drawers .

  • Set up a farming team that can easily finish s1 : 7-4 on auto mode. Replay the stage for 6 to 7 times and you are done!
  • If you anticipate that you will face unfavourable timings to play Empires and Puzzles, spend 1 to 3 gems to “start next mission instantly” by tapping on the chest.

Farming hero chest

is a bit more complicate because it requires more clock time .

  • Only hero kills in tournament and raids count.
  • If a tournament run is active, try to win 6 raids with your raid flags, and use 2-3 tournament flags to complete the 40 hero kills.
  • Save the remaining 2-3 tournament flags to complete the second chest in the same day.
  • As the rewards for Hero chest is slightly better, it is okay to spend 4-6 gems each day to “start next mission instantly“.

consequently your target is ALWAYS 8 flags 8 wins .
There are a two ways to do this :

  1. Cup dropping – intentionally setting weak heroes in your defense team, so that you will always get weak opponents.
  2. Being good in raids – tips & tricks here

You besides do not need to worry about spending these gems excessively because each hero chest gives you an average of 5 gems per chest .
The most important fact is that by completing 4 deputation chests casual, it gives you a higher engender of limited Elemental Chest & gives you more chances for ascension items .

Gems required to “start next mission instantly”

  • <53min59s : 1 gem
  • <1hr 29min: 2 gem
  • <2hr 04min: 3 gem
  • <2hr 34min: 4 gems

As you can see, “ starting future mission immediately ” with 3 gems would allow you to generate 2 more Raid flags to complete Hero chest of drawers every 12hours .

Winning Alliance Wars

Winning alliance war is a complicate matter – and so it deserves a whole post on its own. Check out our guidebook to winning alliance wars here
Each war breast require 25 points to fill. Each gain is 5 points and each loss is 1 sharpen .
If you joined an alliance center through their War Chest, you will get a dilute boodle based on the sum numeral of wars you missed for that chest.

More Chest = More Loots .
Quickly, share with your club members and leaders our usher to winning confederation wars .

Winning Tournament Raids and Tournament Loots

Winning Tournament raids systematically is unmanageable for many new players – a diverse depth of flush heroes is required from the Rare, Epic and Legendary hero pool is the most authoritative factor in winning Tournament raids .
That being said, you do not need to get the crown 1 % to be able to get Epic Ascension Materials .
Your target is top 10 % .
To do well, read our guides on how you can win offensive raids and set up a good defense team for your tournament raids .

Hero pulls – Atlantis, Valhalla & Costume pulls

There ’ randomness plainly no short cut for these, you have to work hard to farm the coins, or spend money to buy gems .
Check out our guide to farming atlantis coins during atlantis rises here .

Farming Mystic Vision

mysterious Vision occurs every 8 hours. Simply collect them on the acid. Setting an alarm to do sol is the best
The odds of getting an Epic Ascension token in Mystic vision is gloomy – it is about 1 in a 50-80 mystic visions

Path of Valor

The inaugural path of Valor was started on the 3rd of February 2020 .
Check out the rewards hera. You may purchase the path of heroism pass after completing all 50 reward levels to collect all the rewards .

Rare Quest

The Six Rare Quests

Rare Quest Circular Order - Mariamne Rare Quest Rotation (by Mariamne)
The rotation of the six quests is :

Rare Quest Basics

A new rare pursuit comes around approximately once every two weeks and remains for precisely one day. Each one consists in five stages of increasingly more difficult enemies. The Team Power charge of these stages varies at approximately :

  1.   1400
  2.   1750
  3.   2250
  4.   2700
  5.   3250

Because of this, not everyone can complete the event, and it is necessity to employ adept tactics in club to do so. Enemy and party boss details are provided through the links above to each rare bay listed .

Ascension Materials from Challenge Events

rare ascension materials can be obtained from simply completing the challenge event at any rank for Rare, Epic and Legendary stages .
Epic Ascension Materials can be obtained from obtaining the follow ranks :

  • Rare: Top 1000 (1 Epic Ascension Material) Estimated required score 750,000
  • Epic: Top 500 (1 Epic Ascension Material). Estimated required score: 950,000
  • Legendary: Top 100 (2 Epic Ascension Material.) Estimated required score: 1,180,000

Read our dispatch lead on scoring for challenge event second .
That ’ s all the ways presently that you can farm Epic and Rare Ascension items there is .
good luck and glad farm !

Farming during Atlantis Rises

atlantis Rises is a monthly occurrence, each lasting 60 hours from Friday to Sunday. During Atlantis Rises, each atlantis stage has the World Energy cost reduced by 3 and every degree will have increased plunder .
During each stage, there is a luck for an Orichalcum Seadragon to spawn. Killing these seadragons and completing the stage will give you 2,5 or 10 Atlantis Coins per seadragon .
atlantis coins serves an important fuction for free 2 Play players as it allows you to do Atlantis hero pulls every 100 coin .

Orichalcum Seadragon – Atlantis Rises

From our research, it seems that the “ spawn rate ” of an Orichalcum Seadragon during atlantis rises is a little opportunity of it replacing a giant in the stage. consequently for the most effective farming of Atlantis coins during Atlantis Rises, you want to farm the stages that have the most monsters per World Energy .

Farming Atlantis Coins during Atlantis Rises

The surveil are the stages with the most monsters per World Energy .

  • S2: 4-3 N (5.83 per Energy)
  • S2: 3-1, 2,5 (5 per Energy)
  • S2: 5-3 (5.17 per energy)
  • S2: 7-1 (5.33 per energy)
  • S2: 8-5 (5.17 per Energy)
  • S2: 9-4 (5.17 per energy)

The profit of these early stages is that most players will be able to leave them to car run while they busy themselves with other tasks – studying, working, reading etc .

Atlantis Rises Hero Pulls 2020

Atlantis Rises Month Hotm 1 Hotm 2 Atlantis 1 Atlantis 2 Current HOTM
February 2020 Delilah Frida Mok-Arr Ariel Jean-Francois
March 2020 Aeron Anzogh Inari Ursena Telluria
April 2020 Alasie Margaret Tarlak Mitsuko Malosi
May 2020 Gravemaker Ranvir Kageburado Atomos Clarissa
June 2020 Gregorion Seshat Misandra Poseidon Rafaele
July 2020 Drake Fong Miki Mok-Arr Ariel
August 2020 Khiona Grazul Inari Ursena
September 2020 Aegir Kingston Tarlak Mitsuko
October 2020 Zimkitha Neith Kageburado Atomos
November 2020 Evelyn Grimble Misandra Poseidon
December 2020 Onatel Vela Mok-Arr Ariel

Farming to complete Atlantis Missions

World energy is counted based on non-Atlantis Rises period
R – stands for count of Recruits you will be estimated to get .

Farming for Free Gems

Gems are authoritative resource – entirely for the fact that they are substantive for you to do champion pulls to give you a probability to get the heroes that you want.

How to get free Gems in Empires and Puzzles?

  • Gem quest I & II – Spawn Rate is random
  • Mystic Vision
  • Mission Chest (Including Special Elemental Chest)
  • Path of Valor
  • Alliance war & War Chest
  • Titans and Titan Chest
  • Tournament Raids & loots

Most of these has already been covered under farming for Epic Ascension items. Check out that link for details on the above !

Farming for Emblems

An across-the-board steer has been written for farming for emblems over here !
That ’ s all for now folks ! if you have made it all the direction hera, thank you !

I would like to give credit to Barryz Farmz for collating all this datum and for making the first separate of this Farming Guide possible .

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