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2022 Royal Canadian Mint | Pysanka Silver Coin | Silver Gold Bull Denmark

For the past seven years, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued pysanka-themed collector coins, a spring custom that pays protection to ukrainian polish and art in Canada. Coloured pysanka coins for 2022 ! Strong, lasting and precious, familial bonds are the means by which traditions are passed down. This fine silver medal coin continues the tradition of celebrating life and the season of renewal through a gorgeous ukrainian Easter egg—a pysanka that conveys a blessing. On the coin ‘s overrule, the color motifs come in concert to form an unforgettable celebration of family, enduring beloved, and the endless possibilities that each new generation brings. One of the most sought coins each class ! Don ’ metric ton miss this opportunity in 2022—order your pysanka coin today !


  • AN ANNUAL CELEBRATION! The Royal Canadian Mint’s annual Easter egg-shaped celebration of Ukrainian-Canadian culture is a collector favourite, and the tradition continues in 2022!
  • A SPRINGTIME BLESSING! Crafted in 1 oz. of 99.99% fine silver, this colourful pysanka coin features an assortment of centuries-old Ukrainian motifs that celebrate spring, family, life and love.
  • A BESTSELLER! All previous pysanka coins sold out quickly. Don’t miss your chance to own the 2022 edition—order yours today!
  • COLOUR AND SILVER! This intricately patterned pysanka coin combines colours and motifs that have symbolic significance. Its reverse design also makes use of the coin’s proof finish, weaving the mirror-like shine of 99.99% pure silver with dazzling colours.
  • A LIMITED-EDITION PIECE! Only 5,500 are available to collectors worldwide.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.

blueprint The pysanka coin ’ sulfur overrule is designed by canadian artist Dave Wasylyshen. The center band features the discussion “ CANADA ”, a denomination of “ 20 DOLLARS ” and the year, “ 2022 ”. The two main bands feature starburst and rose motifs symbolizing beauty, love, life and adept luck. The larger diamond and triangle shapes represent cognition and wisdom ; smaller triangles represent class, while the triangles with an inside sieve radiation pattern signify the division of effective and evil. Two outer bands contain a saw-like convention that symbolizes loyalty and the sunday ’ mho rays, while the waves represent water and wealth. By using four or more colours, this pysanka conveys a bless for a family ’ second prosperity : blue sky for the flip and good health ; red for passion and happiness ; yellow for youth and faint ; blank for purity and parturition ; and black for eternity and the darkest clock time before click. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS The artist : Dave Wasylyshen “ As an artist, the entirety of the design is meaningful to me as it represents important core values : life, family and love. My hope is that the overall appearance is seen as both beautiful as it is meaningful, and that the mint will become a care for and valued possession for years to come. ” – Dave Wasylyshen, Artist

The Product Manager : Alicia Cook Sapene “ I find the art of pysanky fascinating. From the selection of colours to the different motifs, each pysanka coin is a singular masterpiece, and I ’ m amazed by the elaborateness of the design ! ” – Alicia Cook Sapene, Product Manager The technical : Janet C. Prebushewsky Danyliuk “ The charming and mystic ukrainian Easter Egg, the Pysanka, is sincerely an picture onto its own. Steeped in tradition, folklore, and symbolism, it provides a gateway of hope, generosity, and love, as written by its godhead. The egg itself is a miracle in that it contains and gives life sentence. This is its mystery and its ability like no other object in the universe. The ukrainian Museum of Canada, in Saskatoon is honoured to be a share of this identical meaning and meaningful stick out recognizing a beautiful bequest shared from coevals to genesis, from person to person, and from one culture to another. ” – Janet C. Prebushewsky Danyliuk, Director and CEO, Ukrainian Museum of Canada DID YOU KNOW ? These 2022 fine silver pysanka feature a vibrant blend of colours that are normally seen on ukrainian Easter egg. But a blasphemous coloring material was historically unmanageable to produce—it was rarely seen before the advent of modern dyes, which opened up many more blueprint possibilities. You don ’ t paint a pysanka, you write one—the son “ pysanka ” comes from the verb pysaty, meaning “ to write. ” And you can have one pysanka, but if you ’ ve collected every all right flatware pysanka coin issued since 2016, you own six pysanky ( the plural shape of “ pysanka ” ) —soon to be seven with this 2022 version.

packaging The coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal canadian Mint-branded clamshell with a total darkness beauty box. order today !

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