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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: How Jotaro’s Gang Defeated Daniel J. D’Arby

In JoJo ‘s Bizarre Adventure, not all fights are won with fists or guns. Partway through Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro ‘s gang faced the victor gambler Daniel J. D’Arby in games of find .
Daniel was a Stand drug user, like most of DIO ‘s other minions, and his Stand ‘s name was Osiris. It had the power to steal the soul of anyone who lost to Daniel in a game of gamble, and each steal soul was stored in a poker chip. How could Jotaro ‘s crowd get the better of such a foe and get data from him ? Joseph, Polnareff and Jotaro each gave it their best shoot, and it soon fell to Jotaro to finish it .
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The Last Bet

Jotaro holding Poker Chips during his game against D'Arby Joseph was convinced that his cagey hands and mind could see him through Daniel D’Arby ‘s challenge, including in games of his own choose ( such as placing coins in a full glass of water to see who would spill the water system first ). The problem is that Daniel has extremely sharp eyes and is a overcome deceiver, meaning Joseph and Polnareff ended up having their capture souls placed in poker chips. It fell to Jotaro to free all of Daniel ‘s victims and get information on DIO from this crafty stand user, and the plot of cards began .
The stakes were terrifyingly high, and Daniel was ready to declare that his pass was unbeatable. however, Jotaro shocked him with a “ not so firm, ” and declared that he was going to raise. How ? He brought out some poker chips out of nowhere and declared that he was betting his mother ‘s soul equally well. After all, if Jotaro failed to assassinate DIO, Holly Joestar was doomed in any event. This massive raise could alone be matched if Daniel offered a huge prize : tell Jotaro howe DIO ‘s stand works. The trouble for Daniel is that DIO, being a pitiless and barbarous overlord, would surely kill him in retaliation for giving away The World ‘s secrets. Daniel saw an opponent who coolly bet it all, and somehow, even Daniel ‘s mighty poker pass seemed highly hazardous .
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Mind Games

It was now up to Daniel to call Jotaro ‘s bet and accept the current state of the toilet, but the disturb was saying “ call ” to make it official. normally, Daniel enjoyed supreme confidence while gambling, since he had such elect skill and indiscernible cheat on his side. thus, he can psyche out closely any opponent in gambling, but this time, his best weapon was turned against him. He was n’t prepared to face an adversary who played the game better than he did, and he struggled to say “ cry. ” All he could think about was the titanic risk of losing to Jotaro and telling him how The World worked, and in effect, he was betting his integral life ( surely, DIO would kill him for that betrayal ) .
The tension went through the roof, with everyone except Jotaro panicking about what would come following. Daniel ‘s anxiety and terror kept feeding on itself until it reached critical mass, and his beware snapped and his hair turned gray from the plain tension. He laughed like a maniac and collapsed, admitting get the better of in his heart. That met Osiris ‘ condition : that stand deems defeat based on a player “ admit kill ” in their own heart. unable to bring himself to say “ call, ” Daniel met those conditions, and therefore, Osiris mutely declared Jotaro the match ‘s achiever. All stolen souls broke loose from Daniel ‘s solicitation and returned to their host bodies, most notably Joseph ‘s and Polnareff ‘s .
Most traumatize was the intensity of each musician ‘s hand. Daniel indeed had a powerful pass, a King-based four of a kind, while Jotaro ‘s hand was quite weak. If Daniel had seen through the mind crippled, he would have crushed Jotaro, but it did n’t matter, because Jotaro had won the take care game before the catch got to the “ reveal your hand ” phase. Jotaro ‘s stubborn and cool force of emotional state, and incredible bluff, saw him through what seemed to be an impossible challenge. The only cost was Daniel ‘s inability to tell him anything about The World. After all, he had been reduced to a snivel wreck.

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