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World 3-Tower (New Super Mario Bros.)

World 3-A tower icon from the game, New Super Mario Bros.Tower is the Tower degree of World 3 in New Super Mario Bros. The Tower is reached after beating World 3-2, and beating this stage leads to World 3-3 .

layout [edit ]

Map of World 3-Tower.

This degree is a tower level that contains many fences and climbing Koopas. To begin this charge, Mario should jump into the in-between Pipe Cannon, which will blast him into the air. Mario needs to grab onto the lowest metal fence, and then go to the left. Mario should jump onto the following argue, avoid the climb Koopas, and leap to get the first Star Coin. then, using the Pipe Cannon again, Mario should grab the highest metallic element fence. Mario should flip the impudent panel by punching the center, and startle onto the adjacent floor of the loom. The second Star Coin is obtained by going to the far forget of the tower and jump onto the metal fence above. The player can then go two ways : the leave door, or the right door. The right door leads to the third base Star Coin, and the bequeath has another door that leads to coins, but both doors end up in the same identify. Past the double doors is Bowser Jr. . To defeat Bowser Jr., Mario must jump on him three times and avoid his peaky blast.

headliner Coins [edit ]

  • Star Coin 1 – Mario should grab the lower fence after being launched from the Pipe Cannon and make his way to the left. He should keep climbing upwards while avoiding climbing Koopas and the first Star Coin will be there.
  • Star Coin 2 – When Mario reaches the area with the Amp, he should flip the flip panel. Before going onwards, he should go around the Amps and back to the left. Mario should then hit the flip panel again and continue upwards. In the upper left corner, Mario can find the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3 – Mario should enter the door to the upper right and hit the red switch. He should travel up the fences and the last Star Coin is next to the exit.

Enemies [edit ]

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