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Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 27

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Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 #27

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Art by: Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata

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Art by: Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata

Art by: Ronnie del Carmen

Release Date

June 9, 2010

Cover Date

August, 2010

Issue Details


Joe Quesada

1. “Stark Resilient Part 3: This is What We Do”

Appearances · Synopsis


Matt Fraction


Salvador Larroca


Salvador Larroca


Frank D’Armata


Joe Caramagna


Alejandro Arbona

Appearing in ” Stark Resilient Part tam : This is What We Do “

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



Synopsis for ” Stark Resilient Part ba : This is What We Do “

Tony talks with Pepper, who wants her repulsor disc và her Rescue suit back. At first, Tony is reluctant, but Pepper states that she wants a mới nhất suit, just lượt thích Tony’s. Despite this, Tony replies that he doesn’t want Khủng chiến bại Pepper. Pepper says the he won’t đại bại her, & then she asks him if he remembers anything about his phút giây on the run. Although he denies this, Tony remembers the thời gian when he kissed Pepper. Tony tells Pepper that she is the hot nhất COO of Stark Resilient, so sánh she needs mập find a way béo prevent her giây phút in the field from compromising her obligations bự the company, then, they will talk. Pepper replies that she knew he would say that .Tony & Pepper meet with Bambi Arbogast, who wants lớn return béo Stark’s company. Tony tells her that Stark Resilient is still a young company và it cannot afford Khủng pay employees, but Argobast still insists in helping .Meanwhile, in Tokyo, a nhóm of mercenaries is attacking a subway station. However, Detroit Steel appears và stops them, while Justine và Sasha Hammer watch .Pepper is prepared for a surgery that will place an electromagnetic battery inside her so sánh that she can pilot the Rescue armor. Tony và Arbogast watch the surgery as they received an emergency Call from Tokyo. Tony then finds Rhodey, dressed in his War Machine armor. Rhodey tells him that maybe he should walk away while he still can. But Tony says that he doesn’t want mập walk away. They will go bự Tokyo, because that is what they bởi vì .General Babbage watches the happenings in Tokyo & calls Justine Hammer, who tells him that the Japanese government has signed on with them. General Babbage then calls the Secretary of Defense và tells him that they are getting into business with Hammer Industries .Iron Man và War Machine then fly bự Tokyo .

Solicit Synopsis

The Eisner-award winning Iron Man is back, riding high on the biggest movie of the summer ! But when an enhanced armor terror attack puts Tokyo và her citizens on the brink, it’s the invincible … Detroit Steel phệ the rescue ? Halfway around the world, Tony Stark has his hands đầy đủ when Pepper goes under the knife, & we welcome back a familiar face as Stark Resilient makes its first hot nhất hire. Meanwhile, the insidious Hammer girls keep making moves in the destructive game they’re playing. Will the mới nhất Stark survive the trip phệ the launch pad, let alone ever get off the ground ? Not looking great .


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