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primitively posted – Aug 26, 2014
For many self-service laundry owners, the coin-operated amusement industry may be an untapped business opportunity. Games and early arcade-style machines offer outstanding profit potential for store operators who are will to pursue that particular opportunity .
After all, billions of dollars in gross sales are amassed annually by amusement machines based in locations across the U.S. Can you and your laundry business afford not to be a region of this multi-billion dollar diligence ?

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“ These machines can enhance the patron experience, increase customer loyalty and, of course, create extra income, ” explained Chi Babich of Game Exchange of Colorado, based in Denver .
In fact, some laundry owners have reported that the percentage of gross they receive is higher on their arcade games than it is on their traditional beverage and nosh vending – reaching up to 60 percentage on the arcade games .
similar to the self-service laundry business, “ location, location, localization ” is the key. What ’ s more, when choosing your gaming mix, be certain to offer the appropriate entertainment options for your specific customer basis .
For example, at a family-oriented launderette, it might prove most profitable to feature equipment that can be played and enjoyed by all family members, while excluding any violent or shooting games. several laundry businesses have added to the value of their operations by including well-targeted entertainment games to complement their peddle options .
typically, the entertainment game operators will install and service the games and jukeboxes, vitamin a well as merchandise peddle equipment. Of course, your income will be commensurate with your memory traffic – and the profits by and large are evenly split between you and the game company .
however, there is nothing for you to fix – all you need to supply are the floor space and the electricity to run the games. In addition, your amusement crippled supplier knows precisely what machines are presently popular and what games are seeing the most carry through – and they will want to get those games into locations where they ’ re going to produce .

Today’s Trends

The amusement and arcade bet on industry has continued to respond to the shifts in the economy and changes within the sociable environment by becoming more efficient in utilizing the latest engineering .
For case, the placement of products that use the internet to manage message and that offer “ tournament play ” has increased in late years. In summation to plot network, what else is hot in the bet on diligence ?
There are a numeral of trends shaping the amusement diligence these days, according to Jack Kelleher of the Amusement & Music Operators Association .
“ One swerve is an addition in ‘ redemption-style ’ equipment and games, ” he noted. “ In certain states, there are opportunities in adult redemption, where players can earn points or tickets that can be redeemed for merchandise prizes on-site .
“ A second major course is the rebirth in jukebox play. These days, the digital boxes – with access to hundreds of thousands of songs – are increasingly driven by patrons using mobile apps on their smartphones. ”
A third swerve Kelleher mentioned, although not likely something most self-service laundry owners would consider for their operations, is the continue expansion of legalize bet on .
“ State treasuries are desperately searching for modern sources of gross, ” he explained. “ And, in some states, operator-run video gambling has arrived and is having an impact on the amusements industry. ”
“ Cranes games and clamant respect redemption games are the best-earning machines for laundry facilities, ” Babich added. “ many operators are placing a crane game with plush, a winner-every-time egg ejection seat game and a Side Box between them. The Side Box is an addition for cranes, merchandisers and tied bulk vending machines, which allow operators to vend keys that open a compartment. A strictly mechanical device, the Side Box can stock product sizes not supported by standard games and venders ; keys that unlock a box license redemption for high-end electronics, plush, sports equipment and ticket bundles. It adds a pot type of bonus to these games and greatly increases the tax income. The choice lockers are typically filled with prizes valued between $ 10 and $ 30 each. ”
Babich continued that anything interactional that has a relatively humble footprint is popular .
“ Pinball machines and driving games credibly lead the carry, ” he said. “ And the classics constantly seem to do well, angstrom long as they are in good working order. ”
Babich admitted that the huge improvement in home bet on equipment and even the proliferation of smartphones has impacted his diligence .
“ You don ’ thymine see deoxyadenosine monophosphate much in the line of traditional video games any more, since people can play a fortune of those for free right on their devices, ” he said. “ Most games that work the best suffice not play well on a touch screen or they are more synergistic – like driving games, pinball machines, dance games, shooters and Skee-Ball, although some of those games have excessively large of a footprint for many laundry locations. ”
Looking to the future, Babich thinks the future swerve will be games that offer more of a social experience .
“ Social interaction and competition are a natural combination, ” he explained. “ It will be playfulness to see what manufacturers can come up with in the following few years. ”
To sum up, here ’ s a brief overview of the main amusement options today ’ mho laundry owners have available to them :
• Redemption trophy games, such as cranes, are very popular in self-service laundry locations. They ’ rhenium simple to maintain and easy to play – and, because the player can receive a choice for dally, there is the perception of total value.

• Video games, particularly golf games, have displayed fantastic staying power and have become reasonably of a pop culture phenomenon – specifically the tournament-style games discussed .
• Any of the touch-screen countertop games, which feature a slick physical design and expanding content options, presently introduce one of the greatest opportunities in terms of customer and placement bases .
• Pool and billiard tables besides continue to grow in popularity year after year, affording a great, cheap medium for entertainment purposes. Of course, space limitations might be an issue with this option .
• Complementing these trends in the coin-operated game sector are the jukebox and the pinball machine, which are the foundation on which the industry was built. With home engineering like Xbox and PlayStation, the arcade video recording games take slightly of a backseat, because the graphics and technology are equitable so enormous at home on your own television receiver. therefore, things like pinball become more popular – things that not a lot of people have at home .
• Children ’ sulfur rides, like to pinball machines, besides have a retro appeal to today ’ s laundry customers. a much as they are vending machines and you can count the quarters once a week, they besides are marketing tools. It ’ s a means to differentiate your occupation from the laundry down the street .

Best Practices

clearly, to maximize your success, it ’ south important to keep your mix of games updated .
“ many operators make the mistake of putting in just any previous games they have in the warehouse, ” Babich said. “ These games will not earn very well, since many of your customers can play similar games on their smartphones. ”
besides, “ winners make players ” when it comes to your redemption games, Babich added .
“ It ’ s significant to make certain you are giving away prizes, ” he noted. “ When others see person win, they know that they besides can win. In fact, it ’ sulfur best to pay out 30 percentage to 35 percentage of the gross generated in prizes. ”
For exemplify, if the stuffed toys in your crane plot price 50 cents each and the game vends for 75 cents, you can pay out stuff toys on a rather regular basis and still turn a decent profit. Plus, the winners will provide great public relations for your game and your overall occupation – let your customers ’ kids do the advertise for you .
A park mistake many laundry owners make is positioning their arcade games toward the back of the store. Putting the games up front is a great room to get people into your launderette. Again, it ’ s an effective ad .
Another pitfall to avoid, like to your washers and dryers, is dirty or out-of-service equipment. You want to do some basic cleanse at least every night when you do the lie of your machines. You don ’ thyroxine want them to be sticky from kids ’ fingers .
besides, be sure you ’ ve got enough of board, so that your arcade games won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate intervene with people who are washing their clothes .
“ Keep your machines clean and in estimable running decree, ” Babich advised. “ Keep them in a plaza that is visible to the whole shop – machines tucked away won ’ thyroxine get played as a lot and tend to get abused more much. And, last, rotate your non-redemption games with other ones at least twice a year so that they stay fresh ; since many of your customers are in your store on a regular basis, it is significant to keep them compelled to keep playing the machines every clock they visit. ”
Above all, keep it childlike. Remember that you ’ re not an arcade operator, you ’ re a laundry owner .
As you can see, coin-operated arcade games and early amusement machines can offer a alone opportunity for laundry owners – with a wide assortment of products, thus guaranteeing suitable options for about any self-service laundry localization .
however, many operators within the laundry industry have so far to in full embrace this accessory income recess market. consequently, the potential for growth in this industry is solid .
A good room to touch nucleotide and begin networking with those in the entertainment industry is to contact either the Amusement & Music Operators Association ( 800/937-2662 ; ) to find a professional amusement operator in your area, or to reach out to an industry state association to informant one .
“ not all states have diligence associations, ” Kelleher admitted. “ however, an alternate would be to contact other locations in your area – truck stops, bars, syndicate entertainment centers, bowling alleys, etc. – to find out the name of their amusement company. These amusement operators can set up a laundry business with the right equipment and take care of any service issues. ”
In summation, the amusement industry ’ s barter show is a great resource for learning about the business and finding operators .
“ For those interested in learning first-hand about the trends in the coin-op games sphere, the Amusement Expo is the ‘ one-stop workshop ’ for the commercial amusement and games diligence, ” Kelleher said.

The following Amusement Expo will be held March 24-26, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This annual event for the coin-operated and revenue-generating amusement, music and syndicate entertainment diligence features a three-day program – one day of education and two days of exhibits .
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