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What Is Integrated Marketing? | Mailchimp


Not all integrated dịch vụ seo tổng thể website
campaigns are fruitful. Even highly successful companies sometimes run campaigns that miss the mark. Here are a few examples of integrated marketing campaigns that have backfired in recent years — và what you can learn from their mistakes .

Walkers’ 2017 selfie campaign

Walkers is a British snack maker whose potato chips are popular throughout the UK. In 2017, Walkers created a mạng xã hội truyền thông chiến dịch called the Walkers Wave. The company asked consumers béo post selfies, using the hashtag # walkerswave, as part of a competition. The winner would get tickets béo the final match of the UEFA Champions League, a popular đá bóng competition in the UK.
It seemed lượt thích a great idea. But after consumers realized that Walker’s wasn’t monitoring the entries, many people sent in giả entries — all using the # walkerswave hashtag. The chiến dịch quickly became derailed from its original intent .

Walkers canceled the chiến dịch và issued a public apology. The takeaway is that while mạng xã hội truyền thông engagement is important phệ pursue, you also need béo closely màn hình what’s happening at all stages of your campaigns .
Even the United States Department of Education has béo market itself. Unfortunately, in 2018, the Department of Education’s Twitter feed got a lot of attention for posting a couple of misspelled tweets .
First, the Department of Education tweeted an inspirational quote from the civil rights nhân vật W.E.B Dubois. The tweet contained a misspelled thế giới .
Later, the department tweeted an apology — but misspelled the thế giới ” apology. ”
When you’re marketing yourself, the details matter. Always make sure béo kiểm tra & double kiểm tra everything you produce. Don’t be afraid mập ask a friend or colleague béo proof your nội dung .

U2 and Apple’s mandatory download

Apple has had lots of success combining công nghệ và âm thanh. But in năm trước, the company automatically downloaded U2 ’ s latest bức ảnh, Songs of Innocence, into their users ’ libraries. Apple users were irritated, và the whole episode shook people’s faith in the company .
Thanks béo mạng xã hội truyền thông, news of the forced tải về spread quickly. The incident came Khủng be seen as a rare marketing mistake for the company .

Apple’s misstep serves as an important reminder Khủng keep potential customers ’ freedom of choice in mind. There’s a fine line between personalized marketing & what consumers see as companies imposing their products. Soliciting outside opinions is a great option Khủng make sure you’re not crossing a line or forcing anything onto your audience .

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