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Mesothelioma Support Groups | Benefits & Available Resources

Mesothelioma-Specific Support Groups

Patients can receive focus support in-person or from family by joining an on-line defend group. Patients can connect with members of the mesothelioma community who understand the disease. There are besides mesothelioma digest groups available for family members, survivors and caregivers .
Some mesothelioma confirm groups include :
Brigham and Women’s Mesothelioma Orientation Group
Brigham and Women ’ s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, offers an orientation documentation group for patients recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. Patients receive information from doctors, researchers, social workers and chaplains.

Brigham and Women’s Mesothelioma Support Group for Family Members
Brigham and Women ’ s Hospital besides provides a support group for family members of mesothelioma patients. Members discuss health professional issues and how to maintain emotional wellbeing with social workers and chaplains .
Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s support groups
The Meso Foundation has several Facebook support groups for patients, families, caregivers and those who have lost a sleep together one. The Meso Foundation is a nonprofit made up of mesothelioma patients, advocates, doctors and researchers .
Mesothelioma patients and loved ones should ask their doctors about support groups in their sphere. many cancer centers have support groups on-site and doctors can recommend options to patients and family members .

Support Groups for the Larger Cancer Community

There are many support groups available to all members of the cancer community. Cancer support groups offer a place for all cancer patients, their loved ones and caregivers to connect and partake their experiences .
Support organizations for the cancer community include :
Cancer Support Community
The Cancer Support Community offers access to live old world chat groups and discussion boards. Patients and syndicate members can besides call into the Cancer Support Helpline. Helpline operators connect callers to a variety show of hold services, such as housing resources, documentation groups and more. Patients can besides create a individualized vane page to partake updates with family and friends .
Cancer Survivors Network (CSN)
The CSN is an on-line community for cancer patients and families. It allows members of the cancer community to connect with others through discussion boards and new world chat rooms. Patients can besides create a personalized web log to update family and friends .
CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization arrangement that allows patients to create loose personalized web pages. Patients can use these pages to keep family and friends updated on their health journey. Patients and their love ones can besides find resources and read stories from early users .
Daily Strength
daily Strength provides a network of on-line discussion boards where users can help early patients cope with their diagnosis. discussion boards cover a variety show of topics, including mesothelioma and other cancers, mental health and other personal challenges .
I Had Cancer
I Had Cancer is an on-line cancer accompaniment community created to empower cancer survivors, patients and caregivers. The web site offers discussion boards and blogs where individuals can connect and plowshare stories .
Inspire is an on-line social network for patients and caregivers to connect with those going through a similar diagnosis. On the app, patients and sleep together ones can share personal stories, experiences with treatment and other aspects of their health journey.

Share The Care
share The Care is an organization providing support and resources to caregivers. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and genial health of individuals caring for a loved matchless with an illness .
WhatNext (Cancer Support Network)
WhatNext helps cancer patients and caregivers find information about their diagnosis and treatment. Patients can besides contact others who are fighting against cancer .

04. Finding a Support Group

How to Find the Right Support Group for You

When searching for a support group to join, individuals should consider the type of support they need. Some people may prefer to meet in-person, while others prefer to partake experiences online. Depending on an individual ’ s situation, there are multiple options available for patients, survivors and caregivers .
When choosing a support group, a person may consider :

  • The mission statement of the support group
  • What time the group meets
  • If the group meets in person, over the phone or online
  • The format of the group’s meetings
  • Who leads the group (a patient, survivor, medical professional, etc.)

Researching support groups online can be a good way for individuals to find options. Mesothelioma patients, survivors and others may besides seek recommendations from their doctor or wish team. It ’ second important for individuals to connect with a support group that is well suited for their alone needs .

Support Groups in Your Area

in-person meetings are the most traditional form of cancer corroborate groups. These types of support groups allow patients to express themselves and connect with others face-to-face .
Patients being treated in a cancer center should ask their doctor or social actor if there are support groups at the treatment adeptness or nearby. other places, such as libraries, community centers and faith centers, may besides offer meetings for individuals affected by cancer .

Online Support Groups

An on-line back group is a useful choice for patients and loved ones with time constraints and health restrictions. Doctor ’ sulfur appointments and busy treatment schedules can make it unmanageable for patients to find time for another scheduled meet .
By participating in an on-line support group, patients can communicate through discussion boards and social media at any prison term. They can besides connect with sympathetic individuals across the state from the comfort of their homes .

Telephone Support Groups

Patients may besides be able to find telephonic support options. Some cancer centers and organizations offer support groups via schedule league calls. These can be a good option for patients who can not find a local support group or can not travel for in-person sessions.

05. Community Events

Annual Events for More Support in the Mesothelioma Community

Along with regular support group meetings, members of the mesothelioma community can attend events and participate in awareness days throughout the year. These events allow individuals to meet and learn about advancements in mesothelioma concern .
Mesothelioma Awareness Day
Mesothelioma Awareness Day is recognized per annum on September 26th. The day is an opportunity for people to share their mesothelioma stories and scatter awareness for the disease .
Global Asbestos Awareness Week
Global Asbestos Awareness Week was created to educate people about the dangers of asbestos exposure. The goal of Asbestos Awareness Week is to decrease instances of asbestos exposure and advocate for a ball-shaped asbestos ban. The week is recognized per annum in the inaugural wax workweek of April .
International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma

Every year, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation holds the International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma. The league brings together survivors, patients, doctors and scientists to discuss advances in discussion and mesothelioma research .
Annual International Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Conference
The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization ( ADAO ) holds an annual conference for all members of the mesothelioma community to share data and their experiences. Since 2005, the conference has hosted experts from more than 20 countries to advocate and spread awareness about mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases .

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