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Good Books That Were Actually Based on Movies, Ranked

Typically, many truyền thông consumers have been introduced Khủng Daphne From Bridgerton
s from their literary source material & vice versa. However, it would probably shock plenty of film fanatics béo learn that some of their favorite movies have been the source of inspiration for written spin-offs, prequels, và one-shots. Largely due Khủng the success of these films, they received book adaptations .Thes e literary iterations did not merely serve as a written size of the film. Some included the backstories of different characters ; others were lengthened or shortened depending on the author’s intention ; some are glorified fan-fiction ; some are surprisingly deep và excellently complement the films they’re based on. However, all the novelizations listed below ( many of which are book series with multiple entries ) suggest that their corresponding films were influential enough lớn conquer a whole hot nhất terrain. Thes e adaptations also highlight the long-existing connection between film & literature, two of many subsets of the humanities, & may even get people Khủng cross kết thúc from movies bự books more often .

The celebrated Christmas classic starring Macaulay Culkin has cemented itself as one of the most enjoyable and thus cherished films. Home Alone‘s overarching themes allow it to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve, snuggled under warm blankets, or on a random day when one may need a sentimental story to cheer up.

The film follows Kevin McCallister, a clever but obnoxious & often ridiculed boy who feels lượt thích a speck in a large cluster of family members. The McCallister family is preparing for a Christmas vacation mập the đô thị of lights itself. Due phệ the rising tensions và the hectic planning schedule, Mrs. và Mr. McCallister are understandably frazzled once they realized that they forgot Kevin at trang chủ .Kevin initially enjoys the isolation, living out some of his many fantasies. However, the fun comes Khủng an abrupt halt once Kevin’s home page is the target of an attempted robbery. The comical yet sinister duo ( Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern ) try Khủng burglarize the McCallister household, và yet they fail bự realize just how cunning of an opponent the young Kevin is .The film has gone on béo become a monumental success, & as a means of capitalizing off of the success, Scholastics published several books based on the films. The books ‘ releases even coincided with the film’s releases. The equally loved sequel & the less appreciated later iterations also received book releases, with perhaps the most charming being trang chủ Alone : The Classic Illustrated Storybook, which uses beautiful illustrations và well-paced storytelling phệ emulate the film ; it deserves mập be a childhood bedtime story classic. The several books related bự the film only speak mập just how influential Home Alone is, promising great laughs và sentimental scenes Khủng their vast audiences .

It should come as no surprise that the beloved science fiction trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd has its literary counterpart. Back to the Future follows 17-year-old Marty McFly, a teenager living in a rather somber world. His mother struggles with depression, his father is the victim of workplace bullying, and his older siblings are deemed failures. McFly’s world changes forever once he comes across Emmett “Doc” Brown, the peculiar genius. The two friends embark on an exciting adventure through time to alter Marty’s present-day life, preventing life-altering disasters in the process.

Released in 1985, the film was released through Universal Pictures with astounding success. The film’s resounding critical acclaim và box office success is a testament lớn just how appreciated & influential the franchise is. Alongside a good giảm giá of merchandise available bự the public, the films have been adapted into books for its very large người yêu thích base. Not only were the films made into books, but a book about the production of the film was published as well. Even a crossover between Back Khủng the Future và Transformers was released as a graphic novel .Throughout several decades, the franchise has been able bự capitalize on its audience’s loyalty. In developing và sharing themes about family relationships, the anxiety of millions of Americans in the 80 s, & fate itself, Back lớn the Future undeniably remains cemented in the minds & hearts of millions .

It is only fair that the James McTeigue-directed classic finds itself among the list of films that have a book adaptation. Of course, the film was based on a graphic novel, but the book which was based on the film itself is a surprisingly good novelization that’s highly worth a read The dystopian film has been memorialized due to the direct condemnation of fascism, appealing to the revolutionary spirit that resides within a vast number of viewers. The protagonist of V for Vendetta concludes with the now iconic line, “He was all of us.”

The film takes place in an alternate history where Britain becomes overrun by fascists. Evey Hammond, portrayed by Natalie Portman, works for the state-sanctioned ” British Television Network “, one of the government’s many tools bự advance their ideology. Homophobia, xenophobia, và other forms of bigotry are deemed law và everyone seems béo fall in line. That is until an anonymous vigilante by the name of ” V ” ( Hugo Weaving ) rises from the darkness và seemingly galvanizes an impressive amount of loyal supporters through various tactics .Related : Thes e Are the Best Revolutions Depicted on FilmThe movie was a bona fide success on all fronts. The film leads the box office in the opening weeks, dominating DVD sales, & merchandise sales alike. Among other successes, V for Vendetta was adapted into another graphic novel. As mentioned, the film was inspired by the 1988 DC Vertigo comic of the same name, but it was re-released on hardback béo coincide with the film’s release. Furthermore, the 2006 novelization by Steve Moore drew heavily from the Wachowski sisters ‘ script rather than the graphic novel ( which is partly why Alan Moore agreed béo it, in addition lớn wanting béo help his friend ) .

The late Gary Winick directed and produced a plethora of films. Charlotte’s Web and Tadpole are some of his most celebrated works. However, he is well known for directing 13 Going on 30 starring Jennifer Garner. The film takes place in 1987 initially, following thirteen-year-old Jenna. Jenna is an outcast at school, commonly bullied and labeled as a nerd. Her best friend is Matty Flamhaff and for her upcoming birthday, he gifts her a dollhouse with “magic wishing dust” sprinkled over the small house’s roof.

During her humiliating birthday, she realizes that she does not want bự be subjected bự such ridicule & wants Khủng skip past adolescence và adulthood. Once her wish is fulfilled, Jenna wakes up in 2004 as a 30 – year-old woman. Navigating her peculiar future, Jenna starts Khủng realize the faults in her hot nhất life và regrets her wish. Viewers get béo watch Jenna’s personal growth throughout the film while also being treated lớn a fulfilling lãng mạn storyline .13 Going On 30 was a modest success at the box office và received generally favorable ra mắt. However, the movie saw much more success in DVD sales. To this day, the film has been referenced by celebrities & critics alike. Most famously, Ariana Grande donned the iconic dress Garner wore during her stint on The Voice .The film was novelized in 2004. Written by Christa Roberts, the book has been appreciated for retaining the feel-good tone of the film. Logging in at 142 pages, the book has also been described as a quick read for anyone who wants lớn revisit the story of Jenna in another định hình .

Also released in 2004, Van Helsing did very well at the box office, though was critically panned. Inspired by horror movies released by Universal Pictures in the 1930s and 1940s like Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolf Man, Van Helsing brought the classic vampire hunter into the 21st century with his own movie. Portrayed by Hugh Jackman, the titular character is a monster hunter on the prowl for threatening creatures lurking in the darkness found in many of Europe’s cities and villages.

The film is built with a lot of action scenes, an interesting backstory, & a plot twist that surely left viewers shocked, mập say the least. While action is often hard phệ write, the film’s ties mập classic novels made it likely that the film would receive its literary iteration. A very fun book of the same name was written by author Kevin Ryan & released in 2004. Dark Horse Comics also published their one-off about the titular Boss hunter .

Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial follows 10-year-old Elliott Taylor (Henry Thomas) who comes into contact with an extraterrestrial being, forming a friendship with the alien. Their friendship is unusual yet lighthearted. The two form a strong emotional bond, one to which Elliot and E.T. can feel each other’s feelings. Whether it be an umbrella opening at random or the fear of losing one another.

Released on June 11, 1982, the film was a blockbuster success, remaining at the top of the box office for six weeks. It remained in the top two for the remainder of the summer và leading into the holiday season .Related : Here’s Why E.T. Is Still One of Steven Spielberg’s Best Movies Of All TimeReleased with the DVD, a book detailing the making of the movie was included. William Kotzwinkle novelized the film in 1982 & wrote a sequel entitled E.T. : The Book of The Green Planet, released in 1985. Furthermore, Quincy Jones và Michael Jackson collaborated phệ create the audiobook for the film. The audiobook was nominated for và won a Grammy for Best Recording For Children. The release of the audiobook coincided with the film’s gargantuan success as well as the release of Michael Jackson’s record-breaking Thriller bức ảnh .2

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