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Joy of Sex (film) – Wikipedia

1984 film by Martha Coolidge

Joy of Sex (sometimes referred to as National Lampoon’s Joy of Sex) is a 1984 American sex comedy film directed by Martha Coolidge. It was written by Kathleen Rowell and J.J. Salter, based on the sex manual by Alex Comfort.


Leslie Hindenberg has just entered her senior year of high school. She visits her bác sỹ bự have a mole examined, but she mistakenly comes bự believe she only has six weeks béo live & goes about trying lớn đại bại her virginity. [ một ] However it is difficult for her bự accomplish her goal when her father is the school’s phys ed coach. The boys are afraid Khủng date the coach’s daughter. But Alan Holt is a guy whose pals brag about their sexual encounters. He is rather frustrated as he cannot stop thinking about sex và attempts lớn thua his virginity any way possible .



Paramount Pictures paid a great amount of money béo secure the rights bự Alex Comfort’s sex manual just so sánh they could use the tiêu đề, [ 2 ] which they found mập be highly commercial. [ tam ]

In 1978 they hired Charles Grodin to write a script, telling him the movie “could be about anything”. Grodin decided to use this exact situation as the premise: a Hollywood writer struggles to write a script based on a sex manual after a big studio acquires the rights. When he finished his first draft, Paramount passed. Grodin finally managed to get his screenplay green lit by MGM in 1985 as Movers & Shakers. In that movie, the sex manual is now called “Joy in Sex”.[4]

According to the book Wired, John Belushi was supposed to appear in this movie, but he died before filming began. In her biography My Mother Was Nuts, Penny Marshall states she was slated to direct[5] (this would have been her first feature film) from a script by John Hughes (which would have been his first script to be adapted for film).[6] This version of the screenplay consisted of several unrelated vignettes. The producers wanted to have Belushi wearing diapers on the poster, even though no such scene appeared in Hughes’ screenplay.

Martha Coolidge was fired from the movie, [ 7 ] for cutting many scenes of gratuitous nudity, but declined an opportunity phệ have her directing credit appear as Alan Smithee. [ tám ] Daphne From Bridgerton
Lampoon producer Matty Simmons claims bự have paid $ 250,000 bự remove the National Lampoon name from the project, saying, ” It may have nothing lớn vì with the chất lượng of the picture. We simply don’t lượt thích Khủng take credit or responsibility for a picture that we have nothing phệ vì with. ” [ 9 ] [ 10 ]

” The National Lampoon’s possible disassociation surfaced in a March newsletter Khủng company shareholders, publicized this week by Daily Variety. National Lampoon Inc. Chairman Matty Simmons said in a phone interview Wednesday that the move ” may have nothing bự vì with ( the chất lượng of the picture ). We simply don’t lượt thích phệ take credit or responsibility for a picture that we have nothing lớn bởi with. ” Simmons is officially titled as executive producer of ” Joy of Sex ” But his active participation ended when the original ” Joy of Sex ” project including screenwriter John Hughes ( ” National Lampoon’s Vacation ” ) & director Bill Norton collapsed. ” [ 11 ]


The film was given a theatrical release in the United States by Paramount Pictures in August 1984. It grossed $ 4,463,841 at the box office. [ 12 ]The film was given a release on VHS by Paramount trang chủ Video in the 1980 s. To date, the film has still not been officially released on DVD .Eleanor Mannikka of All Movie Guide has nothing but disdain for the movie :

The abysmal teen comedy Joy of Sex is stripped down to just sex in every line and in every joke except where other bodily functions come into play.[13]

Producer of The Joy Of Sex, Frank Konigsberg:

” Paramount was running out on their option on Alex Comfort’s book. They had four months bự start principle photography. They came béo me và asked me lớn vì it. They knew that in television you vì things quickly. We threw together a script. They wanted me Khủng use director Martha Coolidge, who’d just made Valley Girls ( sic ). It was a job. We just had Khủng get it done. I didn’t think it was a successful movie at all. It was awful. Martha hated it. I hated it. ” [ 14 ]

Director of The Joy Of Sex, Martha Coolidge:

” Paramount insisted on topless girls running xuống dốc the hall because they thought the formula demanded it & it was totally gratuitous. I hated putting them in for no reason và argued against it. But when the film was previewed the audience, particularly young women và girls, hated the nudity so sánh Paramount then asked me lớn cut as much of it out as I could ! They had thought they were going Khủng get a Porky’s but the script was more from a girl’s point of view ( as was Valley Girl ). It was actually a romance và certainly the women writers & I weren’t the people bự get a Porky’s from. The movie wasn’t what the execs thought it would be, they freaked, took me off the movie, cut it xuống dốc và tried phệ make the humor broader which made it more disjointed. The entire budget was minuscule & the âm thanh was given only USD 20,000 ! For comparison the Valley Girl sound track ( not including score ) cost USD 150,000. The whole ‘ Joy of Sex ‘ experience was pretty miserable. We were under constant pressure & scrutiny béo bởi vì the impossible, we had eight days of prep, đôi mươi days bự shoot và my A.D. quit because he was so sánh angry. I learned that I can’t always save the day or be a anh hùng và you have bự protect yourself at all times. I did find some very talented actors though ! ” [ 15 ] [ 16 ]

” It’s a wrenching decision “, explains Martha Coolidge, who considered taking her name off of 1984 ’ s “ Joy of Sex ” after the studio reworked her phiên bản, ” but it’s made when the director finds himself or herself answering yes bự these questions : Will the film “ embarrass me, humiliate me, disgust me for the rest of my life ? ” ” [ 17 ]


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