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Louie Provenza

Louie Provenza


Louie M. Provenza


( ex-wife # 1 )
Heather Provenza ( Ex-wife # 2 & 4 )
Sharon Provenza ( Ex-wife # 3 )
Patrice Perry ( Current )

Liz ProvenzaHeather ProvenzaSharon Provenza


Three unnamed sons
Two unnamed step-daughters
Six unnamed grandkids

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Career Information


Los Angeles Police Department


Lieutenant.png Lieutenant II


Major Crimes Division

Series Information

Portrayed by

G.W. Bailey


The Closer, Major Crimes

First appearance

The Closer ( Pilot ) ”

Final appearance

By Any Means, Part 4 ”

I don’t run!

lieutenant Louie Provenza is the Assistant Commanding Officer of the LAPD ‘s Major Crimes Division during The Closer and Major Crimes. In “ Conspiracy Theory, Part 4 ” ​​ of Major Crimes, Season 6, Provenza was designated as the Acting Commanding Officer of the Major Crimes Division after the death of Commander Sharon Raydor. In “ By Any Means, Part 4 ” ​​​, he is confirmed as the division ‘s modern Commanding Officer .

fictional character information



Provenza is a 40-year seasoned of the LAPD. He was selected to join the newly created Priority Murder Squad ( belated Priority Homicide Division and Major Crimes Division ) after his history in the Robbery-Homicide Division inaugural serving under then-Captain Russell Taylor. He is married to Patrice, a retire nurse, but has three divorces ( two by the like charwoman, Heather ) in his past and pays alimony to both of his ex-wives. He has, by his own reckon, three children and two step-children ( and an indeterminate number of grandchildren and step-grandchildren ; lone a future step-granddaughter has been seen onscreen ). He has indicated he was not an byzantine parent and is estranged from some if not all of his offspring. He is adept friends with the evenly cynical and sarcastic Andy Flynn. The two have gone on double dates with meaning consequences. By far the eldest penis of both the Priority Homicide Division and the Major Crimes Division, he is frequently threatened with being forced to retire, although he has sworn to die on his post. As contribution of the divorce village with his first wife, Liz, he must parcel his pension with her when he retires, and he does n’t want to give her the satisfaction. This agreement is void if she remarries, which she finally does, even sending Louie an invitation to the marriage. He has a great deal of feel and notices, on occasion, little case-breaking details. He is hard set in his ways. He does not run or jog. He knows little about computers or the internet ( to the alternating bewilderment and aggravation of Buzz ) and is intolerant of anyone, including his buddy Flynn, sitting at or even leaning against his desk .
In “ Reloaded ”, when Provenza was acting commanding military officer of major Crimes following the retirement of Deputy Chief Johnson, MCD was called to the scene of a botch grocery shop robbery where two suspects were killed by SIS detectives. Provenza regarded the SIS clandestine process as the worst he had ever seen. In addition to the two suspects who were killed and one who was captured at the scene, Provenza learned that there were two extra suspects who managed to escape through the store ‘s second capture because Force Investigation Division ( FID ) ‘s regulations forced the SIS detectives to remain at the picture and wait for their FID interviews, something Provenza disagrees with and which lead SIS Detective, Amy Sykes, think was “ crazy ”. Sykes was besides mindful that major Crimes Division had an opening following the transplant of Det. Gabriel and brought up the national to Lt. Provenza, which he dismissed instantaneously, as he felt that people normally asked for promotions when they have done something right and not when they have “ screwed up ”, referring to the bungled SIS operation. When Captain Sharon Raydor arrived on the scenery, she wanted Provenza to “ bring her up to speed ” on the event, which Proveza dismissed because MCD was in a rush and the suspect was in FID ‘s custody preferably than theirs. At this point, Assistant Chief Russell Taylor informed Provenza that Raydor was transferred from FID to Major Crimes, therefore making her Provenza ‘s emboss. After the reveal, Raydor demanded a brief from Provenza, which he was now required to give her, and Provenza told her that she was late and even though she is his rank officer, he was still the incident air force officer and that he would not be halting the search for heavy armed suspects good then she, or anyone else, could “ catch up ”. After this, he left the scenery with most of the MCD squad so they could be on the motion when their search warrants came through from the FBI. When the division came back from collecting evidence from the suspects ‘ apartments, Capt. Raydor wanted to know if the suspects had anything else in common than their military overhaul. none of the MCD members wanted to answer her question as a silent protest over the way Provenza was replaced by an “ foreigner ”. Chief Taylor encouraged the division to work with Raydor so they could catch the heavily armed robbers, to which Provenza noted that Taylor most probably waited for precisely this moment to replace him, barely so he could give a his speech on “ pulling together for the effective of the city ”. Afterward, Provenza noted that they were going to “ pull together ”, not because of Taylor or Raydor, but because it is their duty. He besides told Chief Taylor that they need to have a “ lecture ” late. After Provenza ‘s little outburst, the perch of MCD started to open up and they started going through the suspects ‘ stuff to find a joining between them. late that evening when Chief Taylor returned to his office, Provenza was there waiting for him so they could have their “ lecture ”. Provenza promised to keep it short and opted not to discuss the “ contemptuous ” way he was replaced in the middle of an probe, to which Taylor commented that Provenza was n’t replaced, he just returned to the same side he constantly had, as the assistant commanding officer of MCD. Provenza disagreed with Taylor, as he had been in command of MCD for a week and stated that he wanted to transfer out of MCD and that Raydor would not be able to hold major Crimes together if he was gone. Taylor told Provenza that they were changing the direction Major Crimes works, moving away from confessions to get plea bargains, so the city could save millions of dollars in test expenses. Taylor besides told Provenza that he would not get a transfer and that he needs to stay in major Crimes or else they force him to retire, an order which came directly from Chief Pope. When the case was closed, Capt. Raydor arranged the transportation of Det. Amy Sykes from SIS to Major Crimes, as she wanted person in the division who actually liked her, much to the annoyment of Provenza who considers Amy the biggest ambidextrous fuck countenance he had always met. At the start of “ Before and After ”, Provenza is calm harebrained about the way he was replaced by Capt. Raydor, saying being a hook is a icky way to make a survive because they have to deal with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge. Lt. Flynn noted that Provenza was n’t in charge for eight years and he was n’t brainsick then, to which Provenza answered that now he is harebrained about it. When DDA Hobbs arrives at the crime scene, Provenza wonders why she came but apparently her knob called her in. Hobbs besides asks Provenza where Capt. Raydor is, which prompts him to call her as he does n’t know. When Raydor answers, Provenza asks her if she knows her division has been called to a homicide, which she does know but she is unable to join them as DCFS is doing a home inspection to determine if her apartment would be a full home for Rusty Beck. During the earphone call, Provenza overhears some details involving Raydor ‘s fail marriage which gives him some joy but finally interrupts her by asking if she would grace them with her bearing at the crime scenery, after which Raydor asks Provenza if he ‘s suddenly over his head without his supervising officeholder. Provenza besides continues to be annoyed by Det. Sykes, telling her that she ‘s got the job already so she can cool down with her over the top exuberance. Provenza besides told Sykes to go find the victim ‘s future of kin, his wife, who Amy then brought to the crime scene even though he specifically told her to go, as in leave the crime fit. When the victim ‘s wife saw her husband ‘s body, she caused quite a scene equitable as the Coroners were lowering the victim to the earth, causing them to drop him. later, Provenza asked Sykes to gather up a background report on their victim so they would know what they are up against, Amy finds out that the victim has been accused of a sexual assault and proceeds to tell that to Capt. Raydor while she is in the middle of an interview with the victim ‘s wife, upsetting her greatly. This besides anger Provenza greatly, as he was the one who asked for the reputation and consequently Sykes should have reported to him, not Raydor. Lt. Flynn besides commented that Sykes was “ smart and dumb at the same time ” to which Provenza noted that she was n’t dumb but quite she was choosing sides. subsequently, when Capt. Raydor and DDA Hobbs were discussing the deal they would offer the killer whale, Provenza was ferocious that they would offer them a deal of involuntary manslaughter with only probation and no jail time. Provenza went to get Chief Taylor to show him what Raydor was up to but he was slightly pacified when Raydor and Hobbs “ destroyed ” the killer ‘s defense and pumped up the charge to first degree murder. When DDA Hobbs and the killer whale ‘s refutation ultimately agreed on a consider, the charge was manslaughter with an 11-year sentence. When Provenza asked Chief Taylor if this was how it would be going forth, Taylor noted that MCD merely closed a font in 48-hours after finding the body and with no physical evidence. Taylor besides commented that he does n’t know if it ‘s constantly going to be like this but he badly hopes so, because he just saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial expenses which he can use for overtime and deoxyribonucleic acid tests. After Taylor left, Provenza commented loudly, to himself, that he would quit. back at the Major Crimes ‘ mangle board, Provenza was packing up his desk and noted that his wholly career could fit in one cardboard box. After he finished packing up, Sykes commented that he reminds her of her grandparents who just retired and moved to Florida. Aside from Sykes, the rest of MCD watched on in entertainment as they knew he was n’t going to retire because he could’t afford it, as noted by Lt. Tao. Flynn told Provenza that dirt bags get deals casual and asked him why he was so upset about the concept. Provenza noted that he was n’t upset about the deal but rather because of Capt. Raydor. He told the class that after four wives, five divorces, six Chiefs, three partners, and two parakeets ( who lived a distribute longer than he expected them to live ), he does n’t want to get forced into another longstanding, infelicitous kinship. At this point, Capt. Raydor returned and told Provenza that she agreed with him in full, after which the rest of MCD “ left for coffee bean ” so Provenza and Raydor could talk in private. When they were alone, Raydor asked Provenza if she should say how much she appreciated his service and experience or should she remind him that both of them are probably dealing with misconceptions about the early ? Raydor besides asked Provenza if they could improve their cultivate kinship with a dinner and a swallow, to which Provenza aswered “ God, no. ” Provenza did admit to Raydor that it was n’t good about her but besides because of everything he had given to the LAPD, anyone else beside him as the MCD ‘s Commanding Officer is an diss and it ‘s not honest. After this, Raydor noted that Provenza has been a homicide detective for a long time and placid he expects life to be carnival. Provenza told Raydor that if he were to stay, he would entirely complain and point out Raydor ‘s mistakes. Raydor asked Provenza if he is not know adequate to speak his heed with her and still remember her rank, to which Provenza answered that of course he is, he good does n’t want to. Afterwards, they both agreed that the position just sucks and that Provenza would stay at major Crimes until he found somewhere completely fair to work at. In “ Medical Causes ”, it appears that the rift between Provenza and Raydor has started to heal following their conversation at the end of “ Before and After ”. This can be seen by the fact that Provenza was no longer overtly hostile towards Raydor and he even offered her support when she was arranging the return of Sharon Beck, Rusty ‘s biological mother, to Los Angeles. When Lt. Flynn wanted to open the defendant ‘s purse, which was closed, by claiming it had opened during the car barge in. Provenza told him that they needed a armistice with Raydor and they needed to follow protocol and get a search warrant advance so the investigation would not be jeopardized for the sake of the multiple victims. Raydor besides was n’t present at the crime view but this time Provenza did n’t seem to be equally bothered as might have been expected. When MCD located Sharon Beck, everyone ( even Provenza ) gave her money so she could come to Los Angeles by bus. Provenza did state that he does n’t even give money to his own kids but was pressed by Flynn to give something, which he did, grudgingly. Lt. Flynn promised to take her and Rusty to dinner but Provenza asked Raydor if she would have wanted to go herself, which she did n’t, stating that she would want the dinner to be ampere easy as possible for Rusty and her presence might make things awkward. When Flynn and Rusty were waiting for Sharon Beck at the busbar place, Flynn found out that she had gotten of the bus at Bakersfield. This caused Rusty to run away after which Flynn broadcasted a BOLO ( Be On the Lookout ) out for Rusty in hopes of finding him. Provenza promised Raydor that he and Flynn would stay at solve until Rusty was found and further comforted her by saying that Rusty would turn up and to not worry. When Raydor returned home plate, she found Rusty there waiting for her, giving her great relief, followed by a call to Provenza so they could call of the search for Rusty and go base themselves. At the begin of “ The Ecstasy and the Agony ”, Provenza was visibly infelicitous, prompting Det. Sanchez to ask him what is wrong. Provenza told Julio that other than watching everything he cares about being taken from him as he shuffles towards the grave accent and having his breakfast interrupted by another mangle, everything was just fine. Provenza ‘s answer intelligibly caused some entertainment to Sanchez and Sykes who were award in the room. late on in the investigation, Provenza met a “ intuitive life strategist ” who was “ coach ” the victim ‘s wife ( later revealed to be sleeping with her american samoa well as with the wives of ten-spot early Israeli mobsters ). Provenza told this “ intuitive life strategist ” that he had a “ friend ” who he was worried about, a good acquaintance who had lost a bit of his drive. Provenza told him that it ‘s not because his “ ally ” does n’t like his job but quite because there has been some unfair changes recently which would drive a dedicate, responsible and easygoing guy like him crazy, and precisely thinking about it makes him feel like punching a fix in a wall. Provenza besides told him that his “ ally ” is a little misplace at the moment with his life. In the conclusion though, the liveliness coach told Provenza that if he ‘d like to change the populace, he should start with himself. In “ Out of Bounds ”, Provenza ‘s kinship with Capt. Raydor ‘s health seems to have at least temporarily improved farther as Provenza was shown to defend Raydor to Chief Taylor after Taylor was annoyed and angered by Raydor ‘s methods in investigating a potential gang homicide. The investigation besides turned dangerous for Det. Sykes, as during a foot pursuit with a fishy, the suspect pulled a gun on her. Sykes was able to get the gunman away from the distrust but not before she was viciously assaulted. Provenza, despite not being excessively fond of Amy, immediately rushed to the hospital where she was taken and remained there until her condition was stabilized, showing that he still greatly cares for the people under his supervision despite personal differences. When Capt. Raydor asked Provenza what she missed because she thought the site was well covered, Provenza noted that they are never “ covered ”, and that while you can have back-up in multiple different forms, there is never a defense against bad luck. Provenza besides stated that this is the remainder between working in Internal Affairs and homicide ; Raydor sends people into possibly dangerous situations and they go because that ‘s their job, stating that Sykes did that problem nowadays, and did it “ curse well ”. In “ The Shame Game ”, Provenza came to Capt. Raydor ‘s defense when Rusty Beck claimed that Sharon wanted to get rid of him which left Sharon on the scepter of tears. Provenza told him that even though he is not friends with Sharon, even he still recognizes that Sharon is doing everything she can to make him feel like he has a normal life. besides, when Chief Taylor allowed a politician to monitor the MCD ‘s probe, Capt. Raydor commented how she hates being monitored and blurted out a identical uncharacteristic “ curse it ”, causing Provenza to comment how it appears that Raydor has on the spur of the moment become very torment with the system. When one of the politicians asked about a special mark on a LAPD Field Interview menu, Provenza noted bluffly that the mark means that, in the officer ‘s master opinion, the discipline was an arse. This caused some amusement in Capt. Raydor, some dissaproving looks from Chief Taylor, and a comment from the slightly taken aback politician that it ‘s “ besides bad that ‘s not a crime. ”
In “ Final Cut ” ​​​, Provenza was once again reminded about his old age by the fact that he was nowadays the survive person from his police academy class hush on active duty. His academy course had set up a prize of about $ 4000 and a trophy which were to be given to the concluding person on active duty, which Provenza now collected. While Prevenza was not enthusiastic about the prize, Flynn noted that it was for making history, though Provenza himself regarded it as “ reliving ” history, over and over again, as he once again arrived at the body of yet another mangle victim. During the sequence, fresh DDA Emma Rios besides interviewed Rusty Beck about his affair with Phillip Stroh. Emma ‘s methods were rather alone, as she wanted to prepare Rusty with personal and slightly inappropriate questions which Stroh ‘s defense attorneys would most likely practice to attack Rusty ‘s quality on the witness stand, though this resulted in Rusty barging out of the interview, badmouthing Rios, along with Provenza and Capt. Raydor berating Rios for her demeanor. Rusty by and by explained to Provenza that while he was fix to talk with Emma again, he did not want Provenza or Raydor to be there like the last time, as some of the information that they would learn would make them “ not like him. ” While Provenza tried to assure Rusty that it would not happen, he promised to stay out of it. Rusty asked Provenza to be the person who asks Raydor to not be there either but in a room that it would seem like the estimate was Provenza ‘s. This was very well with him, as taking accredit for other people ‘s ideas is how he became a Lieutenant. During the episode, the solid division struggles with printer issues and has to use Taylor ‘s, which Provenza says is a good thing because that might incentivize Taylor to authorize a substitution. At the end of the episode, he buys the major Crimes squad board a new high-tech printer/copier/fax/scanner as a give from his cash respect, much to the surprise of the police squad as that ‘s very unlike of him. Provenza then reveals that the password for the printer will cost everyone $ 20 but with that, they all get a syndicate discount of 5 cents per page, which amuses the police squad and they submit that now it ‘s more like Provenza. In “ Risk Assessment ” ​​​, a fishy was arrested for using a victim ‘s credit card but it plainly turns out he found the card and was trying to buy his children a Christmas giving as he did n’t have any money for it. After hearing the man ‘s narrative, Provenza has Tao buy the man the endowment he wanted for his children with Provenza ‘s own credit card .
In “ Flight Risk ”, when two children are found murdered​​​, Provenza is perceptibly disturb, telling Buzz to make indisputable to get everything on videotape and to start to search for other clues so they can make sure the jury can see everything as they do, presumably to make the shell stronger against the children ‘s killer .
In “ Turn Down ” ​​​, he and Flynn were on a drive-along with Buzz Watson on his first day as a reservation policeman .
In season 5 of Major Crimes, he is surprised by Patrice when she tells him that they received a wedding invitation from Liz, Provenza ‘s foremost ex-wife. Although felicitous that Liz is getting remarried, he is not happy that Patrice started pushing him to retire deoxyadenosine monophosphate now he would n’t have to contribution his pension with Liz. He is flying to change the subject every fourth dimension Patrice brings it up but finally they come to a reciprocal sympathize : Louie could stay at the LAPD a long as he wants, but he would be the last hook she would ever marry. In “ Intersection ” ​​​, Provenza, troubled about the event they are investigating where a apparently “ good kid ” was killed for no reason, considers retiring a early as “ following workweek ”. He is besides worried about who will become the new Assistant Chief if Raydor does n’t get the position, as major Crimes could be disbanded ( referring to Deputy Chief Winnie Davis ‘ condescension for the division ). He besides worries about if Sharon is promoted, as she could be replaced by anyone. Patrice suggests that if Sharon is indeed promoted, Provenza could become the Captain of Major Crimes, which does n’t sit well with him, as all the excess meetings would drive him crazy and listening to everyone calling him “ Captain ” rather than “ deputy ” would be like changing his mention. After saying that, Provenza realizes that possibly their victim had changed his name and that is why they ca n’t find out anything about him. The following dawn, Provenza ‘s suspicions are confirmed by the victim ‘s parents. After the event was concluded, Provenza went to speak with Sharon, presumably to announce his retirement, but before getting that far, Sharon told him that if she is promoted to Assistant Chief, she would promote Provenza to Captain in order for him to take over major Crimes ( just like Patrice suggested ), leading Provenza to change his mind about the retirement. Provenza tells Sharon he is profoundly appreciative and very beaming to have so much of her confidence, and Sharon besides adds affection to the list, whether he wants it or not, and gives him a hug .
In “ Sanctuary City, Part 1 ” ​​​, it is shown that Provenza has a personal relationship with Det. Camila Paige, having arrested the drink in driver who killed her parents when she was twenty dollar bill. He remained a ally of the family during the trial. During the episode, Camila acted without Louie ‘s approval when she yelled to a female supporter of the missing children to call her, over the objections of her overprotective and racist founder. Provenza reprimanded Camila, or “ Cami ” as he calls her, to “ not go around yelling things like ‘call me ‘ while I ‘m standing there, unless I say so. ” At the end of “ Sanctuary City, Part 3 ” ​​​, when Commander Raydor was angrily shouting at the FBI to leave the Major Crimes squad room after they withheld crucial information from them, she collapsed and subsequently hit her oral sex. Provenza hoped she was just dehydrated and would return soon but that turned out to not be the case ( “ Sanctuary City, Part 4 ” ). Chief Mason placed Provenza in impermanent command of MCD when Sharon was transported to the hospital and obviously could not continue her duties. After paramedics took Sharon away, Provenza reiterated Sharon ‘s commands of throwing out the FBI which Chief Mason agreed to do. Later, Mason reprimanded Provenza about how he treated the FBI, but not excessively so. Mason heard out Provenza ‘s complaints but still stated that all parties should aim for politeness. however, Mason was able to convince the FBI to pass the boys immediately over to the LAPD rather of their parents, along with all copies of notes pertaining to their interviews, which appeared to somewhat calm Provenza depressed. late in “ Sanctuary City, Part 4 ” ​​​, when DDA Hobbs was with the Major Crimes Division after they decided to charge the boys for the murder of Lucas Garza, she suggested that while Commander Raydor was out sick, cipher there had a plan of how to go forward. Provenza found that note offensive, stating that he ‘s been a patrol officeholder for forty years and he knows precisely was he is doing. He besides noted that the design of charging the boys with murder was Raydor ‘s, hoping that the cognition of being charged with mangle would make the boys more cooperative. In “ Conspiracy Theory, Part 3 ” ​​​, Sharon ‘s health begins to worry Provenza to the point of doubting if she is fit for duty. She finally discloses her condition to Chief Mason and requests a farewell of absence until her health returns to convention, leaving Provenza to command the division in her absence. Later, Sharon suffered a black heart failure resulting in her death, leaving the bereaved Provenza to command MCD. In “ By Any Means, Part 1 ” ​​​ and “ By Any Means, Part 2 ” ​​​, Provenza struggles with Mason following the mangle of DDA Emma Rios. Provenza wants to treat Emma ‘s submerge as a murder committed by Phillip Stroh and to therefore give more resources to the investigation. At first, Mason shows a reluctance but becomes more accommodative when Gus reveals that he has seen Stroh in LA after spotting Stroh ‘s video on the mangle board. Mason besides expresses wrath at the amount of money Provenza is spending, noting that MCD ‘s expenses have closely doubled in the week Provenza has been in dominate but still helps the division find out Gwendolyn Stroh ‘s current diagnose. When Provenza starts suggesting even more security details, Mason berates him over it until Provenza suggests that Rusty and Gus could stay in concert for a while, freeing one security detail. During this time, Provenza besides delivers the eulogy at Sharon ‘s funeral and makes it clear that despite their by differences, her death is very hard on him. In “ By Any Means, Part 3 ” ​​​, Mason admits that Provenza was discipline all along and defers to Provenza ‘s plan to take Stroh devour. After Provenza states strongly that they intend to take Stroh down “ by any means, ” Mason agrees with “ by any means, ” implicitly giving Provenza permission to kill Stroh preferably than arrest him. At the end of the sequence, Provenza was concerned about if they were always going to catch Stroh but Lt. Tao assured him that they would catch him this time. Provenza besides stated that he does n’t merely want Stroh because he ‘s dangerous but besides because if he only gets to do one thing while in charge of major Crimes, it would be removing Stroh from the face of the Earth. In “ By Any Means, Part 4 ” ​​, after Wes ‘ operation confirms that Sharon ‘s condominium is no longer safe, Provenza dismisses Rusty and Gus ‘ security detail and alternatively keeps them by his english at all times. Provenza continues to coordinate the efforts to find Stroh, remaining behind in the murder room rather than going out into the field when Dylan Baxter is located. After Stroh is suspected to be fleeing the country through a rent plane, Provenza remains behind again with Buzz, Rusty and Gus while the respite of the LAPD converges on the airport. With Tammy Bechtal not answering her earphone, Rusty insists upon checking it out, suspecting that Stroh is up to something. unable to convince Rusty otherwise and with no one else available, Provenza reinstates Buzz as a Reserve Detective to act as their backing. Accompanied by Buzz, Rusty and Gus, Provenza visits Tammy ‘s family where they find tammy murdered. Provenza spots a painting of Jim Bechtal ‘s yacht, the Ms. Bechtel and realizes Stroh ‘s actual escape plan. Telling Buzz to hold off on calling in Tammy ‘s murder, Provenza sets out entirely into the marina to search the yacht for Stroh. Provenza is able to corner Stroh, but Stroh disarms himself and Provenza ca n’t bring himself to shoot an disarm valet. As Stroh reaches for Provenza ‘s handcuffs to handcuff himself, Rusty abruptly enters and shoots Stroh dead. Shocked by Rusty ‘s actions, Provenza finds a obscure gun on Stroh that he was presumably going for, making Stroh ‘s death not a murder. To protect Rusty, Provenza takes Rusty ‘s gun and chooses to take credit for killing Stroh himself, though Julio and Fritz appear to realize the truth. The Force Investigation Division investigates the inject and cursorily determines that Provenza ‘s actions were justify and he is cleared of any wrongdoing. After Stroh ‘s death, Julio accepts the promotion to Lieutenant and a transfer to the Criminal Intelligence Division. Provenza besides arranges for Buzz to spend the following eighteen weeks at the police academy. When Buzz returns, he will be a probationary detective and a full member of major Crimes. Surrounded by his friends and family, Provenza makes a manner of speaking about how together they will make major Crimes great for years to come and keep catching the bad guys. Provenza suggests that with the team he has, he can go on solving crimes constantly. In a edit setting for “ By Any Means, Part 4 ”, ​​​ it ‘s shown that Provenza ‘s history, backed up by Buzz, was that he ‘d borrowed Rusty ‘s grease-gun for more firepower which was why he had n’t shot Stroh with his own weapon, and that Stroh would n’t let go of his grease-gun which was why he shot the man so many times. however, Julio was obviously disbelieving of this narrative, particularly due to how many times Stroh was shot while both Sykes and Buzz were uncertain of what to think. Buzz ‘s affirmation besides suggests that Provenza did n’t call in Stroh ‘s death properly away, possibly to get his story straight or to stage the scene to match it .







When Captain Raydor beginning joined the division, Provenza had a rocky kinship with her at first due to her time in FID and him wanting command of major Crimes himself. His dislike for her lone increased when she started making deals with criminals rather than sending them to test. It closely causes him to retire, but she manages to reach something of an reason with him and he changes his mind. Following this, while he still does n’t like her, he at least supports her and respects her. Sharon as a command policeman is identical unlike from Brenda Leigh Johnson. Where Brenda was a very hands-on drawing card and research worker because of her background in the state department and the CIA, Sharon is more administrative in nature, trusting that her detectives can handle standard daily operations without ceaseless oversight. This can be seen in the fact that while Brenda responded to every crime the MCD was called to, Sharon only responds to crimes that are peculiarly ghastly or higher profile than common. When Sharon is show at a crime scene, she even defers to Louie ‘s expertness much of the time, causing them to develop a dependable work kinship. This besides means that when the division is deployed on the field, Provenza can be seen in a supervisory function and being in command of the division, something that he always wanted. In one noteworthy case, Provenza stands up for Sharon when Rusty makes her cry with his accusations of her not caring and wanting to get rid of him. Provenza explains that he does n’t like Sharon, but even he knows how a lot she cares about Rusty. Provenza is shown to be disgusted with the young serviceman ‘s actions, and his words cause Rusty to realize precisely how big of a mistake he made. Over time, Provenza ‘s relationship with Sharon gets better to the point that he occasionally calls her “ Sharon ” alternatively of “ Captain ” and he supports her when she needs help. In “ Intersection ” ​​​, their relationship has progressed to the point that Provenza wants Sharon promoted to Assistant Chief and worries about who will take the job if she does n’t. When discussing Provenza ‘s own potential forwarding to Captain if Sharon does in fact get promoted to Assistant Chief, he admits that he is profoundly glad to have a capital share of Sharon ‘s assurance. Sharon admits that Provenza now has a bang-up deal of her affection as well, “ whether you want it or not ”, and goes arsenic far as to share a hug with him and call him “ Louie ”. In “ Sanctuary City, Part 4 ” ​​​, after Sharon collapses while yelling at the FBI, Provenza loses his anneal to a shock degree at the idea that the stress may have been responsible for her break down. Provenza goes therefore far as to fling a box across the room and order the FBI out of major Crimes. Provenza is one of the most visibly worried about Sharon ‘s condition and attempts to stay to hear her diagnosis in the hospital before being kicked out aboard Andy and Rusty. While using Sharon ‘s morally questionable plan regarding Doctor Joe, Provenza notes that its with the rules, appearing to have a affectionateness for Sharon ‘s consumption of the rules to their advantage in this subject rather of being frustrated with them as he normally is. In “ Conspiracy Theory, Part 3 ” ​​​, after learning the true seriousness of Sharon ‘s condition, Provenza gets visually emotional. His voice breaks both when he asks Andy to talk to Sharon and when he tries to convince Sharon to take a bequeath of absence to help get better. At the end of “ Conspiracy Theory, Part 4 ” ​​​, Sharon wanted to get one final examination confession from a fishy against the wishes of Provenza, resulting in her kernel fail when she started yelling. Though Sharon was rushed to the hospital, she ultimately died. When the doctor of the church brought the news program, Provenza started to ask if she was dead, but could n’t flush finish the sentence. After Sharon ‘s death was confirmed, Provenza was visibly emotional and Camila Paige went so far as to take his hand in quilt. In “ By Any Means, Part 1 ” ​​​, Provenza delivers a encomium for Sharon that makes it clear that he cared for her profoundly and is profoundly mourning her death. In his eulogy, Provenza expresses admiration for Sharon ‘s adhesiveness to the rule of law, the very matter that had once divided them. While discussing the eulogy had gave with Andy, Provenza states that he was lucky to get through it without breaking down .
Provenza has developed a close relationship, frequently resembling that of an uncle or grandfather, with former murder witness Rusty Beck. He advises and looks out for the young man, even behind his spinal column at times when he feels it to necessary. In tax return, Rusty sees him as person he can turn to when he needs advice and does n’t want Sharon to know. Provenza has only been shown to betray Rusty ‘s confidence once when got worried about why Rusty was asking about his mother ‘s late collar history and checked up on his imprison visit with her. What he discovered alarmed him thus a lot he informed the stay of the squad and Sharon out of concern for the young homo. He besides reviews video recording of Rusty ‘s visits with his biological mother, and directs Raydor to the moment at which she suggests he get her money by prostituting himself again. Most notably, when Rusty admitted he was gay to the squad, Provenza ‘s reaction was the one he was most worry about besides Sharon ‘s. Like everyone else, Provenza showed no surprise ( though everyone tried to pretend they were ). Rusty hush pulls him aside to make sure Provenza is personally o with the disclosure. Provenza, who has been shown to be politically incorrect in the past, informs Rusty that he honestly does n’t care that he ‘s homosexual, fair ampere long as he ‘s not royal poinciana. He lets him know that being gay is the one thing he ca n’t give him advice on however and leaves it at that.

When he moves to live with Patrice, he hires Rusty and his acquaintance TJ Shaw to move his thrust into storage and lie down to Patrice for him that they are actually giving them away to charity. Rusty ‘s boyfriend Gus is included in the guests at Provenza and Patrice ‘s marriage, the only person there outside of the Major Crimes team. Following the return of Phillip Stroh, Provenza works hard to protect Rusty, even assigning Wes Nolan to check the effectiveness of Rusty ‘s security detail. Provenza goes therefore far as to include Rusty into the probe ascribable to Rusty ‘s own make on the sheath. After Rusty kills Stroh in “ By Any Means, Part 4 ” ​​​, Provenza takes credit to protect the young man. At the end of the series, Provenza tells everyone that he has made his first batch as the raw point of major Crimes by getting Rusty to agree to work as a prosecutor for the DA ‘s office for five years once he passes the bar examination rather of going into syndicate jurisprudence as Rusty previously planned. While naming the members of the team that will continue to make major Crimes great into the future, Provenza includes Rusty .







Lauren works at a eminent end department store and is a lot younger than Provenza. They fall in beloved in early on Season 5 of The Closer. Provenza and Lauren finally get engaged, but after a series of fights, she ends the engagement in “ The Life ”. Provenza subsequently gets rid of everything representing the two of them together and Andy Flynn gets Provenza to see the bright side : at least he avoided another disassociate. Provenza promptly cuts up the tie Lauren made him wear with gloat, moving on from feeling blue for himself to hatred, anger and resentment .
Louie met Patrice during an investigation in season 3 of Major Crimes. ( “ Party Foul ” ) The two have an ongoing relationship and Patrice seems to care for and match wits with him like about no one can. In season 4, they move in together, though Provenza pays Rusty and his acquaintance TJ to put all of his gorge in storage, precisely in case the relationship does not work away. Provenza ends up being pleased with the frame-up Patrice did for their newfangled place even without his remark. In “ The Jumping Off Point ” ​​​, Provenza plans a big dinner to propose to Patrice only to have Andy unintentionally ruin the storm for him. He then begins avoiding Patrice until she confronts him about it, telling him she was n’t certain whether or not to take Andy badly and set things up for them to have dinner that night in concert and made certain it would be somewhere arrant, if the dinner turned out to be “ memorable ” for them. At the end of “ Hindsight, Part 5 ” ​​​, Louie and Patrice are married in a minor ceremony by Mayor Ramon Quintero ( Played by guest star and current Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. ) in the first place, Provenza wanted a big marry while Patrice merely wanted to elope. Buzz Watson finally got Provenza to see smell and do things Patrice ‘s manner. Patrice comments during the marry that her family hates Provenza since they met when Provenza arrested her granddaughter for mangle. Since their wedding, Patrice has been shown to chiefly support Provenza in his career. After his ex-wife that he owed half his pension to gets remarried, ending Provenza ‘s need to avoid retirement, Patrice pushes him to retire. When Provenza chooses to stay on the force, she continues to support him and is seen comforting Provenza after particularly hard cases such as in “ Intersection ” ​​​ .




Provenza has four ex-wives. During reconstructions undertaken by the squad, Provenza names each doll after one of his ex-wives. A noteworthy example was seen in the episode “ Out of Focus ” where he throws them off a balcony in order to see how a victim committed apparent suicide. He notes that his first wife Liz always used to correct his grammar. ( “ Out of Focus ” ) He reveals to Pope that he is adamant not to retire and would preferably die on his post, due to a disassociate settlement he had with her first wife in which he would share his pension with her and is reluctant to do so because he does n’t want to give her the gratification. ( “ Dial M for Provenza ” ) Assistant Chief Pope sympathizes with him since he made a similar arrangement with his own first wife. due to Liz getting remarried, Provenza is no farseeing required to give up half of his pension with her. Provenza ‘s moment wife was Heather. She was besides his fourth wife since he married her again. His third wife was named Sharon and he notes that she was the one that constantly had to be right. ( “ Out of Focus ” ) Provenza ‘s stream wife is Patrice Perry whom he met after arresting her granddaughter for murder. ( “ Party Foul ” ) Despite not being Provenza ‘s usual type as she ‘s his historic period, the two appear to have a commodity relationship with Patrice understanding Provenza ‘s duties as a bull ascribable to her first conserve being one .

Officer-involved shootings



Career information



  • Provenza’s badge number is 35082.

Provenza-ID-and-Badge Provenza showing his badge and ID-card ( with what appears to be a less than flattering ID photograph )Badge-LAPD-MCU-Lieutenant Provenza Provenza ‘s badge ( calculator generated )

  • When in uniform, Provenza wears seven service stripes on his uniform. Each stripe represents five years of service in the LAPD, which would mean 35–39 years of service. ( “ By Any Means, Part 1 ” )
    • In “ Bad Blood”​​, Provenza mentioned that he joined the LAPD in 1973, though later in the episode we see his trophy for being the last man/woman on active duty from his class, which said his academy class was 3/77 (third academy class in 1977). In “ Sanctuary City, Part 4”​​​, he stated that he has been a detective for forty years, supporting his statement of joining in 1973 (four years in patrol before promoting to detective).
  • While Provenza’s exact rank (Lieutenant I or II) is never stated, it’s presumed that he is a Lieutenant II.
    • NOTE: Provenza used to be the Officer-in-Charge of the Priority Murder Squad (while it was under the command of the Robbery-Homicide Division), answering to RHD’s Assistant Commanding Officer, just like the other Lieutenant II’s of the division (e.g. Lieutenant II of the Homicide Special Section). When the Priority Murder Squad was separated from RHD, Provenza became Major Crimes Division’s (originally Priority Homicide Division) Assistant Commanding Officer. In the Major Crimes finale, Provenza was assigned as the Commanding Officer of MCD.
  • Provenza is the last person of his police academy class to still be on active duty.
  • In “ final cut”, Provenza humorously notes that taking credit for other people’s ideas is how he became a Lieutenant.

As seen in “ By Any Means, Part 1 ” :

Ribbon Award name and description
LAPD-Medal-of-Valor.png Medal of Valor
The Medal of Valor is the highest jurisprudence enforcement decoration awarded to officers and it is awarded for person acts of extraordinary courage or heroism performed in the line of duty at extreme and dangerous personal risk .
LAPD-Purple-Heart-Ribbon.png Purple Heart
Awarded to officers who sustain a traumatic forcible injury as a result of a fishy ‘s actions during an on-duty tactical situation .
LAPD-Police-Distinguished-Service-Medal.png Police Distinguished Service Medal
The Police Distinguished Service Medal is the department ‘s highest award for service and may be awarded to employees who distinguish themselves by performing exceeding military service in a duty of capital responsibility or of critical importance to law enforcement .
LAPD-Police-Star.png Police Star
The Police Star is an prize for courage, normally awarded to officers for performing with exceeding judgment and/or utilizing nice tactics in order to defuse dangerous and nerve-racking situations .
LAPD-Police-Meritorious-Service-Medal.png Police Meritorious Service Medal
The Police Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to employees who distinguish themselves by performing exceeding service in a duty of capital duty or of critical importance to police enforcement, but to a lesser degree than required for the Police Distinguished Service Medal .
LAPD-Police-Meritorious-Unit-Citation.png Police Meritorious Unit Citation
The Police Meritorious Unit Citation may be awarded to an organizational unit of the department for fearlessness or outstanding overhaul by its members functioning as a team, but to a lesser degree than required for the Police Commission Unit Citation .
LAPD-Police-Life-Saving-Medal.png Police Life Saving Medal
The Police Life-Saving Medal is an award for courage, normally awarded to officers for taking action in regulate to rescue or attempt the rescue of either a mate officer or any person from at hand risk .
LAPD-Police-Commission-Distinguished-Service-Medal.png Police Commission Distinguished Service Medal
The Police Commission Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to officers who distinguish themselves by performing especial service to the LAPD or by performing in a nerve-racking emergency site with well sagacity and fearlessness .
LAPD-Detective-Service-Ribbon.png Detective Service Ribbon
5 years of overhaul in fact-finding units as a detective and/or lieutenant .

  • Goof (see below)
LAPD-1984-Summer-Olympics-Ribbon.png 1984 Summer Olympics Ribbon
Given to any LAPD officer who saw serve during the 1984 Summer Olympics from July 28 to August 12, 1984 .
LAPD-1987-Papal-Visit-Ribbon.png 1987 Papal Visit Ribbon
Given to any LAPD officer who saw serve during the September 1987 pastorale visit of Pope John Paul II .
LAPD-1992-Civil-Disturbance-Ribbon.png 1992 Civil Disturbance Ribbon
Given to any LAPD officer who saw avail during the 1992 Los Angeles riots from April 29 to May 4, 1992 .
LAPD-1994-Earthquake-Ribbon.png 1994 Earthquake Ribbon
Given to any LAPD officer who saw service during the 1994 Northridge earthquake from January 17 to January 18, 1994 .
LAPD-Democratic-National-Convention-Ribbon.png 2000 Democratic National Convention Ribbon
Given to any LAPD officer who saw service during the 2000 democratic National Convention .

Service prize drop the ball



Lt. Provenza could be seen wearing the standard Detective Service Ribbon on his uniform, meaning 5 years of service in fact-finding units as a detective and/or lieutenant even though he has served for much more than that. Considering his service years and his previous service in detective assignments, he would most decidedly have the Gold Star .

Ribbon Award name and description
LAPD-Detective-Service-Ribbon-1.png Detective Service Ribbon (with Bronze Oak Leaf cluster)
10 years of serve in fact-finding units as a detective and/or deputy .
LAPD-Detective-Service-Ribbon-2.png Detective Service Ribbon (with Silver Star)
15 years of service in fact-finding units as a detective and/or lieutenant .
LAPD-Detective-Service-Ribbon-3.png Detective Service Ribbon (with Gold Star)
20 years of service in fact-finding units as a detective and/or lieutenant .




  • In the episode “ Fool ‘s gold” of The Closer, Provenza’s ex-wife Liz reveals that all of his exes meet once a month to vent about Provenza. Andy is invited to join them as they consider him the fifth as Liz puts it.
  • Provenza’s first name wasn’t revealed until Season 5 of The Closer when it was mentioned by his former partner, George Andrews. Before that, he was always referred to as simply “Provenza” or “Lieutenant”. In “ The last Word”​​​, he mentions that even his grandchildren call him “Lieutenant”. In “ Frozen Assets”​​, Rusty learns his first name is Louie and Provenza tells him that “unless you outrank me or I divorced you, my name is Lieutenant.” In the same episode, we also hear that his middle name starts with “M”. In “ intersection”​​​, while discussing the possibility of him taking over Major Crimes if Sharon Raydor is promoted, Provenza admits that everyone calling him “Captain” rather than “Lieutenant” would be like changing his name.
  • Whenever the PHD or MCD does reconstructions with dummies, Provenza names each doll after one of his ex-wives.
  • Provenza has been sent to sensitivity training at least once.
  • Provenza hates it when people sit or put things on his desk.
  • He sometimes gets jokes about his age such as in “ Frozen Assets”​​ when he brings up his first job to Rusty Beck and Andy Flynn asks him if it was as a cabin boy on the Mayflower or as a dishwasher at the Last Supper.
  • Provenza tells Rusty that “snitching on people’s how I started my career” when discussing possible job applications with him. He doesn’t elaborate further than that though.
  • In “ Frozen Assets”​​​, Provenza writes Rusty a letter of recommendation for working in retail security based on his work in the operation to catch Wade Weller. Dick Tracy steals the letter after Rusty changes his mind about taking that sort of job and uses Provenza’s letter which he hadn’t put Rusty’s name on yet to get a security job of his own.
  • In “ final examination stinger”​​​ of Major Crimes, he buys the Major Crimes squad room a new high-tech printer after their old one breaks but makes everyone pay for using it. Following his buying of the printer, the squad members can occasionally be seen putting money in a jar after using his printer. In one episode, Assistant Chief Taylor uses it himself (though he doesn’t pay for it citing his rank) saying its the best printer in the LAPD.
  • In “ There ‘s No Place Like Home”​​​, Provenza’s refusal to get glasses nearly causes him to be reassigned to desk duty as he’s unable to shoot a good target without them anymore and can’t qualify with his weapon. Near the end of the episode, he’s stunned by the effect of a suspect’s glasses and later uses them to qualify on the range, getting a perfect target. Following this, he gets glasses which he can be occasionally seen wearing, though he doesn’t seem to need them at all times. Most notably, he wore them when he shot Wade Weller, allowing him to shoot him in the head, despite the distance he was at and the fact that Wade was using a hostage as a shield.
  • In “ The Jumping Off point”​​​, Provenza plans another engagement despite the failures of his many marriages and is angry when Andy ruins the surprise, telling Andy that when he plans to propose to someone, he intends to do it himself, not have Andy do it for him,
  • While Provenza isn’t shown outwardly to be as emotionally invested in the Alice Herrera case as Flynn, he admits that the outcome of them not being able to identify Alice bothers even him greatly despite not showing it.
  • When Flynn is sent to the hospital in “ Taking the fall”​​​, Provenza is shown to have medical Power of Attorney for him. He aids Flynn in filling out medical forms, but does it in such a way that Flynn jokes about needing a will. Rusty even comments at one point that he believes Sharon left him to make sure Provenza didn’t go too far. One of the forms Provenza fills out is a DNR and upon seeing it, Patrice asks if someone is trying to kill Flynn who tells her Provenza did it.
  • At his wedding to Patrice in “ Hindsight, Part 5

    ”​​​, Provenza was so excited he answered a question with “I do” before the ceremony even started.

  • After the bombing of the murder room in “ Shockwave, Part 2”​​​, two of the items seen to be recovered intact are Provenza’s money jar for use of his printer and a bobble-head of Provenza. After recovering the bobble-head, Julio jokes “roaches, rats, and Provenza. They can survive anything.” His printer is also confirmed to have survived the bombing and it sees continued use ( “ Sanctuary City, Part 2 ” )
  • In “ By Any Means, Part 2”​​​, Provenza states that “I always, always own up to my mistakes. Or I get a divorce.”




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