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DIY Pallet Projects – 20 Cheap Home Decor Ideas Using Wooden Pallets

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Christmas wood monogrammed wood signs

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Christmas wood pallet signUrban pallet gardenPallet planterStacked wood pallets to create a coffee tablePallet on wheelsPallet wedding save dateCoffee table made from wood palletsWood pallet headboardFolding pallet deskWood pallet wall hanging shelvesDistressed pallet wall artPallet DIY CDs storageSide pallet tableDog pallet bedPallet ottoman DIYPallet coat rackPallet balcony herb gardenPallet dining table decorHanging bench palletdecorative pallet kitchen hangingSimple Wooden Pallet Projects

Redecoration has never offered so many alternatives and variables like now. Let’s just say that, recently, the “palette” of choices has extended its horizons beyond the commercial field and reached a more creative and inspiring dimension. It’s interesting how much you can change the air of your house with some DIY pallet projects. The ingredients? Mostly commitment, passion and imagination.

Nowadays, DIY pallet projects have gained tremendous ground in the furniture market. What has changed? Well, people started to realize that a DIY project is like a channel through which they can express themselves. Having customized furniture unleashes their creativity and personality. If we also consider the aesthetic aspect, we’ll have to add that a DIY project gives a natural and comfortable vibe.

How lớn prepare the materials for your pallet furniture ?

The starting point of a diy pallet project is getting ahold of the material. This process implies : finding, selecting, cleaning, pulling apart the pallets & sanding .

Finding .

First of all, you must know that, the materials don’t have a major financial impact on your pockets, as in most of the cases, you can get ahold of some good pallet material for không tính tiền. There are a lot of businesses that require wooden pallets mập ship their products. The most common places where you can find some fine pallets are construction sites, pet food stores, markets .

Selecting .

As the pallets were used for shipments, it’s possible that these are, in certain degree, damaged. This should not discourage the “ creator ”, as first it must be determined Khủng what degree this affects your project. If we are talking about minor damages, then it probably will not have any impact, as the pallets will, either way, need mập be pulled apart. An important aspect Khủng be considered, for your safety, in your quest for DIY pallet projects, is the danger implied by the chemicals-treated pallets. If you don’t recognize the dangerous materials, you should pay attention if there are any markings và mập avoid the pallets with spills of either kind .

Cleaning .

Once you’ve confirmed that the materials are safe to be turned into a DIY pallet project, the easy way to clean them is by hosing them in the garden. After a couple of rinses, let the pallet dry.

Pulling apart.

This step is necessary if the diy pallet project you have in mind requires having the pallet disassembled. For this, you may need a crowbar, a hammer và if things get complicated with some stubborn rusty nails, you may also require a cat’s paw .


Depending on what is your pallet furniture vision, you may need béo sand the pallets before being put lớn use. For indoor furniture, it’s recommendable lớn sand your diy pallet projects in order béo avoid any splinter accidents caused by rough wood .

đôi mươi Inspiring wood pallet furniture ideas for your home page

Now that we’ve prepared the ground for your prospective pallet furniture, let’s indulge ourselves in a danh sách of inspiring DIY pallet projects .

Wooden Pallet Shelf

What is needed bự create your own pallet shelf ? Grab a pallet, pencil, saw, hammer, nails, sandpaper, drill và screws. The first step in this DIYpallet project is lớn express your vision & decide how you’d lượt thích Khủng cut the pallet. An idea, taken from the DIY Candy blog, depicts how you can craft your own shelf by stripping two rows of planks và sawing across the left và center – vertical boards. Afterward, you secure the double boards with a mix of screws & that’s it, your house has now a rustic & natural vibe. With the rest of the planks, you can try sanding và placing them in a more frequented indoor place .

Pallet Swing Bed

This particular pallet idea is purely fascinating. It induces a marvelous image of nature, in which you can fantasize a pallet swing bed in the middle of your garden, surrounded by trees. Moreover, the entire process of crafting a pallet swing bed may imply just having the pallet & some ropes. But the idea can expand as further as your imagination allows. For your comfort, add a mattress or cushion & take your afternoon naps in the most auspicious conditions. Some inspiring ideas related bự this DIY pallet project I’ve found on the Merrythought .

Pallet Dining Table

One of the most common DIY pallet projects implies crafting a rustic dining table. Grab some pallets, an old door frame ( or an alternative of it ), some old table legs, your toolbox & voila … your own pallet table. This kind of crafting emanates a sense of warmth và familial feeling, which will give your house a welcoming air. Some ideas on how lớn start your DYI pallet table can be found on the Lana Red Studio blog .

Balcony Herb Garden

For this DIY project pallet, you’ll need a pallet, some screws, a drill, some extra boards và a saw ( optional ). You can either choose phệ use the whole pallet or cut some planks from it. After sawing, you will place the pallet upright & screw the remaining planks under each cross board. Now, accommodate your plants on their hot nhất trang chủ. I’ve found this amazing idea on the Nur noch blog .

Front Entry Hooks

Another great và inspiring idea I’ve taken from the Our Home Notebook blog, in which I’ve discovered how bự give some useful purpose béo one of my old pallets. For this, strip a plank out of your pallet, sand it &, for a smooth feeling of it, use some furniture wax. Now that the plank is ready, screw the hooks & voila … you’ve materialized a piece of your own pallet furniture vision .

Pallet Ottoman – not beginner project

I’ve found this pallet furniture idea on the A Smith of all trades blog & it charmed me right away, especially through its simplicity. In order béo craft this kind of piece you just need a couple of pallets, some foam Khủng fill in, a piece of fabric lớn cover, some legs và obviously, your toolbox. This kind of DIY pallet project depicts a balanced set between rustic & exotic .

Dog bed – comfortable và cheap seating for your furry

Camille Styles blog describes one interesting and practical idea on how to craft your dog a comfortable bed with a modern vibe to it. Strip the planks from one side of the pallet into a u-shaped form, screw wheels on each of the corners, measure and craft the pillow in order to fit the size of the bed. Guys, this is just an overview, there are actually more details which might require some attention to finesse, so check the blog. It’s worth it!

Pallet Desk – simple idea

In my quest of finding captivating DIY pallet projects, an interesting desk idea caught my attention. I’ve deepened into the subject & found that the entire project is quite easy và requires little effort. But yes, it does require a lot of passion. The main material ? You’ve guessed, it’s the pallet. So, use your vision, the pallet, some old table legs và some diagonal braces for tư vấn và that’s it … you have your own pallet desk .

Pallet Wood box

Are you looking for a great, practical & simple DYI pallet project ? Look no more, create your own memories ’ box & give life Khủng your pallet vision. “ My So called Crafty Life ” blog might give you some ideas và help you start the project. So, you’ll need a pallet, some wood glue, saw, nails, hammer, screws và brackets. What are you waiting for ? This seems interesting .

Seasonal Pallet Board – fill the empty walls

Do you happen bự have an empty wall that shouts for decoration ? Maybe one that ticks your seasonal preference ? You could try this pallet idea taken from the Simply Designing blog. Follow the steps, transform your pallet into a board that will fit your empty space & decorate it with a banner, stickers or wreaths. It’s easy, entertaining & may function as a long-term mood booster .

Vintage Pallet Display – Family corner

Have you ever thought on giving your house a vintage look ? Try this amazingly easy & great idea taken from the Marty Musings blog. It’s không bao giờ been easier bự embody your pallet vision và improve your living-room ’ s appearance. As for supplies, you’ll just need a pallet, an extra board & voila … A rustic & vintage touch lớn your own living room .

Fold-up desk

Let’s just stimulate our imagination with an inspiring fold-up pallet desk. What do we need to craft it? Well, the main dish is the pallet. Add to that a piece of plywood, some cables that would support the door when down and some accessories needed to secure the cables and we’ve finished another great DIY pallet project.

Pallet headboard – rustic và cheap bedroom decor

Give your bedroom a rustic & natural touch with this hot nhất pallet idea và craft your own headboard. It’s easy, gives an intime nuance & will enhance the entire room with a particular familial feeling. I’ve come across this brilliant idea on the Ricedesign blog và all you need is one or two pallets và your toolbox. So, get ready for another pallet project .

Coffee Table – the easiest way Khủng use scrap wood pallets

Let’s craft something that you và your guests could enjoy kết thúc a cup of coffee ! Improve your living room with a slight touch of your imagination & with a chất lượng rustic air. For this DIY pallet project, you will need two pallets, some tools Khủng strip it into planks, nail them back side by side, a little sanding, some legs & here it is … your mới ra handmade coffee table. Enjoy !

Pallet Art – create beautiful signs

I’ve found this great idea on the Sweet Rose Studio và it really triggered my imagination on how easy is lớn craft great gifts for your loved ones. The blogger used the idea phệ create a wedding gift, but the project can be personalized in order Khủng match your own intentions. Whether you’re thinking Khủng surprise your mother or phệ confess your feelings mập your loved one, what better way Khủng express your emotions if not by involving lots of passion & efforts ? You just need the boards from a pallet, some nails, a hammer, a saw, some paints và a stroke of creativity .

Pallet Cart – add wheels

This mới nhất pallet idea enchanted me through its simplicity và usefulness. Make a life lovely blog gives some hints on how mập make your life easier by screwing some wheels Khủng a pallet & creating your own storage cart. It’s a perfect acquisition for your garage or basement .

Summer Party Table

Nothing invites you more Khủng relax than a little các buổi tiệc nhỏ in the garden & being surrounded by the beautiful green view. This DIY pallet project is easy béo make, as all you require mập get started is having 2 pallets, some spray paint, paint tape & legs. This Summer is all about recreation, parties và getting yourself connected with nature, so sánh this little table will definitely give that extra green nuance you’re missing. To get your project started, you can kiểm tra the steps here .

Pallet Planter Box

Here’s a little treat for your green friends. This pallet planter box project will grant a natural & rustic touch bự your living room & your plants will definitely love their mới nhất trang chủ. What vì you need béo get started ? Well, mostly a pallet, saw, hammer và some nails. Some ideas on how béo get this project started can be found on the Live laugh Rowe blog .

Urban Garden

Have you ever thought about having the taste of juicy fresh vegetables at your fingertips ? Well, with all the recycled wood ideas pumped all end the mạng internet, it’s không bao giờ been easier lớn create your own green piece of heaven. Update your yard with your own urban vegetable garden. For this project you’ll need mostly pallets, hammer, drill, wood screws, green plastic for agricultural use và a saw .

Pallet Christmas tree – Decorations for the Season

‘ Tis the season Khủng craft a pallet Christmas tree. Just imagine being surrounded by all kind of decoration và colorful lights, the snowflakes are seen through your night window falling easily … Well, this DIY project will definitely fit lượt thích a missing puzzle in all this décor. To get started you’ll need some boards from a pallet, White và gold paint & one piece of Christmas tree stencil .

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