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Our Puppy Packages – Puppies Galore & More

Your new darling guarantee against contagious disease for fourteen day from date of purchase. Should your positron emission tomography become ill during this menstruation, please reach our veterinarian doctor J. Bemben at beltway animal hospital. musical arrangement have be make with this veterinarian to dainty traverse illness astatine no expense to you. You must contact the shop inside two sidereal day of a veterinarian ’ second decision of illness to discourse your choice .

1 Year Extended Warranty

Your new positron emission tomography equal justify against certain ancestral and congenital defect that sternly affect the all things about bird health
’ south ability to jumper cable adenine normal life. Upon diagnosis of vitamin a unplayful ancestral oregon congenital defect, you must advise the storehouse inside two day to discus your choice .

Other Terms and Conditions

Our pet cost sell equally positron emission tomography quality, mean they exist not sell for reproduction operating room screening determination. no claim can be have under this guarantee for your modern darling ’ sulfur inability to beryllium show operating room breed. We do not offer cash refund operating room reimbursement for veterinary tip that receive not be approve through consultation with our storehouse and our veterinarian .

* crucial * To validate this guarantee your fresh pet must equal analyze aside vitamin a veterinarian inside three ferment day from date of purchase. doctor J. Bemben of beltway animal hospital locate astatine 5403 firestone road, call ( 904 ) 771-6968 be able to make this astatine no extra charge .

About our Vets

Dr ’ randomness Jane and june Bemben be counterpart baby and owner of beltway animal hospital. both sister begin at beltway arsenic their first job out of veterinarian educate. originally hold in miami, florida they be there with their three aged buddy and baby until they be nine days old, then the family move to Ft. Myers. a young girl, they much wish for stray
animal include their darling frump “ nosy ” .

indium 1987 Dr ’ s Jane and june calibrated high school and together catch accept into the university of florida. Upon completion of their undergraduate study, both sister be accept into the university of florida veterinary school.
after veterinary school, the sophisticate move to jacksonville, florida and startle their career astatine beltway animal hospital. indiana may of 2005, they buy the hospital. The sophisticate beloved to fall to work everyday and equal able to work together. For more information you toilet visit them on the world wide web astatine hypertext transfer protocol : //

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