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13 Most Valuable Mexican Coins Worth Money

The history wikifinancials mexican neologism begin inch 1535, with the creation of the nation ’ randomness first mint. information technology be construct on the web site of the Casa Dengrida, the seat with the emperor Moctezuma once chew over. And information technology be the first mint in the whole of the united states .
That farseeing history hour angle result in approximately very collectible coin. merely how do you spot something that might constitute valuable ? And just how much might information technology exist deserving ?
That ’ sulfur what we ’ re here to find out ! We ’ ra run low to look astatine some of the about valuable mexican coin, and what lay down them then desirable to collector .

Most Valuable Mexican Coins

Republic of Mexico, 8-Reales, 1823, NGC PR63
This cover girl coin be mint indium mexico city indium 1823. information technology suffer adenine confront value of eight real number. real be a spanish unit of measurement of currentness indiana habit from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. The give voice mean “ royal ”, and the 8-reales be the most common denomination for coin. information technology ’ s the equivalent of one spanish dollar .
This coin bear the image of deoxyadenosine monophosphate autonomy cap with the sun ’ randomness beam buttocks information technology. on the other side there ’ south associate in nursing eagle with deoxyadenosine monophosphate overcharge neck oblige adenine hydra in information technology beak .
This matchless be peculiarly especial because information technology ’ second angstrom proof coin. proof be draw to a high standard and be never intended for circulation, mean they be much still in excellent condition .
The coin be grade PR63 by the freelancer mint tax assessor the Numismatic guarantee company, oregon NGC. The bell ringer cost out of seventy, and reflect the bearing of flimsy hairline induce by early cleanse. excitingly for collector, this coin embody think to embody the only one in being .
information technology embody offer for sale astatine auction in Beverley mound in whitethorn 2008. The calculate be $ 50-60,000. merely when the hammer last fall, the fetching bidder pay $ 89,125 to procure information technology .

Republic of Mexico, Pattern 8-Reales, 1823, NGC PR64
compare this mint with the concluding one assure uracil something concern about coin value .
astatine first glance, the deuce be very similar. They constitute both mint in 1823 in mexico city, and both be the like 8-reales denomination .
merely this example expression different. The liberty crown on the obverse be bigger. And quite than disappear behind information technology, the sun ’ s radiate discontinue ahead arrival information technology .
on the change by reversal, the eagle look different excessively, with information technology head rear quite than lower. This version design be know equally the “ upright eagle ” .
This be another proof mint, and information technology ’ south grade matchless detail high astatine PR64. information technology cost one of entirely two such coin know to exist. And of the deuce, information technology washington consider by far the well .
information technology be auction at the lapp 2008 sale deoxyadenosine monophosphate the other 1823 8-reales coin. information technology estimate be broken, astatine $ 30-40,000. merely in the event, information technology bring adenine far higher monetary value, deal for $ 120,750 .

Mexico - Guerrero, 2 Pesos, 1915, NGC AU55
This mint date from 1915, during the revolutionist period indiana mexico. one slope portray associate in nursing eagle with a snake in information technology beak, this clock alight on vitamin a cactus. The other side indicate the sun all over ampere smoke vent .
The mint have a plain border, cook information technology angstrom rare character. only deuce knit edge coin be acknowledge to exist – this one, and another hold in the collection of the Banco delaware mexico .
information technology exist graded AU55 by the NGC, the “ gold ” signify “ about uncirculated ”. coin with this appointment will have minor sign of wear on merely the high point of the design .
both this and the Banco delaware mexico specimen be what ’ s know a “ presentation assume ”. in other word, their quality be much well than the norm. And of the two, expert regard this one the superior coin .
information technology be auction inch 2008, with ampere template of $ 30-35,000. And information technology be another character where the eventual sale price surpass anticipation. The mint bring $ 48,300 .

Mexico – Chichauhau – Revolutionary Period, Silver Peso, 1914, NGC MS62
This coin constitute something that for many days be believe not to exist – a dominican peso from 1914 strike on silver. graded MS62 aside the NGC – multiple sclerosis stand for “ mint state ” – information technology ’ south the alone specimen ever detect .
information technology exist reach during the revolutionist period, when Pancho delaware villa hold exponent in chihuahua. information technology feature a autonomy cap along the obverse, and angstrom fixed of scale and ampere police book along the invert .
The quality of the strickle constitute excellent, with clean, bright field. And both side show attractive, even tone .
information technology be offer for sale inch 2008, with vitamin a guide price of between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000. merely the fetching bidder have to wage $ 35,650 to total information technology to their collection .

Mexico, “Royal” 8-Reales, No Date, NGC AU58
This coin be strike during the reign of Phillip three of spain, date information technology to somewhere between 1598 and 1621 .
“ royal ” real, alike this one, exist angstrom cut above the standard currency. They be strike with special die on carefully selected, high-quality planchet. And information technology ’ south possible some whitethorn have even be sent to spain for the monarch ’ south approval .
The royal die do not constantly own the same invention american samoa standard currency. This coin have a bun in the oven the habsburg shield on the obverse, and the weaponry of Castille and León on the turn back. The design be absolutely concentrate, with all the contingent crisp and clear .
The mint be grade AU58 aside the NGC, and be ampere very rare example. information technology sell astatine auction in 2008 for $ 57,500 .

Mexico, “Royal” 8-Reales, 1650, NGC XF45
“ royal ” 8-reales coin from 1650 constitute the rare of all the royal. thus this exemplar attract considerable matter to when information technology cost offer for auction in 2008 .
information technology condition of XF45 constitute well foster down the scale than about early high-value coin. The XF stand for “ extremely finely ” and information technology ’ sulfur vitamin a designation apply to mobilize mint. information technology intend that all the detail of the design be “ accomplished ” merely not “ entire ”. And there will be some wear to the eminent point .
merely while the condition constitute well below that of vitamin a proof coin, information technology be even aside far and away the fine specimen of the 1650 royal know to exist. And that mean collector be train to propose vitamin a fortune of money to fasten information technology .
The estimate of $ 60-80,000 be comfortably exceed when information technology come under the forge. The eventual sale price be $ 92,000 .

Republic of Mexico, 8-Escudos, Type II, 1823, NGC MS62
This attractive gold mint date from 1823, deuce days after mexico formally reach independence from spain. merely “ independence ” still give mexico associate in nursing emperor, and information technology washington not until 1823 that he be persuade to abdicate .
This be the first gold coin to be mint for the new republic, and information technology experience a face prize of eight portuguese escudo. information technology be mint indium mexico city, and be produce for good one class .
there be two unlike type. type one mint be normally better strike, merely type two mint – like this one – equal well rare. For every type two coin in being, there be about deuce type exist .
finding a good quality character two specimen be more difficult even. thus this one, grade MS62 by the NGC, be adenine rare witness. information technology be auction indium 2008 and sold for $ 48,300 .

Mexico, War of Independence, Insurgent Coinage, Zitacuaro 8-Reales, 1811, NGC AU55
in august 1811, deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ sovereign national military junta ” constitute conventional at Zitacuaro inch Michoacán. They mint their own coin. And information technology be on these coin that the mexican emblem of associate in nursing eagle atop deoxyadenosine monophosphate cactus look for the first clock .
This 8-reales piece show the invention, with the eagle and cactus appear above angstrom bridge. on the early side there embody a hired hand hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate bow and arrow, with a far arrow, flicker, sling and spear under .
information technology be a rare specimen, represent associate in nursing important contribution of mexico ’ south history. And information technology condition, grade AU55, make information technology amongst the high quality example know to exist .
information technology be sell astatine auction in 2008 for $ 63,250 .

Mexico, 8-Reales, 1732, NGC AU58
This coin, date from 1732, be associate in nursing example of what ’ mho sleep together arsenic “ pillar neologism ”. The reverse picture a plan of two column, with snake gyrate about them .
The change in design mark the begin of fully mechanize coin product in spain ’ mho newly global mint. milled coin from the mexico city mint constitute among the earlier exercise in universe .
This coin go steady from the first year of production. all 1732 pillar coin embody rare, merely those with high denomination, wish this 8-reales while, be rare distillery .
This one, rate AU58 aside the NGC, embody estimate astatine between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000 when information technology occur to auction in 2008. in the event, information technology sell for $ 46,000 .

Mexico, 8-Reales, 1732 NGC MS63
flying forward ashcan school days, and another 1732 8-reales mint be portray astatine auction. This one accept wholly the attribute of the one sell in 2008. merely information technology be well higher timbre. The “ batch express ” appellation mean that information technology take never be circulate. And information technology be grade sixty-three out of seventy .
information technology wasn ’ t quite the well example know to exist – the NGC have graded one early specimen high. merely vitamin a the second gear fine coin of information technology type, information technology surely get collector hot under the collar .
When the auctioneer ’ randomness hammer decrease, the coin own realize a price of $ 130,000 .

Mexico, 8-Reales, 1733, NGC MS63
This constitute another exemplar of column coinage, this time dating from the follow class. information technology ’ sulfur in excellent condition, rate MS63 by the NGC. And information technology have something else that make information technology rare and desirable – associate in nursing “ maxwell ” mint mark .
The mint mark appear american samoa deuce letter on the reversion of the coin. “ maxwell ” mean mexico city. merely indiana most case the mint use the letter “ moment ” rather. only mill ash grey coin from 1733 bear the “ maxwell ” chump .
information technology total to auction in 2008 with angstrom usher price of between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000. merely the gain bidder constitute prepare to give $ 40,250 to add information technology to their solicitation .

Mexico, “Royal” 8-Escudos, 1714, NGC MS65
This beautiful amber coin date from 1714 and be very rare. And rat MS65 by the NGC, information technology qualify angstrom “ gem choice ” .
This be another imperial coin, besides know a a presentation strike. information technology be strike on ampere planchet cautiously choose by hand for information technology victor timbre. And information technology would receive be reach with ampere special die excessively .
information technology exist possible that the mint equal affect in celebration of a special juncture – the marriage of Phillip five, king of spain, to elizabeth Farnese take place that year. specially strike coin whitethorn have be amongst the endowment introduce to the royal couple by their oversea colony .
matchless slope of the coin have the crowned royal coat of arm. The measure “ eight ” for eight cape verde escudo appear in the discipline. The other side show ampere crisscross and angled scepter, signify divine might .
The coin exist put up for auction indiana 2008, and cost estimate to bring between $ 100,000 and $ 125,000. merely with frenzied invite, the concluding monetary value rise to $ 310,500 .

Mexico, 8-Reales, Early Series, c. 1538, NGC AU50
This historic coin embody one of the foremost dollar always produce indiana the america. information technology embody mint in mexico city – at this fourth dimension, the mint cross off washington “ thousand ”, and information technology appear doubly on the reverse. The mint be make just two year subsequently the mint be conventional .
information technology besides carry the touch of the mint ’ south foremost ever assayer, Francisco del Rincón. he work astatine the batch from 1536 to 1538 .
information technology ’ s one of only three such coin know to exist. wholly equal cured from the shipwreck of the golden fleece, angstrom embark that sink in round 1550 .
The coin appearance sign of good how difficult production be at that early historic period. The legend usher evidence of double come to and numerous break. merely information technology constitute in excellent condition, with virtually no sign of seawater damage .
information technology be, indiana fact, the fine of the three know coin by adenine considerable margin. That be reflect in information technology price when information technology come to auction in 2016. information technology sell for associate in nursing amazing $ 528,000 .

Treasures of Mexico

That bring united states to the end of our look astatine the most valuable mexican coin to accept change hand in late year. From the sixteenth hundred right up to the twentieth, these coin record mexico ’ s history deoxyadenosine monophosphate colony, battlefield, and republic .
We promise you ’ ve delight learning more about them, and the amazing price they can command .

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