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How to Remove an Engraving From Your Jewelry | Quick Jewelry Repairs

While it ’ second fun to engrave an detail, what happens when you ’ re no longer in love with the inscription ? You can get it removed ! however, it ’ s not an easy process and the procedure differs from item to item. hera ’ s what you need to know in ordain to remove an engraving .

How Is Jewelry Engraved?

remove-an-engraving-white-gold To understand how to remove an engrave, you need to know how the engraving is applied .
typically, most engravings are done via laser engraving, which carves the engraving into the surface of the metallic element. When you touch the engraving, you can feel a difference between the engraved metallic and the encompassing alloy.

other engravings are created in a “ spray-paint stencil ” like manner, and this is typically found on color-coated stainless steel steel jewelry. The item is “ engraved ” with an inscription that is created by covering the metallic element with the desire letters while the jewelry is coated. This creates a tinge contrast between the homely metal and the coat alloy, allowing you to view the dedication .

Removing an Engraving

To remove an engrave, a jeweler has to laser the metallic element at the area of the engraving, blasting it to level out the texture of the alloy. once this is done, the jeweler polishes the item and restores it to a polish, blank open .
While this procedure is fairly easy to do with metals such as greatest silver, gold, platinum, and stainless steel, this becomes much trickier with gold or silver plated items. This is because aureate and silver plated jewelry change from gamey quality to abject quality material underneath the plat, and the engraving removal process will take off the plating. In order to restore the look of the detail, the jeweler has to replate the assemble.

plated-tungsten-ring This becomes more debatable when the metal underneath the plate is not conducive to any metalwork. Cheap costume jewelry metals that contains zinc, run, or pewter do not react well at all to lasering or polishing, and may even disintegrate in the process. If your detail is gold plated, the jeweler will inform you that there is a hypothesis the jewelry will be affected by the summons and you need to confirm before they proceed with the work .
finally, items such as tungsten, ceramic carbide, and titanium are near-impossible to polish out due to the nature of the metallic. If you have an scratch on these materials, consider it permanent wave as any attack at polishing will result in scuff and even massive porosity as holes start appearing in the material .

Cost and Turnaround Time

Removing an engraving is the like price as your average polish, and it starts at $ 21 depending on the material of your detail. This can normally be done same-day, except for stainless steel which takes about 3-5 days to process.

nowadays you ’ re all set on how to remove an engraving ! If you have something you want to erase, gloss below and we can help you get started .

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