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Telequip T-Flex TM User Guide – PDF Free Download


Telequip T-Flex TM User Guide Crane Payment Innovations 5 Industrial Way Salem, NH 379 Crane Payment Innovations 7 Steeles 1 Telequip T-Flex TM User Guide Crane Payment Innovations 5 Industrial Way Salem, NH 379 Crane Payment Innovations 7 Steeles Avenue West Concord, ON Canada L4K 4S3 call : telephone : 2 Telequip T-Flex User Guide Copyright Crane Payment Innovations, 4 Part # 35-9A Rev. 34 restriction of Liabilities Crane Payment Innovations has taken reasonable concern in the planning of this manual, and will not be liable for damages arising out of the use of this product or its documentation. Software and Hardware Disclaimers Proper operation and functionality of the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser depends upon specific program of the Point of Sale ( POS ) device or teller arrangement software. Check with your software supplier to ensure that the proper communications program is in place to interface with the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser. Certain accessory hardware devices, such as serial expansion boards, may not pass the correct signals to the T-Flex TM, thereby causing unpredictable results. FCC Statement Changes or modifications to this whole not expressly approved by the party creditworthy for submission could void the exploiter randomness authority to operate the equipment. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a unaccented industrial digital device, pursuant to Part 5 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable auspices against harmful hindrance when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio receiver frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the User Guide, may cause harmful intervention to radio communications. operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful intervention in which case the exploiter will be required to correct the interference at their own expense. Trademarks Product names used in this guidebook may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. T-Flex TM User Guide i 35-9A

3 Contents. Preface. Safety Warnings and Cautions Safety Icons … Heavy Objects Introduction Audience … 3 International Capabilities … 3 relate Documentation Warranty Coverage & Service Technical Support … 5 How to Obtain Service … 6 Packing the Coin Dispenser for Shipping … 6 ship Charges … 6 haunt Charges Getting to Know the T-Flex TM Getting to Know the T-Flex TM Installation … Factory Settings … Before You Begin … Changing the Dispense Direction … Installing the Coin Dispenser … -3 Employee Training Coin Dispenser Features Dispensing Coins … 5 flush Depletion or Minimum Dispense … 5 Coin Capacity … 5 Low Coin Alarm … 6 In-System Programming … 6 Lock Assembly … 6 external Power Supply … 7 Power Cable … 7 Communications Cable Operation Filling the Coin Canister … 8 Coin Loading Options … 8 Reading the Calibration Strips … 8 extra Canisters … 9 Cash Management Procedures Maintenance Mounting Options … Specifications … Parts List Canister Coin Capacities Troubleshooting Flowchart … 3 T-Flex TM User Guide ii 35-9A 4. Preface Crane Payment Innovations ( CPI ) is part of Crane Co., a diversify manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products ( NYSE : chromium ). CPI provides a full moon range of payment solutions for Gaming, Retail, Transportation, Vending and Financial Services applications. CPI is built upon the technological heritage and marketplace know of NRI, CashCode, Telequip, Money Controls TM, MEI and Conlux brands.. Safety Warnings and Cautions The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is a dependable and reliable intersection. All the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that normal operations and alimony procedures are dependable. Crane Payment Innovations will not be held liable for damages and/or personal injuries brought on by incorrect operation and care practices. lone a modify service technician should remove the front or raise covers to access home components. Ignoring this warn may void the product sulfur guarantee. Safety Icons Electrical Shock Hazards – Indicates potentially harmful voltages are portray Stop ! – Identifies important information requiring particular attention. caution ! – Identifies actions requiring caution. Pinch Hazard – Identifies potential crimp hazards. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 5 heavy Objects caution : The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser weighs approximately.5 pounds including an unfilled mint case shot. When transporting the unit, keep off bump or dropping it, which could damage the unit. If dropped on a consistency separate, the Coin Dispenser could cause serious personal injury. caution : The case shot should be removed from the dispenser and transported individually to avoid damage and/or personal injury. caution : A non-secured whole must be placed on a level open to assure optimum constancy. circumspection : A canister that is full of coins is quite heavy. Be careful in handling the case shot to avoid damage to the unit or to your person. Always store the canister flat on its back or in a vertical stead on its base on a smooth, flat surface. 3. introduction The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is a versatile, heavy-duty intersection that is engineered to provide years of trouble-free operation. Supermarkets, public toilet stores, quick serve restaurants, cafeteria, and banks that use Coin Dispensers have seen improved customer throughput, increased cashier productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.. Using a Coin Dispenser can save up to 5 to 8 seconds on each cash transaction. Saving time translates immediately into increased sales, specially during top out business periods. And, with a Coin Dispenser, your employees will have more time to pay attention to your customers rather than counting out change. Using a T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser provides greater accuracy and fewer cash discrepancies. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 6 Using microprocessor-based engineering, fault security circuitry, with few moving parts, the T-Flex TM is a very dependable device. The circuit circuit board is immune to light industrial electric interference and is tolerant of dirty office environments. The T-Flex TM uses either an RS-3 or USB communication interface, making it easy to integrate into environments using electronic cash registers and Point of Sale ( POS ) devices, angstrom well as embedded in Self Check-Out systems and Kiosk solutions. PC-based software allows you to well configure options, set customize features, and run diagnostic tests that were previously available alone through hardware upgrades or manually mise en scene switches on the racing circuit display panel. Audience The Telequip T-Flex TM User Guide is intended for managers and supervisors of businesses that use the Telequip T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser. It describes features of the unit, discusses how to perform standard operations, and how to troubleshoot to solve park problems. International Capabilities The T-Flex TM can be used in versatile countries by selecting the appropriate power cord and canister. Canisters are presently available for a battalion of currencies. Please reference the canister tilt at the back of this User Guide or call Sales for more information. T-Flex TM User Guide A The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser has received the CE marking, is RoHS Compliant and is approved for distribution in the European market. 7 The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser has received the CE score, is RoHS Compliant and is approved for distribution in the european grocery store. Design features include : external switch mode power supply allows the dispenser to operate from either Volts or 4Volts AC, 5 or 6 Hz Detachable power cord that can be ordered with different connectors to match the local might source. Related Documentation The T-Flex TM Quick Start Guide ( Part # 35-57 ) is available to simplify installation. The T-Flex TM Service Guide is besides available for military service technicians who work with the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser. It describes how to run diagnostic tests, change the nonpayment settings for pre-programmed functions, perform advanced trouble-shoot procedures, and replace diverse components and sub-assemblies. T-Flex TM User Guide A 8 4. Warranty Coverage and Service Crane Payment Innovations warrants that the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser, if properly handled, installed and used, will be free from defects in material and craft for one ( ) year following the date of dispatch by Crane Payment Innovations. An drawn-out guarantee is available for the T-Flex TM. This guarantee is available for two extra years. For specific information on this cover guarantee, please contact your sales representative or your point of Sale serve supplier. If the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser fails to conform to the above express guarantee, Crane Payment Innovations sole and single liability will be to repair the Coin Dispenser that fails during the applicable guarantee period, provided that : You promptly notify Crane Payment Innovations ( or toll unblock at ) that the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is defective and provide a description of the lack. You return the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser to Crane Payment Innovations adeptness at your risk and expense. Crane Payment Innovations is satisfy that the claim insufficiency exists and was not caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, improper initiation, improper examination or repair. If the returned T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is bad, department of transportation charges for the return of the compensate whole to the customer will be assumed by Crane Payment Innovations. technical accompaniment To obtain technical support, you may contact Crane Payment Innovations by telephone or. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:3am to 5 : promethium easterly Time. Please call and choose Menu Option # 3 or call extra data can be found on our web site at If you prefer, you may your questions to us at Our technical defend team will get the data you need a promptly as possible. T-Flex TM User Guide A 9 How to Obtain Service Your T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is a rugged and authentic piece of equipment that was designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. In the consequence your T-Flex TM requires service, please reach Crane Payment Innovations to receive a Return Material Authorization ( RMA ) number. Please shout us during our normal clientele hours ( Monday through Friday, 8:3 a.m. – 5 : post meridiem, Eastern Time ) at or toll release at When you call, please have the following information ready : The Coin Dispenser s serial count, which is printed on a silver label located on the bottom of the unit and on the face of the canister loading slot. The type of Point of Sale ( POS ) device or organization used with the unit of measurement. A net description of the trouble. Packing the Coin Dispenser for Shipping Before packing the Coin Dispenser, remove the coin cup and the case shot. Pack the Coin Dispenser, canister, and communications cable in a hardy container, with sufficient packing material to prevent them from being damaged. ship Charges You are responsible for the shipping charges and risk for returning the Coin Dispenser. Crane Payment Innovations suggests that you use a shipping service that provides tracking information, and that you insure the equipment for its entire prize. Repair Charges If Crane Payment Innovations is satisfy that the claim lack exists, and your T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is within the intend guarantee period, Crane Payment Innovations lone and single indebtedness is to repair it. Units repaired under guarantee are returned to the customer at our expense. Abuse, neglect, alteration, improper initiation, or improper screen and haunt of the unit will void the guarantee. For Coin Dispensers that are out of guarantee, repairs are completed at a bland charge for labor, plus the price of parts and ship. T-Flex TM User Guide A 10 5. Getting to Know the T-Flex TM ( See Figures I II ) The surveil drawings identify the major parts of the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser : Coin cup – Holds dispensed coins. Left and correct coin cups are available. Refer to Installing the Coin Dispenser for instructions on installing the coin cup. Left or Right coin delivery – Coins can be dispensed either from the leave side or the right side of the unit. For reference book, the right side of the Coin Dispenser is the side on which the lock assembly is mounted. Rear cover – Encloses the rear of the human body, and typically faces the cashier. Front cover – The report on which the Telequip logo appears, and normally faces the customer. The front cover provides access to versatile mechanical and electric assemblies. only an authoritative service technician should remove the cover. Coin canister – Contains the coin armory. Coin canisters are available in models that support several types of coins. All coin canisters include a removable cover. Communication ports USB and RS-3 consecutive interface which connects to the Point of Sale device. Status lights : Green ( constant ) – power LED. Reports when the device is on and ready. Red ( constant ) – warn LED. Reports a machine error. Red ( blinking ) – warn LED. There are one or more low mint column. Yellow ( blinking ) – communication LED. Flashes concisely when valid communications are passed to or from the server. DC office jack – receptacle into which the baron cable is inserted. T-Flex TM User Guide A 11 Power switch – Powers the Coin Dispenser on and off. Side cover – Covers the idle open and directs the coin exit ramp. The english overlay is install opposition of the coin cup. Lock assembly/key – Secures the mint canister to the chassis, preventing it from being removed. The key is universal joint to other T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser locks. The lock is for security merely and is not required for operation. figure I Coin Canister Handle Coin Canister Rear Cover Front Cover Lock Assembly Side Cover T-Flex TM User Guide A 12 Figure II Coin Exit Ramp Coin Cup ( entrust delivery ) Coin Cup Mounting Screw DC Power Jack Power Switch Status Lights RS-3 Communication Port USB Communication Port T-Flex TM User Guide A 13 Installation Factory Settings The T-Flex TM is configured at the fourth dimension of manufacture for your point of Sale environment and currency canister setting. The procedures to change these options are described in the T-Flex TM Service Guide. Contact your service provider for aid. Before You Begin Before you install the T-Flex TM, examine the area where it will be located, keeping the following points in judgment : typically, the Coin Dispenser should be installed thus that the front embrace ( with logo ) is facing the customer and the rear is facing the cashier. ( note : As a point of citation, the right side of the Coin Dispenser is the side on which the lock fabrication appears. ) T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 14 Changing the Dispenser Direction To change the side from which the Coin Dispenser ejects coins, perform the following steps :. Unplug the power cable.. Disconnect the communications cable television. 3. Remove the original coin cup and the original Side Cover. 4. In the opening where the original cup was attached, locate the conclusion of the coin ramp, and raise it up so that the ramp is towards the opposite direction. Slide the newly Side Cover into the unfold, ensuring that it locks the end of the coin ramp into the compensate position. 5. Secure the Side Cover with the Phillips fountainhead screw. 6. On the antonym side of the Coin Dispenser, install the newly cup. see that the cup is properly aligned with the dispenser, and then secure the cup to the bottomland of the human body using the Phillips head screw. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 15 Installing the Coin Dispenser To install the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser, perform the follow steps : The surface should be level, stable, and free of liquids and moisture. The Coin Dispenser should not be installed where there are vapors or compression, or where it might be by chance splashed or sprayed with liquids. Liquids can create a jolt guess and will cause wrong to the internal components of the unit, voiding the warranty.. Set the Coin Dispenser on a bland, stable surface.. Assemble the coin cup by placing it into the hole on the side of the dispenser and align it to the exit ramp. Attach the tab to the bottom of the chassis with the Phillips head screw provided. 3. Plug the connection on the communications cable, labeled Coin Disp, into the appropriate USB or RS-3 communications port. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 16 4. Attach the other conclusion of the communications cable to the POS system. 5. Plug the DC power hack from the external world power brick into the T-Flex TM gore. Plug the AC note cord into the external baron provide. 6. Insert a fill coin canister into the Coin Dispenser, seating it firm into place. The coin canister must be filled to at least one third capacity in order to test it during the installation. notice : If the tied of any coin column drops below the bed of the calibration strips, the low-coin alarm will sound. 7. Plug the cable cord into a desirable power release. 8. Press the office switch to the On situation. 9. To complete the initiation, you must enable the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser on your register or point of Sale system. If necessity, contact your IT department or your service provider. T-Flex TM User Guide A 17 Employee Training Tips To integrate the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser smoothly into your operation, consider an employee train class. This will help employees become familiar with the Coin Dispenser and give them the opportunity to ask questions. Topics you should cover are : steer out the Coin Dispenser randomness features ( denote to Getting to Know the T-Flex TM section in this steer ). Emphasize that the covers to the whole should never be removed. Advise circumspection in removing and handling the coin case shot, which can be quite heavy. guarantee that the Coin Dispenser is placed on a level, sturdy come on that is free of liquid and/or moisture. Demonstrate the different methods to fill the coin canister. A video recording on filling the case shot is available on-line or upon request. Describe what to do when the low coin alarm sounds ( see Low Coin Alarm description in this guidebook ). It is recommended to lock the canister in the Coin Dispenser and store the key ( s ) in a dependable place. T-Flex TM User Guide A

18 6. Coin Dispenser Features Dispensing Coins The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser dispenses change for a cash transaction, saving time and ensuring accuracy. The unit can be adjusted to eject coins from either the left or right side. Refer to Changing the Dispense Direction section in this guide. tied Depletion or Minimum Dispense To maximize the number of transactions that can be completed before refilling the coin canister, the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is set to dispense coins using the Even Depletion method. This method occasionally substitutes coins to maximize mint custom. For exemplar, alternatively of a quarter – two dimes and one nickel are dispensed. This ensures that the integral coin inventory is depleted a evenly as potential. In practice, even Depletion offers an extra 3 to 7 transactions between case shot fills. The Minimum Dispense method constantly ejects the minimum numeral of coins possible per transaction ( for exemplar, to return 5 cents, two quarters are dispensed ). Coin Capacity The T-Flex TM US Standard coin canister holds more than $ in coins, distributed between eight columns. There are two quarter, two dime bag, one nickel and three penny columns. Each column holds up to three rolls of coins. The time between fills will vary, depending on your particular environment. You can perform your own calculations by using the following information : Assume an average transaction dispenses 5 cents. Divide the measure of the mint inventory ( in this model, a US Standard mint case shot with over $ in coins ) by 5 cents, which yields over transactions per canister. T-Flex TM User Guide A 19 Determine how many transactions per hour are conducted in your operation ( for this example, we use 7 transactions ). Divide the transactions per filled canister by 7 transactions per hour, which yields.7 hours per canister. This case assumes the Even Depletion choice. first gear Coin Alarm Mode When any column of coins in the canister drops below a certain floor, the Low Coin Alarm will sound. After the alarm sounds, three more transactions are allowed ( US Canister ) before the machine stops dispensing coins. To silence the alarm, turn the power switch off. Refill the Coin Dispenser or remove the consume canister and replace it with a filled matchless. then turn the office back on. When a column reports a low Coin circumstance, the red LED will start to flash and the alarm will sound every seconds. The dispenser will continue to operate until the mint inventory closely reaches the equivalent of the dispense below value. After this has been reached, the red LED will turn upstanding and the alarm will change to a constant tone. In-System Programming Firmware upgrades can be done directly through the RS-3 or USB port using the upgrade utility. Lock Assembly The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser includes a lock assembly that secures the mint canister in place. The key is universal and can be used with any T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser. The lock in is for security only, and is not required for mathematical process. T-Flex TM User Guide A 20 external Power Supply The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is supplied with a UL listed 3V, 7W external switch modality ability supply. only UL listed supplies with alike ratings may be used to ability the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser. Power Cable The cable that connects the Coin Dispenser to the generator of electrical exponent is detachable, and available in several terminations to match local world power receptacles. Contact Crane Payment Innovations for extra information. Communications Cable RS-3 An RS-3 series cable television is used to connect the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser to the Point of Sale device. The cable end that plugs into the Coin Dispenser is terminated with an RJ-45 connection. The other end of the cable is typically fitted with a 9-pin female connection, however, other connectors may be requested when placing an rate. USB – A USB Standard A to B cable is used to connect the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser to the Point of Sale device. If you find that you do not have any available serial ports on your point of Sale system, there are USB to Serial converter cables that you can purchase. Please call Sales at to discuss this choice or to arrange one. Whether you purchase this cable from us or on your own, please be certain to follow the initiation instructions. T-Flex TM User Guide A 21 7. operation This section describes filling the mint case shot, reading how much currency is in a coin case shot, and cash management procedures. Filling the Coin Canister Before you remove the coin case shot, press the world power substitution to the Off position. If the Coin Dispenser is switched On when the mint case shot is removed, one of the solenoids may fire, causing a pinch hazard and/or personal wound. Filling a coin canister takes approximately five minutes, but may take longer with initial use. Either rolled or loose coins can be used to fill the case shot. Knowing the value of the seethe coins that you add makes it easier to count the full value of coins when the case shot is filled. Coin Loading Options Perform the follow steps to load the case shot using idle coin :. Remove the case shot from the base.. For farther instructions, you may entree the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser page at and view the Coin Loading Video. 3. Set the case shot on a flat, stable surface, and fold the carrying handle underneath, providing a good load fish. 4. Remove the case shot overlay by compressing the two ovolo points at the bottom of the canister and sliding the cover up and off. 5. Take a comfortable number of coins between your thumb and first finger. 6. Place the column of coins over the top of the column, and then let it slide down into the column. Repeat this march until the canister is filled to the desired starting level. 7. Place the breed back on the case shot. Reading the Calibration Strips The calibration strips at the back of the coin column are used as a guideline to determine the approximate measure of the coins in each column. Due to variations in coin thickness and how the coin rims align when they are stacked, the values indicated T-Flex TM User Guide A 22 by the calibration strips may be off by a small come – three coins at most at the uppermost flat of the column. Be certain to allow for a slight cash variability due to coin rim thickness and odd stack. If each column in a US Standard canister is off by one or two coins, the total value of coins in the canister, as indicated by the calibration strips, can vary up to $ .56 US. The right means to read the calibration strips is to read the foremost in full visible number that appears above a column of coins. Additional Canisters Many businesses purchase extra mint canisters to improve efficiency. A occupy case shot should support approximately cash transactions, depending on your occupation procedures. A fill case shot can be promptly swapped with a depleted canister with minimal impingement to the operation. several models of coin canisters are available that hold coins used by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many european countries, including a canister for the Euro mint set. Please refer to the Parts number at the back of this usher for details. Cash Management Procedures Customers find that using a Coin Dispenser improves their cash management practices. By filling the coin case shot to a fix charge, and keeping it assigned to the safe balance for accounting purposes, you can minimize the count and handling of coins. The follow operation describes one method acting to manage your cash balances :. Decide the value of coins that you want to assign to the case shot and then fill it with that amount ( for case, $ US ). This value may be higher than what is normally kept in the till.. Consider marking the canister extrusion to indicate the degree of coins in each column. T-Flex TM User Guide A 23 3. At the begin of the switch, issue the cashier a drawer with a preset come of bills ( for exemplar, $ 8 US ) and then lock a filled coin case shot into the dispenser. As sales are rung up, the total value of bills in the draftsman increases by the total of the sales plus the value of coins dispensed. This is because the coins are partially of the safe balance alternatively of the draftsman balance. 4. sporadically perform an inventory and remove overindulgence bills from the cross-file as you normally would. 5. When the stir is over, take a sales reading, and remove the cash draftsman from the file. Add any coins from the draftsman to the coin case shot ( but not above the grade refill level ), and then remove the mint case shot from the dispenser. 6. Using the calibration strips, count the value of coins remaining in the case shot ( for example, $ 6 US ) and subtract the total from the total initially loaded into the case shot ( $ US ). This yields the measure of coins dispensed ( $ 4 US in this case ). 7. Calculate the sum sales ring in during the transfer. The sales sum should equal the combine value of bills received and the coins dispensed. For case, if sales totaled $ 8 US, and $ 4 US in coins was dispensed, the cash drawer should contain $ 9 US. That is, the starting remainder in the drawer, plus the bills taken in from sales, plus the amount of coins dispensed. Be sure to allow for a flimsy cash variance due to coin rim thickness and odd stack. If each column in a US Standard canister is off by one or two coins, the sum value of coins in the case shot, as indicated by the calibration strips, can vary up to $ .56 US. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 24 8. Maintenance The T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser is designed for eminent performance and requires minimal effort to maintain. The canister should be handled with care and never dropped. Always store the canister flat on its back or in a upright placement on its foundation on a smooth flat coat. It is important to keep the Coin Dispenser and the case shot clean. Use alone a soft, damp fabric to remove surface scandal. The Coin Dispenser DOES NOT need to be oiled. Using oil, detergents or petroleum-based cleaning compounds can adversely affect the dependability of the Coin Dispenser. Mounting Options 34-9 Universal Mounting Bracket Kit Galvaneal ( zinc treated steel ) 6¾ x 4 bracket that allows the T-Flex TM Coin Dispenser to be secured to a antagonistic top with one center bolt ( Figure a. ) or four bolts around the margin. ( digit b. ) ( Universal Bracket entirely ) ( Universal Hardware Set ) trope a. Figure b. T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 25 Specifications Note : Specifications and blueprint features are subject to change without detect. Size : 9¾ W x 6½ D x 4½ H – with case shot 9¾ W x 6½ D x 7¾ H – without case shot Weight : 6.5 pound. – without canister.5 pound. – with canister unloaded might : 3 Volts DC, 4 Amps soap. to 4 Volts AC, 5 or 6 Hz external trade mode baron issue Power Consumption : 7W Power Cord : detachable power cords with different terminations to match local power receptacles, and in different lengths, are available. Communication Cable : Cables with versatile serial cable terminations and in different lengths are available. Certifications : CE, UL, CUL, FCC T-Flex TM User Guide 35-9A 26 Parts List Coin Cup and Side Cover Left, gray Right, grey Left, charcoal Right, charcoal Part Numbers 3-38LB and 3-364G 3-38RB and 3-365G 3-38LB and 3-364C 3-38RB and 3-365C Standard Coin Canisters Part Numbers Maximum Capacity Canada Penniless Euro Euro < UK Standard UK < US Standard US Load-in Lane $ Euro 85.3 Euro $ .4 $ .4 Expect Extended Lead Times Argentina Australia Chile Euro > 5 Hungary Japan Standard Lithuania Lithuania Tall Mexico New Zealand NZ Peru Poland Poland >. Russia South Korea Sweden Turkey 3L UK < US Golden Dollar US Load-in Lane ( Smoke ) US Quarter merely $ Pesos 4.8 Euro 95 Forint 987 Yen 994. Litai 994. Litai 3. Pesos $ Nuevo Soles Zloty.7 Zloty 36. Roubles 45 Won 64. Kronor Lira 54. $ 36.48 $ .4 $ 98. Please touch Crane Payment Innovations for data about mint canisters for other countries. not all canisters are in stock. special orders will require add lead times and possibly a minimal measure purchase. T-Flex TM User Guide A 27 Canister Replacement Covers Load In Lane Canister Cover Load In Lane Canister Cover ( Smoke ) Universal Canister Cover US Coin Canister Cover US Tall Canister Cover Part Numbers Coin Loading Solutions Coin Loading Solution ( CLS ) for US Canisters Coin Loading Solution ( CLS ) for UK Canisters Coin Loading Solution ( CLS ) for Euro Part Numbers Keys 34-34S Cables Spare cables are available upon request T-Flex TM User Guide A 28 Canister Coin Capacities The following canister listings are divided into 3 categories with unlike lead times : standard : workweek lead meter Existing designs : 9 workweek lead clock time New designs : 6 workweek lead meter The following are standard canisters with, in general, a week contribute time. CANADA Canada Penniless Standard ; No Penny ( 34-993 ) 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents $ $ total : $ dollars Canada Standard ( 34-45 ) cent 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents $ $ full : $ dollars EURO Euro Standard ( 34-45 ) cent Cents 5 Cents Cents Cents 5 Cents UK Total : euro UK Standard ( 34-44 ) Penny Pence 5 Pence Pence Pence 5 Pence entire : pounds Euro < ( 34-48 ) cent Cents 5 Cents Cents Cents 5 Cents full : euro UK < ( 34-475 ) Penny Pence 5 Pence Pence Pence 5 Pence entire : pounds T-Flex TM User Guide A 29 US US Standard ( 34-464 ) US Load In Lane ( 34-566 ) penny 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents total : $ dollars The following are canisters with existing designs. In general, a 9 week head time can be expected. Stock may be available. If there is no stock, a minimum order quantity may be required. ARGENTINA Argentina ( 34-67 ) centavo 5 centavo centavo 5 centavo 5 centavo guinea-bissau peso sum : 94. CHILE guinea-bissau peso Chile ( 34-6 ) peso 5 guinea-bissau peso guinea-bissau peso 5 mexican peso cuban peso guinea-bissau peso sum : chilean peso AUSTRALIA Australia ( 34-46 ) cent 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents $ $ sum : $ 47. HUNGARY dollars Hungary ( 34- ) forint forint 5 forint forint forint 5 forint forint forint total : forint T-Flex TM User Guide A 30 MEXICO Mexico ( 34-559 ) 5 Cent Cent* Cent* 5 Cent* Peso Pesos 5 Pesos Pesos Total : 3. *Does not support cuban peso POLAND Poland ( 34-554 ) Grosz Grosz 5 Grosz Grosz Grosz 5 Grosz Zloty Zloty 5 Zloty full : zloty POLAND Poland >. ( 34-6 ) Grosz Grosz 5 Grosz Grosz Grosz 5 Grosz Zloty Zloty 5 Zloty total : zloty RUSSIA Russia ( 34-8 ) kopek 5 kopek kopek 5 kopek ruble roubles 5 roubles roubles Total : roubles SWEDEN US Load In Lane ( 34-65 ) Sweden ( 34-7 ) 5 ore Krona Kronor 5 Kronor Kronor Total : kronor ( Smoke Cover ) Cent 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents sum : $ dollars T-Flex TM User Guide A 31 UK UK < ( 34- ) Penny Pence 5 Pence Pence Pence 5 Pence total : pounds EURO Euro > 5 ( 34-479 ) cent Cents 5 Cents Cents Cents 5 Cents sum : euro PERU PERU ( 34-6 ) centimo centimos 5 centimo nuevo sol nuevo sol 5 nuevo sol total : nuevo soles T-Flex TM User Guide A

32 The stick to are canisters which require modern tool, in general, a 4-6 workweek lead time with a minimum order of T-Flex TM units required. ARGENTINA Argentina ( 34-68 ) 6 Columns centavo 5 centavo centavo 5 centavo 5 centavo cuban peso colombian peso total : 7. JAPAN pesos Japan Tall ( full : 8893 SOUTH KOREA yen South Korea ( 34-555 ) Won 5 Won Won 5 Won Won 5 Won Total : 45 TURKEY won Turkey 3L ( 34-6 ) Kurus 5 Kurus Kurus 5 Kurus 5 Kurus Lira Total : lira CANADA Canada Tall ( 34-58 ) penny 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents $ $ sum : $ 56.55 NEW ZEALAND dollars New Zealand ( 34-685 ) Cents 5 Cents 5 Cents $ $ total : $ 53. US US All Quarter ( 34-8 ) dollars cent 5 Cents Cents 5 Cents sum : $ 98. Turkey 3L Tall ( 34-596 ) Kurus 5 Kurus Kurus 5 Kurus 5 Kurus Lira Total : dollars lira T-Flex TM User Guide A 33 T-Flex TM User Guide A 34 Crane Payment Innovations 5 Industrial Way Salem, NH 379 Crane Payment Innovations 7 Steeles Avenue West Concord, ON Canada L4K 4S3 Toll Free : call : call : Part # 35-9A Revision 34 T-Flex TM User Guide A

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