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Why You Should Hang Out With People Older Than You | Jeet Banerjee

Before I get started calculate my age
this post, I want phệ make one thing clear. I am not saying that all of your friends must be older than you or anything lượt thích that .Instead, I am simply showing you how spending giây phút older people created a lot of value in my life. While age doesn’t necessarily define someone’s characteristics, I have learned some valuable things when having people older than me around me .In this article, I chia sẻ why you should hang out with people older than you :

Conversations Are Very Different

Believe it or not, if you really sit lao dốc và have a conversation with people of different age groups, you’ll quickly see that the types of conversations vary dramatically. With older people, topics of marriage, building assets / wealth, buying houses, và planning the future kept coming up .With people the same age as me or younger, we talked more about sports, gossip, mạng xã hội truyền thông happenings, & current life. Don’t get me wrong, I love engaging in both types of conversations, but the discussion with the older people was something very mới nhất mập me .

You Learn A Lot

No matter what, people older than you have lived more life than you have. With that in mind, they tend phệ have a lot of wisdom & life experiences that you may not have had yet .As I ác nghiệt out with people older than me, I began learning a lot more about things béo avoid or béo prepare for when I did get lớn 25 or 30. Getting lớn hear firsthand experiences from things people have dealt with is extremely valuable & powerful .

They Can Open Lots Of Doors

While people younger than you can create lots of opportunities, I typically found that the older crowds were finding me more opportunities. This could be because people in my age nhóm are still in college while those that were older were already out .Nevertheless, you want mập change up the groups of people you hang out with because you don’t know what mới nhất doors can be opened from them. If you hang out with the same crowd all the thời gian, you limit yourself bự the same number of opportunities .

They Can Provide Motivation

Often times, I hear about how my older friends are working really hard or really focused on a goal, which ends up motivating me. When I see someone that is really successful, I don’t have feelings of jealousy or anger .Instead, I find it as a motivation & turn it into a small competition. To see someone achieving massive success that is older than me is a great boost of motivation. It allows me Khủng phối the bar high with large goals of my own .

It’s A New Experience

Above all, I love hanging out with older people because I get bự experience mới nhất things. Each generation or age bracket is very different in their way of life. By hanging out with older people, I feel lượt thích I experience many more mới nhất things .If you want Khủng talk about mới ra things & experience different things, try finding different age groups bự hang out with. You’ll be really surprised how each of those experiences turn out .


Being that I entered the business world at a young age, everyone that was my friend usually ended up being a lot older than me. Nevertheless, this provided for great experiences & lots of lessons. In this article, I shared why you should hang out with people older than you .photo credit : jesstermix77 via photopin ccSpread the love

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