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Free the Innocent Man

The first thing you want to do is examine the two signs on the argue in the room with the six nooses in it. They should give you a hint of what you have to do. All of the Hanged Men are positioned in a randomly chosen fashion. But on each Riddle Level, the solution will always be the like. The smaller sign on the right read as the follow :

only the impeccant one
can help you here.
mistakenly pull on
a criminal ‘s rope and
your reinforce will be returned
to you in a determine most
wonderfully strange .

The larger sign is different on each Riddle Level. The riddles are all below. In the board with the six corpses, you ‘ll find inscriptions describing what they were hanged for. You ‘ll come across six of the follow eight men, depending on your riddle difficulty, in no particular arrange :

  • Kidnapper – One who steals a human being
  • Bodily Injurer – One who causes physical harm/hurts another
  • Arsonist – One who illegally sets fire to property
  • Counterfeiter – One who copies with intent for forgery (in this case money)
  • Thief – One who steals, especially by stealth
  • Swindler – One who cheats or defrauds money or property
  • Embezzler – One who takes money, etc. for own use in violation of trust
  • Murderer – One who kills another brutally


He committed an malefic crime.
He turned a felicitous home
into a pile of ash.
For that, he should die .
They besides committed crimes.
They tried to fraud
and flim-flam others.
So their advantage excessively is natural .
even he can not be forgiven,
My friend without his left hand.
And so his death bothers me not .
And what of him ?
He besides is not impeccant.
There is only one here
who is innocent .
The missing child was
nowhere to be found,
And thus there was
no proof of his guilt.
His death was a tragedy .
That is all I wish to say.
It was neither justice
nor retribution. ”

“ He turned a glad dwelling into a pile of ash ” is describing arson, so the arsonist is guilty. “ They besides committed crimes. They tried to fraud and flim-flam others ” describes three of the six accused men. We ‘ll come back to that in a moment. “ My friend without his hand. And indeed his death bothers me not ” well describes the bodily injurer .
back to the three accused men who “ tried to fraud and flim-flam others ”. That describes the forger, as he tries he trick people with talk through one’s hat money, the swindler, who defrauds money or property, and the thief, who is besides considered a fraud .
And then the final accused man, “ There is only one here who is impeccant. The missing child was nowhere to be found ”. The answer is basically given to you. The kidnapper is innocent because the missing child was never found, so there was no evidence of his guilt .

all in men, dead men
swinging in a corner
How many dead men
do you see ?
Tongue turned blue and
face gone grey
Watch them as they
wind and rock
The first one killed
the butcher man
then cooked him in
the fry pan
Served him to his athirst guests
And gave them seconds on request
The following one with his smile
and sweets
Stole poor people children off the streets
To men who dressed unsavory
He sold them into bondage
Breaking into home at night
The thief he had a cruddy fear
Filled his anserine forefront with ale
Woke in the morning
in the county imprison
The artist with his daunting skill
Tried his hand at painting bills
But caught in rain he was unwrap
When the ink he ‘d use did
start to run
With promises of big retort
Taking gold he did not earn
Bundled it up out of sight
Quietly slipped off into night
Three houses into ashes burned
The sheriff with no stead to turn
Did spy a strange to his town
Locked him up and beat him down
dead men, dead men
swinging in a tree
How many dead men
do you see ?
Six feet long and
six men across-the-board
Round their necks
the noose be tied ”

Okay, this one is reasonably obvious, but let ‘s merely go through the solid thing so it all makes feel. The inaugural paragraph is precisely introductory .
The following one, “ The first one killed the bungler man ” is pretty clear. Killing person is the crime of murder, so the murderer is guilty .
“ The next one with his smile and sweets ; Stole inadequate children off the streets ” is obviously the kidnapper, so he ‘s guilty .
“ Breaking into a base at night ” is more obvious than boastfully Bird hide against a black wall in wide day. It ‘s the thief, so he ‘s besides guilty .
“ The artist with his daunting skill ; Tried his hired hand at paint bills ” explains that an artist made counterfeit money, making him the forger and being guilty .
“ Taking gold he did not earn ” is clear, but not a elementary as the former criminals. Taking something you did n’t earn is the crime of embezzlement, so the embezzler is guilty .
All of the five previous hanged men were determined as guilty, so that leaves us with the arsonist. “ Three houses into ashes burned ; The sheriff with no station to turn ; Did spy a stranger to his town ; Locked him up and beat him down ”. There ‘s no proof that he committed the crime ; the sheriff just assumed he did .

I do not wish to die.
But tomorrow I will climb
the thirteen steps .
Please person – answer me,
Why must I die come the good morning ?
The world imprisoned beside me
believed me. “ Because they ‘re
all harebrained, that ‘s why, ” he said
Of course I know his opinion
will change nothing. “ now you
know why I struck out at them, ”
he muttered .
The valet who was executed
yesterday, the one who had
said his occupation was to sell dreams,
said that was not true.

But the world who is to be executed
the day after tomorrow for stealing
children shouted back that it was
true .
The man who was hung today
did not answer. “ They ‘ll kill me
either manner, ” he said. He was
catch embezzling public money,
so he has n’t any hope for mercifulness .
The man who is constantly restfully
smiling to himself said “ I am
felicitous for I will soon be with her. ”
I do not wish to die.
I long merely to return home.
But I know it is not to be.
Though I have done nothing, this
crime has been thrust upon me .
person save me. This is not
judgment. They are bloodthirsty
and I am their sacrificial lamb !

half of this riddle is easy and half is not then easy. Let ‘s do the obvious ones first .
The paragraph about “ stealing children ” clearly describes the kidnapper, so we know he is guilty .
“ He was caught embezzling populace money ” literally tells you the answer, so the embezzler is guilty .
Okay, now we ‘ll move on to the not so obvious ones. They will require some think, and that ‘s credibly why you ‘re here .
The paragraph about the man who said “ I am happy for I will soon be with her ” is actually quite unclutter. If you think about it, he ‘s fits a murderer the best out of the four left hanged men. He probably killed his wife or a woman close to him and he misses her. He wants to be with her indeed he’s glad to die. So the murderer is guilty, although he ‘ll credibly go to hell. But he does n’t know that .
The paragraph about “ the one who had said his job was to sell dreams ” is n’t so open. barely think about it though. He sold “ dreams ” to people so he stole their money. This is the crime of swindling. If this does n’t make a lot sense to you there ‘s besides another argue. He could ‘ve took away people ‘s dreams by defrauding of their money or property, which is swindling. So the swindler is guilty .
The paragraph about the person beside the writer of the memo said “ they’re all insane ; now you know why I struck out at them. ” This is pretty hard to understand, and that ‘s why I left it for last. The word “ strike ” is how you determine the answer. The definition of strike is : To hit sharply, as with the hand, the fist, or a weapon ; to thrust ( a weapon, for exercise ) in or into person or something. This can easily be the crime of bodily injury. It clearly fits the description and the alone early person left is the forger, which in this case, the description does n’t make sense .
So we ‘re left with the counterfeiter. The man is never mentioned, and it’s not to hard to realize that he ‘s the one talk in the memo. We realize he is imprisoned with the other prisoners and he describes the other men’s room crimes .

We may visit death upon the steer
of the sinner but to what avail ?
In the list of retribution,
we took region in a bitter
comedy this day .
You, hanging as you do,
by your neck,
Unforgiven and cursed by all .
Five of them commit crimes,
six went out for a drink in and
were captured there .
only one of them was innocent,
but they knew not that .
The bloodstains remaining
are proof of their guilt.
Trodden upon and frankincense created,
they are path to
Hell or the Void .
The white bandages stained
with red,
The remains upon the scorched
black earth,
The whispered cries of
the inaugural.
They are but meaningless
contract .
They are besides signs of guilt .
But one of them was
done without rationality.
It was done out of fear
and a ripe imagination .
Sinning alone at the
end of a rope,
it is nothing less than
a shame to us all .

The first six paragraph stand for themselves and tell us not much more than the known .
The seventh paragraph, “ The white bandages stained with crimson ” brings two crimes to mind : Bodily injury and mangle. But bandages do n’t belong on a dead person as they will do nothing, so it has to be bodily wound .
“ The remains upon the char black worldly concern ” is a simpleton, obvious phrase. What does fire do ? It burns, yes – but besides turns things black. And the bible “ scorched ” truly gives it away. The suffice is arson .
The following phrase, “ The whisper cries of the maiden over ” describes a maiden over, a not so far married charwoman, trying to scream, very. But all that comes out is a whisper because she ‘s panicky. thus this describes kidnapping .
“ They are but meaningless contract ” is unsheathed sentence and its meaning is deep inside, so you have to think about it. A sign is an agreement, but it is meaningless if you ‘re not going to follow it. And the answers left are larceny, victimize, and mangle. Think of swindling ( which entirely very makes sense here ) – to cheat or defraud of money or property. So the idiom describes defrauding the compress, which is an agreement. So the answer is swindling .
The second last paragraph is n’t a simple as the other ones, but not angstrom difficult as the previous one. “ But one of them was done without cause. It was done out of fear and a advanced imagination. ” Without cause, eh ? We entirely have larceny and murder left, so lets see if the thief fits. Can you steal something out of concern and a ripe imagination ? No, it just doesn’t cook sense. so move on to murder – Does killing person out of reverence make sense ? decidedly. So that ‘s your answer : mangle.

only five out of the six men have been mentioned in this riddle, so what’s this all about ? What about the other guy ? Well, we ‘ve determined which five people are guilty, and the last hang man, the thief, is never mentioned, so he ‘s the impeccant one.
Once you determine the Innocent world and where he is located in the cadaver board, head to the room with the six empty nooses inside. Once inside, find the snare that is in the like blot of the Innocent man in the early room. Once it ‘s found, Press X to pull it down. Do n’t pull any other nooses down or it will reset. exit this room and head second to the early room. If you have pulled down the adjust noose, you ‘ll notice that the Innocent Man is gone and there is something where he was. Go over to his former location and pick up the 45 Key of the Persecuted .
If you do n’t do this puzzle correctly each time, there will be two affected role Demons in the corridor. If you do n’t kill them and get the answer amiss again, there will be one more patient Demon in the corridor. The maximum number of Patient Demons in the corridor is three. Make certain you do the perplex correctly so you wo n’t have to deal with them .

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