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We’re proud of every You in dịch vụ seo tổng thể website
, not just during this Pride month but every day .And while Pride month is associated with carnivals & sparkle, celebrating tolerance và acceptance, current events also remind us that that change comes from taking a stand .

The genesis of Pride month is no exception. The first march on 28 June 1970 was held lớn mark the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots – a series of demonstrations in New York – và bự concentrate the efforts of the LGBTQI + community on their human rights & help establish places for gay men & lesbians lớn be open about their sexual orientation without being arrested .We pride ourselves on being a diverse và tolerant business, but there is still much bự be done Khủng make it a tolerant và inclusive world .It’s also why – alongside our trực tuyến celebrations lớn mark Pride – we’re taking action. We’re taking a stand. We’re signing our name. We’re working phệ make our LGBTQI + colleagues & consumers as proud of us as we are of them. Here are six initiatives we’re supporting .

Signing the Declaration of Amsterdam

Our CEO Alan Jope has signed the Declaration of Amsterdam – a global statement of tư vấn for LGBTQI + rights. “ The Declaration of Amsterdam has a strong symbolic value for us, ” says Frank Galestien, who works in Unilever’s Foods và Refreshment nhóm & is organising some of our Virtual Pride events in the Netherlands. “ Signing the Declaration is something that makes us extremely proud. It link clearly bự Unilever’s purpose phệ allow everyone lớn bring their whole self béo the workplace. This is a very important signal on how much inclusivity is valued, ” he adds .

Sense-checking our resources with Stonewall

Stonewall works with institutions và organisations mập create inclusive và accepting cultures. They will work alongside Unilever bự audit our policies và procedures. We will be able mập access their resources & training & participate in their Global Workplace Equality indices béo benchmark how we are progressing on LGBTQI + inclusion in our workplace .

Promoting inclusion in our business and beyond

We’ve joined mở cửa for Business, a coalition of leading global companies mập show we mean business on taking action on LGBT + inclusion globally .

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