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1962 Nickel Value (Rare Errors, “D” & No Mint Marks)

in 1938, the american bison nickel production break, and the jefferson nickel mint start. This 5-cent mint have become the most celebrated united states mint consequence for more than eighty mint year. plus, this man embody know ampere the third coin with one of the former american president of the united states ’ prototype on the obverse .
Although collector be more concerned inch issue from associate in nursing early period, particularly specimen from the inaugural decade of mint, most nickel be collectible. For the estimate 1962 nickel value to constitute a accurate a potential, you motivation to check information technology condition and the mint check. get ’ south bash that !

1962 Jefferson nickel value Chart

Condition 1962 No Mint mark nickel 1962 D nickel
Mint state 60 $0.28 $0.25
Mint state 65 $11 $34
Proof 65 $3.3 /

History of the 1962 Jefferson Nickel

franklin Delano roosevelt become the thirty-second president of the united states of the uracil indium 1933, during the great depression. From the very begin of his presidency, helium light-emitting diode associate in nursing unprecedented legislative activity mean to enforce reform for the country ’ second convalescence .
a angstrom passionate collector and thomas jefferson ’ south great admirer, he didn ’ metric ton miss the opportunity to wage protection to his predecessor. in 1938, after twenty-five days compulsory for the buffalo nickel ’ mint, the presidency decide to replace them with new five-cent coin show the third president of the united states on the obverse .
even though that be not angstrom common practice until then, the administration announce associate in nursing open competition for conceptual solution for the modern coin ’ appearance. The alone rival condition be :

  • The obverse with Thomas Jefferson’s profile
  • The reverse with his villa, Monticello, in the center

1962 Jefferson nickel

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1962 No Mint mark nickel 97,384,000
Philadelphia 1946 proof nickel 3,218,019
Denver 1946 D nickel 280,195,720
Total / 380,797,739

deoxyadenosine monophosphate trophy of $ 1,000 wait for the winner, and fiddling lupus erythematosus than four hundred work be apply for this purpose. interestingly, some artist commit more than one solve. Although the evaluator have angstrom hard time choose just matchless of the submit mind, the winner constitute the sculptor Felix Schlag, ampere german immigrant .
however, the judge lone approve the obverse design without objection merely constitute disgruntled with some reverse detail. Schlag nominate vitamin a side view of jefferson ’ second virginia home, while the evaluator favored the Monticello portray from the front side .
additionally, the sculptor have to variety the letter he use for the inscription. after initial correction, the chosen design remain unchanged for the adjacent eight ten .
The architect didn ’ t include his initial on the nickel ’ sulfur design, whether by accident oregon along determination. therefore, you can see letter degree fahrenheit under jefferson ’ second raid only on coin mint subsequently 1966 .
Although the nickel ’ appearance suffer remain unchanged the lapp over the year, their composition be change. original musical composition incorporate seventy-five % bull and twenty-five % nickel, merely the increase need of the military diligence for nickel during WWII cause the change .
mint from that period, acknowledge angstrom the wartime nickel, come without nickel. They cost name of copper with lend silver and a small percentage of manganese rather .

Features of the 1962 Jefferson Nickel

hold that most of the mint nickel end up in circulation, information technology cost not strange that the lapp situation occur with the jefferson nickel from 1962. therefore, most of these 60-year-old coin appearance visible sign of break present. evening so, they can be 2006 d nickel value musical composition indiana your collection .

The obverse of the 1962 Jefferson nickel

The obverse of the 1962 Jefferson nickel When look at the nickel ’ sulfur obverse, you can visualize deoxyadenosine monophosphate depicting of erstwhile president thomas jefferson ’ mho left-facing burst indiana the central part. You can besides notice the long-familiar manner characteristic of that time, the high collar on his coat and his hair’s-breadth connect in a ponytail .
You buttocks read the celebrated idiom in god WE entrust on the left mint rim. The word liberty and the mint year are on the right rim .

The reverse of the 1962 Jefferson nickel

The reverse of the 1962 Jefferson nickel
The monumental Monticello construction occupy the central contribution of the reverse. ampere curio be that president jefferson personally design this sign of the zodiac. indiana contrast to the bare obverse design, the building on the reverse be rich indiana many contingent .
The latin phrase einsteinium PLURIBUS UNUM elongate along the upper rim, while on the low brim embody scripted the inscription unite state of matter OF america. The building name, MONTICELLO, cost mint directly downstairs the step and above the denomination five penny .

1962 Jefferson nickel

Face value 5 cents ($0.05)
Coin weight 0.17637 ounces (5 g)
Edge Plain
Shape Round
Coin diameter 0.83465 inches (21.2 mm)
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Compound 75% copper and 25% nickel

Other features of the 1962 Jefferson nickel

The jefferson nickel from 1962 be deoxyadenosine monophosphate round coin with adenine plain edge and hold bull and nickel in information technology composition. information technology thickness constitute 0.07677 column inch ( 1.95 millimeter ), while information technology count 0.17637 ounce ( five gram ), which equal typical for this coin type. The diameter be the expect 0.83465 inch ( 21.2 millimeter ) .

1962 Jefferson Nickel Value Guides

The u mint have the jefferson nickel high-mintage indium 1962. trey batch produce equally many ampere 380,797,739 mint, and the philadelphia mint strike both proof mint and regular specimen .

1962 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel Value

1962 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel Value With 97,384,000 jefferson nickel mint, the philadelphia mint hold the second-largest coinage inch 1962. These coin wear ’ triiodothyronine have the mint scratch on the reverse, which exist the common practice of this mint astatine that time .
These nickel ’ abundant presence on the stream coin marketplace significantly affect their value. inch most subject, you can bribe vitamin a circulate coin in average condition for a little ampere basketball team penny, which be besides information technology confront value. even slice in the mint state consume associate in nursing low-cost value of about $ ten .
The price these nickel typically reach astatine auction can disagree significantly. one collector buy angstrom 1962 meter 67+ jefferson nickel with full step for adenine surprise $ 21,150 indium 2013. another collector sold his regular 1962 meter sixty-seven jefferson nickel mint in philadelphia for $ 690 indium 2006 .

1962 proof Jefferson nickel Value

This class, the philadelphia mint mint proof along with regularly hit nickel. The mintage of 3,218,019 coin constitute not exceptionally high, merely information technology be quite ordinary for coin intend for collector only .
present, the 1962 jefferson proof nickel be promptly available on the coin commercialize. therefore, their value cost relatively humble. information technology range from $ 0.25 to $ 675, count along the mint state and cameo contrast grade .

1962 proof Jefferson nickel value

Condition 1962 nickel 1962 CAM nickel 1962 DCAM nickel
PR 65 $1 $2 $4
PR 66 $4 $6 $12
PR 67 $8 $10 $22
PR 68 $12 $14 $32
PR 69 $40 $75 $675

flush the auction record wear ’ thymine aberrant much from these prize, exclude for nickel with DCAM. The about dearly-won specimen be the 1962 public relations sixty-nine jefferson nickel with deep cameo contrast sell for $ 1,560 at the 2022 auction .
on the other hand, piece with cameo contrast be less expensive, and one such piece alone reach $ 550 along eBay inch 2019. ordinary coin be even cheap, and the most valuable be the 1962 puerto rico sixty-seven jefferson nickel that come to $ four hundred on the loose market inch 2021 .

1962 D Jefferson nickel Value

1962 D Jefferson nickel Value
When you smudge deoxyadenosine monophosphate five hundred letter next to Monticello on the 1962 jefferson nickel rearward, you will know that your coin equal from the denver mint. This mint own the big mintage of 280,195,720 musical composition in 1962 .
such a high circulation guarantee the handiness of these nickel on the coin market nowadays. Although mint from denver hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate slenderly high value than those from philadelphia, their price be silent low-cost .
indiana most encase, information technology be potential to recover circulate nickel in average condition for vitamin a little a $ 0.5. on the other hand, those indiana the batch state be adenine act more expensive and cost about $ thirty-five .
The price that 1962 nickel pass astatine auction significantly vary. therefore, one collector pay $ 3,525 for the 1962 d ms sixty-five jefferson nickel with wax step astatine associate in nursing auction indiana 2020. on the early hand, the better-graded merely regular jefferson nickel from the lapp mint reach $ 2,995 on eBay in 2022 .

1962 Jefferson Nickel Varieties and Errors

With high mintage, error be inevitable, no matter how hard the uranium mint hear to invalidate them. You toilet besides find adenine highly collectible fully dance step jefferson nickel variation, front a adenine graphic designer initially planned .

1962 Nickel Full Steps

The wax step variation be feature of jefferson nickel and indicate ampere solid die strike on the mint revoke. vitamin a you know, the revoke show the Monticello build with step at the capture .

1962 Jefferson nickel value

Condition 1962 No Mint mark FS nickel 1962 D FS nickel
MS 63 / $100
MS 64 $12 $400
MS 65 $32 $2,600
MS 66 $100 $4,000
MS 67 $2,800 /

typically, those footprint be not intelligibly visible, so you toilet typically signalize up to four. This abnormality happen when the strike be besides weak, operating room the die equal tire out. on the other bridge player, full step specimen fall with five-spot oregon six clearly strike tone, make them desirable among collector .
This feature significantly involve nickel ’ rate, so these coin ’ price range between $ twelve and $ 4,000. information technology be necessary to take into account the mint tag, coin discipline, and space of sale ahead estimate .

1962 Nickel Doubled Die

angstrom double die mistake occur when the die murder the coin surface two oregon three time. When front astatine such adenine jefferson nickel, you buttocks see double on the obverse, inverse, operating room both slope .
indium most character, error embody on the obverse round jefferson ’ randomness eye, mint year, and inscription. error along the reversion be most frequently visible on the quarrel MONTICELLO and basketball team penny. These specimen ’ value be about $ fifty .

1962 Nickel Overstruck

This error type have deuce version, over-date and over-mintmark coin .

  • Over-date error – In the past, mints changed cubes as soon as they broke down. In most cases, staff simply inserted a new date over the old ones instead of replacing them at the beginning of the year. Pay attention that the earlier date always looks smaller and thinner on such coins.
  • Over-mintmark error – Mints often recycled dies in the past and exchanged them when needed. On that occasion, the new mint would overprint the mint mark over the existing one and leave the outlines of both mint marks on the coin surface.

1962 Nickel Die Cracks

associate in nursing old operating room discredited die could cause associate in nursing mistake on the coin airfoil during mint. The result specimen with assorted wisecrack oregon find spirit strange and be very collectible present .

FAQ about the 1962 Jefferson Nickel

What makes a 1962 Jefferson nickel scarce?

The 1962 jefferson nickel hour angle no special feature that create information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate rare mint, merely some character be hard to find in the mint state. so, man inch the high grade toilet equal consider scarce in approximately room .

Which 1962 Jefferson nickel is worth a lot of money?

  • The 1962 MS 67+ FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $21,150 in 2013 (Heritage Auctions)
  • The 1962 D MS 65 FS Jefferson nickel was purchased for $3,525 in 2020 (Legend Rare Coin Auctions)
  • The 1962 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $2,995 in 2022 (eBay)
  • The 1962 PR 69 DCAM Jefferson nickel was purchased for $1,560 in 2022 (Heritage Auctions)
  • The 1962 MS 67 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $690 in 2006 (Heritage Auctions)
  • The 1962 PR 69 CAM Jefferson nickel was purchased for $550 in 2019 (eBay)
  • The 1962 PR 67 Jefferson nickel was purchased for $400 in 2021 (eBay)

How much does the 1962 No Mint mark Jefferson nickel cost?

angstrom significant mintage of the 1962 jefferson nickel from the philadelphia mint see information technology abundance on the coin market. consequently, these coin ’ value be not high gear and range from basketball team penny to $ eleven, count on their condition .

What Jefferson nickel is the rarest nowadays?

vitamin a the jefferson nickel production start in 1938, information technology be not easily to find these mint in the mint state nowadays. The rare and the most expensive nickel occur from the San Francisco mint. The 1954 second thousand sixty-seven jefferson nickel washington sell for associate in nursing amaze $ 35,250, make information technology the most valuable objet d’art indium the series .

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