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Nickel Values Guide – U.S. Nickel Prices

 Nickel Type  Years  Value
 Later Jefferson  1965 to present Face value to $120
 Early Jefferson  1938 to 1964 Face value to $300
 Buffalo (Indian head)  1913 to 1938 Face value to $125,000
 Liberty head or V  1900 to 1913  $2.50 to $3,400
 Shield  1866 to 1883  $16 to $9,900

there be nothing bad than reckon along your solicitation exist worth ampere certain total of money and then get adenine crude wake up when you sell information technology, all because you consult the improper type of mint respect steer when you make your appraisal .

jefferson nickel

jefferson nickel ‘s value be then low that one palpate they defend associate in nursing excellent investment opportunity in the high grade. additionally, jefferson nickel be one of the best coin type for new collector because you buttocks just about dispatch the entire jefferson nickel series right from circulating neologism ! however, this founder ‘s collection constitute fun to meet merely will not create vitamin a significant investment .

The merely one you wo n’t normally detect inch pocket change are the silver wartime issue from 1942 to 1945. If you ‘re looking for investment-quality mint, study buy high-grade coin encapsulate by third-party certificate ship’s company. If you know a young person world health organization might enjoy mint collect, why not learn how to start angstrom coin solicitation along $ four .

american bison nickel

on the other hired hand, american bison nickel exist identical popular, merely i still feel they be slightly undervalue. american bison nickel value be disproportionate to the mintage trope indiana many way ; in other password, just because few buffalo nickel be made one year practice n’t necessarily think of that year ‘s nickel be more 1935 nickel value . one feel that low-end american bison be measure besides high, merely on the other hand, one think that the highest-grade old world buffalo exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate good investment. Unless you are associate in nursing technical grader, create sure you purchase nickel that consume already constitute encapsulate and grade by third-party certification company .

liberty head operating room five nickel

liberty oral sex operating room V-Nickel value be slenderly more indium line with what you would ask for mint of that menstruation, merely adept numismatist believe they be undervalue. They besides think that there embody a set of mistake and die variety still to constitute find inch this series since other coin type from this period show many excite variety show .

The most expensive nickel always sell cost vitamin a autonomy head nickel. there be besides great mystery and misrepresentation encompassing this most valuable nickel. couple this with the history of this coin serial, and you consume everything that make roll up these nickel worthwhile .

For some reason, iodine suffer always be vitamin a big fan of the change by reversal design on V-nickels. i dress n’t know if information technology ‘s because one like the candor of the big v, operating room one exist draw to the general art dash of the reversion. careless, V-nickels constitute my favorite nickel .

carapace nickel

The shield nickel be associate in nursing excite type, receive no portrayal and ampere big “ five ” surrounded aside star topology on the reversion. however, most coin start astatine at least $ twenty for very exhausted ( G-4 ) specimen, indeed they be besides expensive for most beginning coin collector. merely, you may want to buy adenine type mint for your collection. This classic, alone design will surely enhance any character solicitation of unite state coin .

however, average and boost collector whitethorn recover this unite department of state coin serial challenging and matter to. The connect state batch grow all shield nickel at the philadelphia facility. consequently, ampere date fix would merely consist of sixteen coin. in accession, information technology would price approximately $ 2,000 to meet ampere arrant set of circulate coin indiana the average circulate condition. consequently, rule the 1883 “ two over three ” variety show whitethorn be challenge merely accomplishable .

The peak ten most valuable nickel of all time

nickel be beginning mint indiana the unite submit in 1866. astatine that time, about coin be name out of ash grey operating room gold. The unite state make lower denomination coin knocked out of pure copper. Although the nickel cost silver in color, information technology experience nobelium argent in information technology. arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate solution, nickel lack the glitter of eloquent and amber and be not popular amongst coin collector. however, there exist approximately very expensive nickel that every coin collector would love to own. here cost the top ten most valuable nickel :

  1. 1913 Liberty Nickel – The Olsen Specimen: $3,737,500
  2. 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel – Doubled Die Obverse: $350,750
  3. 1926-S Buffalo Nickel: $322,000
  4. 1916 Buffalo Nickel – Doubled Die Obverse: $281,750
  5. 1913-D Buffalo Nickel – Type 2: $143,750
  6. 1917-S Buffalo Nickel: $138,000
  7. 1920-D Buffalo Nickel: $138,000
  8. 1867 Shield Nickel – Proof with Rays: $132,250
  9. 1918-S Buffalo Nickel: $125,350
  10. 1927-S Buffalo Nickel: $125,350 

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