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Antminer S1 video review plus set up tutorial |

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The ant miner S1 is one of the best BTC miner to start with in mine opinion.
actually to be honest with that 2.77 $ / GH/s rate it s evening full for serious miners a well. The cause why I said it is bang-up for newbies is because it is soo easy to use.
As you can see from our video recording follow-up or from the set up tutorial. The ant miner is a digest entirely device. No need for a consecrated calculator.
All you have buy is a PSU ( ability add unit ). other than that you are good to go and start mine.
As the bitcoin gets more widely know and use devices like the ant miner S1 are very much needed .
Just like the machine itself, SIMPLE but does the subcontract !
The intersection comes in a regular box. The machine is carefully wrapped around with cacum molded plastic foil so it wont get damaged .
Miner customer service:
We got the machine directly from Minersource but we have asked two friends who ordered them directly from them so we are able to let you know real customers experience. Our friends live in Budapest, Hungary. They ordered the miners and paid with bitcoin. They said the process was equally easily as a musical composition of coat. They got e-mail after the acquit payment. They were informed about all order status. The order left the warehouse in 2 days and they got the tracking phone number. They received the machine in a week.

All in a all an antminer is a bang-up batch .
We have tested and we can say theat it is great to see a legit source to buy miners from.
Buy it here :
hypertext transfer protocol : //
Basic configuration:
First of all, connect the net cable to the antminer. If you want to switch to wireless mine later on, you will still need to do the very foremost adjustments via utp cable .
1. Connect Antminer to the local network
2. Find out antminers IP address ( It is written on the front-top of oyur miner above the winnow )
3. Try to connect to the miner
4. ( optional ) impermanent shape to entree miner
5. Setup DHCP and LAN
6. Wireless mining
7. Cgminer configuration
1. Connect the Antminer to the local area network.
3. Put your miners IP in your browsers URL field. If it is not cargo, you ’ ll have to configure a DHCP or another inactive network and gateway on your calculator.
4. irregular shape to reach miner ( WindowS )
– Go to Network and Internet Settings > Change adapter setting
– Find Local Area Connection > Double suction stop
– Click on Internet Protocol verison 4 ( IPv4 )
– Hit “ Properties ”
On the General tab key please deepen from automatic rifle connection to the “ use following address ”
– IP address : you precisely give your computer a raw statick IP
– Subnet mask :
– Default gateway or ( it must look like your miners IP, THE FRONT 3X3 characters )
– After that plug in to your miner in your browser. The username / password is rout / root .
5. Set up Antminer connection to DHCP

Go to the Network tab key and chatter “ Edit ” on WAN settings. Than change the protocol to DHCP Client, than Save & Apply
After that, you might lose your connection to the miner. To find the miners new IP address, you can use angry IP scanner ( works on linux, windows and macintosh ) than connect to it .
Wireless mining
Go to the newtork pill and choose Wifi. Scan the avaialable networks and and connect to your Wifi and enter your password. AntMiner-Network-Setup-WiFi_grande
Click attention deficit disorder when you find your radio signal and enter your network settings like you would any standard Wi-Fi device.
If it is not working for you, here i the SKU for an alternative device : Netgear Model # : WNCE2001-100NAS .
Cgminer configuration
pool 1 : stratum+tcp : // ( the pool mine address case )
Pool 1 actor : username_workername ( workerís name from your mine pool bill )
Pool 1 password : 123 ( workerís password from your mine pool account )
Ssh into your miner ( windows : putty customer, mac/linux concluding )
ssh [ e-mail protected ] ( your miner information science )
password : root
You ’ ll see a terminal, type : six /etc/config/asic-freq
change timeout to 36, freq_value to ‘ 0780 ’, ‘ chip_freq ’ to 400.
Normally these values are already given, merely put a # before the the old lines and delete the # from the begin of the new lines .
VI for dummies :
after you hit “ vi /etc/config/asic-freq ” you will see and editor program. Press I once to get in the cut-in mood, so you can change the lines. navigate with the arrow key. If you are done hit the “ ESC ” button once than type ( type, not copypaste ) : wq than collision accede .
If you are done type logout than restart you miner .
Have fun and note that if you overclock you loose your warranty!

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