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‎Endless Frontier – RPG

Command an army of heroes to battle against titans, dragons and more in Endless Frontier !

Endless Frontier is the best in idle function playing games. Command your army of knights in a complimentary and casual gambling experience, where you can advance and struggle even when offline.

Tap through the stages and build your units from over a hundred available characters. endless battles put your scheme to the test, or you can sit back and watch your heroes fight through thousands of stages !

Take the conflict on-line with tactical PvP multiplayer games, collect hundreds of relics and ancient artifacts along the way and level up with no limitations in this thrilling free role play game !

The endless frontier awaits !


Idle Gameplay !
– level up mechanically, evening when offline
– New concept of leave-alone games : offline hikes !
– continue hiking up the stages, even if you ’ re out of battery !

Brilliant Combat of 12 Unique Units !
– car battle lets you sit back and enjoy the battle !
– See the amaze special skills of your units !
– experience the fun and extravagant fight that will make you focus on the bet on !

Easy Economy System
– No tutorial required !
– easy quests that are fun to click on !
– Earn gold and automatically level up your units !

Revival System
– Are the enemies besides impregnable, making it unmanageable to pass the degree ?
– Get born-again to increase your strength
– use [ Revive ] to earn or strengthen more powerful units !

Endless Scenario Battles !
– feel the charming fantasy battle background of 9,000 ceaseless stages !

Over 100 Characters !
– Get your own unique and knock-down units from Humans, Elves, Undead, and Orcs !
– horizontal surface improving ! enhance ! evolve ! exceed ! Unlock the necessary skills and abilities to strengthen your units however you want !

PvP User Battles
– participate in cutthroat four-day league battles in the Battle Arena !
– The final winner of the league is recorded on the Hall of Honor !

Exiting Hiking Race
– competitiveness in daily rate battles !
– race to the highest stage in a 24-hour period !
– You can earn utilitarian rewards based on your rank.

Guild Battle
– massive 200 volt 200 group struggle !
– spectacular conflict of heroes and their elite units representing each subspecies !
– experience the huge scale and exciting club battles !

Guild Raid
– face a dominating force with alone exponent that fills the sieve !
– join forces with club members to defeat the awful world boss !

Pet System
– clear the Spirit Highland to get one of over 50 powerful but cunning pets !
– train, evolve and awaken your pet !
– Awaken your hero ’ sulfur pet to get your ultimate skill !

Tower of Trial
– heighten through the tower in the deck construction game !
– enjoy developing tactics by mixing up your units !
– clear stages by utilizing the different strengths of races and units !

Monster Farming
– Earn artifact materials by defeating dungeon bosses !
– different dungeons are opened on unlike days, indeed check back each day !
– murder over 20 unique and mighty dungeon monsters !

Hundreds of Rare Relics
– Use the artifact materials you earn in dungeons to get powerful and rare artifacts !
– unleash knock-down set effects by obtaining different artifacts with the same mention !

Unlock Treasure Chests
– Users who don ’ t leave the game entirely, but concentrate on the bet on can receive special gifts !
– pawl on the treasure chest of drawers that appears in stages to earn diverse resources !

Unleash Magic Skills of the Knightage
– attack enemies with knock-down charming spells !
– The hellion ’ second skills draw upon the power of lightning, rain and earth !
– Choose massive and potent magic trick attacks that fill up the entire screen !

Enter the dateless frontier and gather your heroes ! download immediately !

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