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Slotomania Casino Review – Should You Join This Social Casino?

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Calling all slot players looking for risk-free bet on !
Slotomania is a community of over 100 million players who love the entertainment that slot games provide without having to put cash into a machine or transfer money to a traditional on-line casino. It ’ s a social bet on locate that ’ south 100 % dedicated to slots .
You won ’ t find video poker, peculiarity games, or casino postpone games at Slotomania, but, you will be able to unlock more titles as you level up through the Slotomania ranks .
The precede of Slotomania is to provide a virtual gather home for you and your friends to compare your successes, send gifts to each other, and monitor each other ’ sulfur progress .
You ’ ll be gifted with more virtual coins every 4 hours. But, you don ’ t need to limit yourself to those allotments, as there are all kinds of bonuses, giving opportunities, tournaments, and quests that you can participate in to boost your count resources .
Slotomania is chiefly designed for Facebook act but can be accessed through the app stores or your personal computer or laptop .
You won ’ thymine be cashing out any real number money, but it ’ s not required for you to invest any either. You can get started with just an electronic mail address and have those reels spinning in less than a minute, but bring your friends along, because with Slotomania, the more, the gay !

Who Can Play at the Slotomania Casino?

Although this international relations and security network ’ metric ton a traditional casino service as you can ’ thyroxine win any real cash, there is a hard-and-fast 21 years of old age or older policy .
It ’ s a service for external players around the universe. however, the Playtika Rewards plan is targeted for residents of the United States and Canada .
There aren ’ t any specific limitations noted except for a singular inclusion in the terms and conditions stated as follows : “ You shall not use the Service if you are located in a nation embargo by the United States or if you are on the U.S. Treasury Department ’ sulfur tilt of Specially Designated Nationals. ”

Software Suppliers

Playtika is the driving force behind Slotomania a well as other sister sites like Bingo Blitz, Caesar Slots, and Vegas Downtown Slots .
It was the first company to introduce social networks to a dislodge casino-style bet on site where anyone who is of legal age can play without having to risk ( or be rewarded with ) real money .
Playtika has offices in the United States, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Argentina, and Japan. The company was previously under the Caesars Interactive Entertainment umbrella. But, in 2016, Caesars online games whole was acquired by the taiwanese bet on developer Shanghai Giant Network Technology and Jack Ma, e-commerce Alibaba Group founder, for a 4.4 billion dollar price tag .

The Good Stuff

A Truly Social Experience

Good Stuff
While Slotomania does provide slot gaming without any fiscal commitment, it focuses more on interacting with friends using Facebook. The more people you get to play, the more you reap the benefits of it. not entirely can you participate in endow exchanges for more play cash, but you can have a custom-make leaderboard to see how your little network is doing compared to you .

You Can Get Away Without Buying Chips

I would assume that most of Slotomania ’ south players buy some chips at one time or another, but there are so many ways to keep the reels spinning adenine long as you take the meter to figure things out. You can log in every 4 hours and get a newfangled batch awarded to you. You can besides complete missions and flush up to faster refilling .

Huge Fan Base

Slotomania was the first sociable network casino gaming premise and is one of the biggest to date. It has 100 million ball-shaped users and a Facebook postdate of 12 million. It ’ s not a service that you would expect to fold or discredit itself. For years it had the back of Caesars Entertainment. even though it changed hands a few years ago, it ’ s a web site and app with prove constancy. Remember that 4.4 billion dollar sale price ?

The Bad Stuff

Slot Games Only

Bad Stuff
You need to be a real slot lover to reap the benefits from Slotomania. It is a social bet on casino site, but it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate offer any other casino games. You can ’ triiodothyronine turn television poker, postpone games, or other specialization games. You start with slots, and as you progress up the ranks, you get exposure to more slots .

Benefits Can Be Confusing

The Slotomania web site is vastly different from the app. Each offers unlike data, but neither provides a very helpful introduction to the serve. There are just so many different things going on at once that new players can cursorily be overwhelmed. even if you ’ ve played there for awhile, you silent may not be taking full advantage of all of the bonuses and promotional offers as they ’ re not spelled out comprehensively for a quick review .

Game Selection

You won ’ triiodothyronine find any mesa games, video recording poker, or other non-slot casino gambling provided by Slotomania. As its list suggests, it ’ mho slots, slots, and more slots .
The choice that you ’ ll have access to will change as you level up through the casino. You move up the ranks by purchasing extra chips. While investing in more chips may not be necessary as you will have several opportunities to claim spare ones, buying some extra will unlock more significant rewards, including a bigger bet on catalog .
When you look at the games in each category – Video Slots, Slots, and Classic Slots, you notice that many will have a padlock in the bottom left corner. You can lone select games that have an arrow rather of a padlock. The higher you level up, the more you ’ ll see the locks released and a green light to give a newly bet on a try .
I found the television slot solicitation to be the like as the classical slots. The “ other slots games ” provided a slenderly different presentation, the ability to sort alphabetically or by new additions, and alternative games from the other two areas .
There are 119 gaming possibilities single to Slotomania. While the experience may be like to traditional casinos, the bet limits are much more hearty. One of the foremost slots I pulled up has a minimum bet of 200 and maximal of 350,000,000. For most of us, it ’ s a well thing that this is “ virtual ” currency or we could “ actually ” bankrupt ourselves promptly !

Video & Classic Slots

  • Xin-Fu!
  • Panda Chi
  • Rainforest King
  • Farm Fortune
  • Despicable Wolf
  • Ladybug Loot
  • Rapid Fire Jackpots
  • Civilitreasures
  • Forest magic
  • Enchanted Oz
  • Chili Loco
  • Mermaid Money
  • Oriental Secrets
  • Crystal Spells
  • King of Gold
  • Riches of Asgard
  • Kitty Boots
  • VikingZ
  • Kiss of the Vampire
  • Saloon Rush
  • Santa Mania
  • Arctic Tiger
  • Soaring Spins
  • Texas Boss

Other Slots Games

  • Dragon Lore
  • Farm Fortune II
  • Prince Eclipse
  • Magic Trixie High Limit
  • Silver Lion
  • Return to Wonderland
  • Legend of the Elements
  • Despicable Wolf 2
  • Goddess of Babylon
  • Tinker Bell’s Fortune
  • Golden Longhorn
  • Mystical Mojo
  • Enchanted Oz
  • Go Bingo
  • Halloween Thrills
  • Giant Wold
  • Furrocious Football
  • Fairy Wings
  • Clovers and Bells
  • Arabian Tales
  • Ghost Motel
  • Queen of the Desert
  • Wild and Free
  • Wild Pixies


I have reviewed other social gambling sites, and while they all have their own learn curve, I found Slotomania to be highly confusing when it comes to earning chips and keeping the reels in gesticulate .
First of wholly, you get an wholly different experience if you pull it up on your web site or if you use the app. I couldn ’ metric ton even locate an FAQ section in the park site translation, but there was an extensive one when I used the app on an iPad .
even though there are some informational materials, this is a service where you have to get in there and use it fourth dimension and again to get a real tactile property for what ’ s available to you .
I was able to locate respective ways to collect some release chips to extend play time, but there ’ s not a comprehensive number that to review and understand uncoiled off the bat. I ’ m not certain why a service that caters to millions doesn ’ t take a little morsel of time to put together a simple step by step explanation, but it ’ mho something that ’ south miss .
vitamin a far as the promotions go, you can collect free spins and virtual currency, but you ’ ll never find any cashable bonuses as you would through even casino operations. This is a social bet on site, and while you can spend cash on buying more meet chips, it ’ s a one-way transaction. You won ’ thyroxine be withdrawing anything .

Playtika Rewards

The central rewards program in the US and Canada is called Playtika Rewards. It ’ s a simple level-up platform where you advance up a notch based on purchasing chips, or you can besides complete some tasks during your gameplay .
The rewards program provides you with dislodge coins and gifts for your friends ampere well as discounts on buy coins. so, basically, you buy coins, floor up, and then you can get a lower rate on buying more coins depending on how high you rank in the system .
Clicking “ rewards ” will pull up your status. If you ’ re a brand-new player, you ’ ll start out as Bronze. You can besides see how much you ’ ve progressed toward the next level and how many points it ’ ll take for you to attain it .
One of the best benefits to the program is that you can claim more daily endowment cards the higher you go, thereby decreasing the total of actual cash you may need to spend to stay in play endlessly. I ’ ll discuss the give cards next, but Bronze degree players can alone redeem 5 within a 24-hour period ; at the highest Black Diamond charge, you can claim 50.

Your daily endowment besides increases significantly equitable by going up one level. For exemplar, if you ’ re a starter “ Bronze ” player, you can get a 250-coin daily giving, but reach the future level ( Silver ), and it jumps 100 times for a 25,000-coin daily reward. dislodge coin gifts start at 50 for Bronze and increase to 500 for Silver. Mystery endow from friends carry a 1 time multiplier for Bronze but are worth 3 times that if you ’ re a Silver player .

The entire rewards benefit package includes:

  • Kickstarter Bonus
  • Coin package Discounts
  • Status Point Multipliers
  • Lotto Bonus
  • Mega Bonus
  • Store Bonus
  • Daily Gift
  • Free Coin Gifts
  • Mystery Gift Multiplier
  • Share Post Gift Multiplier
  • Fan Page Gift Multiplier
  • Sloto Cards Set
  • Gift Card Cap
  • Lotto Premium

The highest-level players besides can take advantage of VIP chat support available around the clock .
Your status is determined by how many points you accumulate. You ’ ll earn points every time you make a leverage or when you level-up within a game .

Gift Cards

endow cards can be sent and received by connecting through Facebook. You ’ ll want to have a network of your friends who are all register Slotomania players, and they ’ ll accept gifts from you, and you ’ ll receive some from them. The more you get, the longer you can play without having to make a purchase .
As I mentioned above, the higher you rank in the loyalty clubhouse, the more giving cards you can accept each day .
Bronze level players who are the newbies to the casino get 5. once you reach silver medal, it doubles to 10 and goes up consequently until you ’ re a top-tier Black Diamond player. Once you reach the highest horizontal surface, you can redeem 50 gifts every day .
endowment cards are sent anonymously to your friends whenever you make a purchase. You ’ ll besides be given the opportunity to send them when you ride a lucky streak in the game you ’ ra play .


SlotoCards are like the gift program meets baseball poster collecting. You try to collect as many SlotoCards as you can to fill an album. Once you complete an album, you can claim massive amounts of coins. The third album is boasting a prize of 20,000,000 coins once it ’ randomness filled .
How do you fill the album ?
You click on the individual cards, and they will each have a “ how to ” button, so you know what your deputation entails. One may indicate that you can play any game to claim the circuit board. For another, you may have to collect a lotto bonus .
As you complete each set within an album, you get a helping of the bonus. For model, the “ Flower Power ” set within the collection is worth 40,000 coins .


A SlotoQuest is even another way to claim some supernumerary coins to boost your balance. To participate, you click on the SlotoQuest button, and you ’ re off and running. You can decide if you want an easy challenge, medium, or difficult. The harder the quest, the more you earn .
once you start, you ’ re guided along the means. The bet on board will prompt you to play particular games and then, once you complete the job, you move to the following one .
In an comfortable challenge, you can claim 600 coins. The most difficult will issue you 8,000 if you complete it to perfection .


Tournamania is Slotomania ’ s tribute to slot tournaments. It ’ south another free game that you can play to vie for a piece of the choice pool. You may not always get in on the action, though, as tournaments fill up quickly. But, if you ’ re dogged, you get to play as you normally would while racking up tournament points and, hopefully, earning yourself a place on the leaderboard .

Other Promotions

As I mentioned, there are sol many things going on within the Slotomania feel that you ’ five hundred need to continuously check in to see what ’ s available on any given day .
I did locate a pretty significant promotion, but it was only offered to Australian-based players in 2017. What I liked about it was that it took you out of the virtual kingdom and into the real worldly concern. I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see a yoke to it within the app, but the web site was promoting a tripper for two to Melbourne just based on a written statement of why you should be given the pry. It was judged on creativity, tidiness, and writing dash .
Although it ’ s now out of date, I would hope that there would be similar promotions that would pop up in the future for players in early areas as well .
Getting back to what is presently offered, you can take advantage of any of the pursuit :

  • Mega Spins
  • Stamp It!
  • Mega Bonus
  • SlotoClub (level 50 needed)
  • Coin Package Discounts
  • Friends Scoreboard
  • Facebook Promotions


As this international relations and security network ’ t a full-service casino with actual money bet, banking is only is one steering – toward Slotomania .
You can purchase more coins, so you can play longer, and you can besides buy boosters that help you to level up faster. But, you won ’ t be taking any money out of your report. This is a virtual currentness casino only, and all you ’ ra play for and buying are opportunities to stack up coins to keep the slot reels spinning longer .
You ’ ll credibly be greeted with several pop-ups encouraging you to purchase more coins. That ’ second going to be the average on this locate. While there are batch of opportunities to claim free credits, if you want to play for an widen sum of time, you ’ ll credibly want to buy in from time to meter .
If you ’ re using an app, like through the Google Play storehouse, chances are you already have an account set up for in-app purchases so you can use that to replenish your virtual coins in an clamant. You do have other options though, but the accredit menu credence is only for US players .

Payment Options

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows App Store
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

What Are You Buying and How Much?

Coins and boosters are the 2 products sold through Slotomania. The coins will increase your playing ability while the boosters will expedite your chances to level up through the commitment club ranks and earn you more benefits .
New players start out with 10,000 coins and can log in every 4 hours and claim more depending on the rewards club status. The following are the buy prices if you ’ re in a hurry to replenish .

Coins Money
7,500 $2
11,500 $3
20,000 $5
42,000 $10
90,000 $20
270,000 $50


Mega Bonanza:

  • $1 for 3 days
  • $2 for 7 days
  • $3 for 14 days

Level Boom:

  • $3 for 3 days
  • $4 for 7 days

Whether you purchase chips or boosters, the friends that you ’ re connected with on Facebook will receive an anonymous giving calling card, but you ’ ll know that it ’ second courtesy of you .

The VIP Lounge

“ What happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond. ”
That ’ s how Slotomania promotes its top-level player condition tier. It takes 8,000,000 annual status points to achieve the highly close Black Diamond VIP status, but then you unlock the mystery of what ’ s behind it .
The rewards club does increase significantly with every jump you make to a new tier. You get more meaning multipliers and bonuses ampere well as the ability to use more gifts on a day by day basis. VIP players besides have access to an exclusive live chat back credit line and get bumped to the presence of the queue for responses vitamin a well .

Customer Service

As this is a sociable gambling platform and not a play for pay up setup, you shouldn ’ t need customer service angstrom a lot as traditional players. however, there is an e-mail ticket set-up in case you do run into any questions .
The servicing area was comfortable to reach through the app, but I experienced a break link when I tried to entree it on the full web site .
The customer service area is where it pays to be a VIP musician as you don ’ t have to go through the electronic mail tag system like everyone else. You get a dedicate VIP documentation helpline that ’ s set up through a exist chew the fat service. It will get you a cheeseparing immediate reply whereas everyone else could be waiting for awhile for their ticket to be called ( virtually, that is ) .

Would I Play at Slotomania?

There ’ s no room around it ; you have to like slots to enjoy the Slotomania experience. It ’ sulfur slots, slots, and more slots. If you ’ re used to online casinos that offer real money bet, you know that there ’ second more to a casino, as they traditionally feature mesa games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and other gaming such as video poker, lotto, etc. You won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find any of that on Slotomania .
When I first took my virtual go, I was a snatch overpower. evening though the bet on is concise and straightforward, coming up with the resources to play the games is a whole early report .
This is a social casino and not “ for cash ” bet on, but you still need credits or virtual “ coins ” to participate. While you do start out with 10,000, you can run through that rather promptly, so you want to look for alternative ways to increase your libra .
You can besides buy some, but it ’ second surely more fun to take advantage of as many freebies as you can find. That ’ s where it becomes a little challenge. There are awards you can claim every 4 hours a good as gifts, quests, tournaments, boosts, and a overplus of other ways to earn your coins. Figuring out what ’ south available to you is the actual test .
While the powers that be at Playtika put forth a highly harbor, desirable chopine, they neglected to lay it all out for players. A step by pace video recording and a reference point page would change everything in my public opinion.

Of course, merely like traditional video games, you may prefer merely to jump in and figure it out as you go, and that may be even more fun for you .
You won ’ thymine find the big recognizable slot games that you would in traditional casino settings, but there are plenty of fun variations on the concept to keep players engaged for hours. Replenishing coins is relatively cheap compared to some other social bet on sites, and the perks of bringing friends along for the ride are well worth the ( free ) monetary value of entrance fee !
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