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NeoScrypt is a descendant of the original Scrypt algorithm. Its main feature is the volume of accumulation of awards. The average advantage for a pulley is 60-90 coins. Taking into bill the small growth and relatively first gear complexity, it is possible to recoup the farm on the top video recording cards when mining coins on NeoScrypt for 5-6 months .

history [edit ]

initially, the exploitation of the NeoScrypt algorithm began with the calculate of creating a newly cryptocurrency Feathercoin. The main problem that was put before the developers was to eliminate the excessive influence of ASIC devices on coins that are built on the Scrypt algorithm, which did not allow the owners of GPU farms to work normally with cryptocurrencies.

Features [edit ]

One of the features of the NeoScrypt algorithm is the speed of transactions. even during periods of gamey loads, the network processes transitions cursorily. This was made potential by authentication, which every member of the network proceeds. It generates a singular hash that is not tied directly to the person, but allows users to identify within the system .

NeoScrypt cryptocurrency [edit ]

The NeoScrypt algorithm is not vitamin a far-flung as, for model, SHA-256 or Scrypt, but it has several quite popular currencies built on it, for example :

  • GoByte. This cryptocurrency is one of the main cryptocurrencies, which are based on the algorithm NeoScrypt. It is actively traded on exchanges, despite the low price. In terms of technical implementation, GBX is an improved version of Dash with optional anonymity and high transaction speed.
  • Despite the very high-profile name, the cryptocurrency Phoenixcoin has not recovered popularity among users. Today it is trading only at Cryptopia and its capitalization does not even reach $500,000.
  • Innova. This cryptocurrency is characterized by high anonymity and high transaction speed. Many experts agree that Innova has a very high potential from a technical point of view. Its price ranges from 80 cents to 1 dollar.

There are other cryptocurrencies on NeoScrypt, for exercise, DESIRE, TrezarCoin, VIVO etc .

mine software [edit ]

  • The NeoScrypt algorithm is not new, so it is not difficult to find a mining program for it. Here are the basic NeoScrypt miners:
  • Claymore’s NeoScrypt AMD GPU Miner. The miner works only with 64-bit Windows and gives a good performance boost for AMD cards.
  • ccMiner NeoScrypt. This miner is focused on working with Nvidia cards and allows you to give a gain in performance by 15-30%.
  • NeoScrypt OpenCL GPU Miner. It supports mining on the processor and is one of the first miners that has started to be optimized for hashrate increases.

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