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Soho Mint in 1773 Soho Mint in 1773 Soho Mint was created by Matthew Boulton in 1788 [ 1 ] in his Soho Manufactory ( grid character ) in Handsworth, West Midlands, England. A mint was erected at the factory containing eight machines, to his own patent plan, [ 2 ] driven by steam locomotive, each adequate to of striking 70 to 85 coins per minute. In addition to copper domestic coins, silver medal coins were made for some of the colonies, and diverse deal tokens and medals were struck. [ 3 ] Among the medals produced were the Seringapatam decoration, made for the East India Company in 1801–2 to reward participants of the Battle of Seringapatam, and a decoration for the Battle of Trafalgar, which Matthew Boulton produced at his own expense and gave to all those salute at the 1805 battle. [ 4 ]

After the death of the Soho Mint some of the machinery was bought at auction, in 1850, by the fresh Birmingham Mint of Ralph Heaton II. [ 5 ]

Cartwheel penny [edit ]

The common coinage, copper halfpennies, was subject to severe forge. No bull coinage had been issued by the Royal Mint since 1754 apart from inadequate issues of halfpenny and farthings from 1770 to 1775. [ 2 ]
Soho mint sign ( the discussion ‘SOHO ‘ below-right of the shield ) on a cartwheel twopence In rate to differentiate his proposed copper coins from counterfeits Boulton specified them as follows : [ 3 ]

2 ounces (57 g) weight, diameter 8 to the foot (1.5 inches, 38 mm)
1 ounce (28 g), diameter 17 to two feet (1.4 inches, 36 mm)



ounce (14 g), diameter 10 to a foot (1.2 inches, 30 mm)




ounce (7.1 g), diameter 12 to a foot (1 inch, 25 mm)

Cartwheel twopence coins made at the Soho Mint in 1797. Their weight in pure copper should be therefore near to the intrinsic rate of the material that counterfeiting would be uneconomical. [ 2 ] The diameter was made strictly defined by striking within a apprehension so that diameter, thickness and system of weights could be used to prove the choice of the alloy. [ 2 ] In 1797 the first, and only, copper twopence and the beginning penny coins were produced under sign although the smaller denominations did not follow until late. [ 6 ] These coins were relatively large, having a broad raised brim with the inscription pressed below the come on and became known as the cartwheel pennies. Over 45 million were struck in two years. [ 7 ]
A french revolutionary shop class nominal, minted at Soho in 1791 or 1792

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