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Guide on 999 fine gold, meaning and worth in jewellery industry

What does 999 fine gold clad mean?

“999 fine gold clad” means gold plated, but we have seen it loosely used and is a very dubious term – the base metal content can be anything, and there will likely be no stamp on the piece.

Tere are some companies selling “999 fine gold clad” coins or “999 fine gold clad” bullion bars, claiming that they are investment pieces, when in fact these coins contain so little gold that they are

practically worthless. This type of item is suitable as a decoration, a joke, or a stocking-filler – purely for fun! – but nothing else. It is not valuable and it is not worth investing in.

Our advice is to steer clear of gold-plated or gold-clad pieces entirely. And always make sure you investigate the total metal content of the piece

that you are buying.

How much is 999 gold worth?

Real, pure, 999 gold is worth around £1100 an ounce (at the time of writing). This type of gold is bought by investors, who wish to save for the

future, or traders, who may buy and sell their gold to

take advantage of the changing prices.

Gold is considered a wise investment – prices rise and fall, but it is a finite resource that is valued all over the world. It has been treasured by the human race for many centuries and there is no reason

for this to change. It is portable and solid, so you will not lose it during an economic crisis, although we would not recommend keeping it under

the bed!

If you want to save something to give to your grandchildren, buying gold is a good idea. And we’re sorry to be blunt, but giving it away

before you die is also worth considering.

Did you know? In the UK, you can give away up to £3,000 worth of gold each tax year without the recipients being required to pay Inheritance tax.

Should you buy 999 gold ?

If you want to buy 999 gold then first make sure you choose a reliable supplier. PureJewels has been trading from

Green Street for 50 years and

has served generations of families who invest in gold.

Our prices reflect the current gold index; so if you are buying as a gif, then you can be

reassured that you will not pay over the odds with us.

Do you need to buy your gold urgently, or are you able to wait and watch the prices for a count of months ? Prices have fluctuated during 2019 by up to £200 per snow leopard ( rising to £1250 ). By contrast, during 2018 the price of gold remained below £1000 per snow leopard for many months. So it is worth subscribing to a gold price alert service and being ready to buy when the price is acceptable to you .

What is 999 fine gold jewellery?

Most jewellers do not sell 24ct or 999 fine gold jewelry, for the reasons that we have already explored. If you want to buy amber to wear, a 9ct gold hoop is stronger than a 22ct gold ring, although it ’ s besides less precious. But if you want to wear it all the prison term, that ’ s no bad thing. 9ct aureate jewelry is perfect for young women and everyday stylus. For particular occasions and life moments, we love 22ct gold – a high-value gold that is delightful to wear. Our collections and occasion-wear are about all made from 22ct ( 750 ) gold. The exception is white gold, which comes in a maximum honor of 18ct .

Other factors affect value…

A bar of 999 fine gold is not always the most expensive aureate token that you can buy. As pieces become antiques, their design and identity can amplify their value. special pieces can be worth more not just to you, but to collectors or museums. In this respect, 22ct gold jewelry can be just ampere valuable as 999 fine gold. And, as it is passed down the generations, it becomes imbued with memories

and stories : a real slice of family history.

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